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  1. I thought companies could not be pro se in small claims court in Texas but now I think that changed ...
  2. I have not posted here in almost a decade (I gave up fantasy football but wandered back through here when I was flogging the internet). I find myself strangely compelled to join this thread ... must be all the law talkin' stuff. Love that we lawyers have our own thread. Hope everyone is doing well! ETA: 7 years. Lawyers love to overreach.
  3. Almost peed myself watching this the other night. Hilarious.Just got done watching this. I loved the end part talking about the old guys. Hilarious!!!I would not have watched this without the good word giving here and so glad I did. That old guy part at the end had me seriously in pain laughing with tears rolling down my eyes and still was making me laugh at work the next day thinking about it.
  4. I really like the documentary "The One Percent", focusing on wealth disparity in the US.
  5. Just got done watching a Park Chan-wook movie I hadn't heard of Thirst. Pretty good Vampire flick. 10 times better than that Twilight crap. Added to instant. Looks like they have all 3 vengeance trilogy movies on instant now. Chan-wook is breaking out.
  6. Just noticed "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" is now instant. Great movie. Love the whole trilogy.
  7. Just watched this movie based on your recommendation. Yeah, it was dusty in the room.
  8. Gonna go grab some frozen peas now ... Jockstrap advice was right on.
  9. Posner?Day late, dollar short ... my bad, should read whole thread.
  10. Dirty liberal scum. As if who he was appointed by affects in any way what he actually is. You're really making no sense today, even less than normal.he's pretty much as conservative as they come. Reinhardt's the notorious liberal on the court.When I read the thread title, I just assumed it was Reinhardt. It was quite a shock when I clicked through and saw it was Kozinski. He's the most quoted conservative judge on the 9th Circuit, and I'm really having a hard time thinking of another non-Supreme Court judge who is more well-known.Richard Posner down?
  11. Jordy Nelson is going to be a damn good but not great receiver in the NFL. He will start somewhere at some time IMHO ...
  12. It was not relaxation that worked for us but repeated (x5) IVF ... We were going to quit if it did not work on the last try. Good luck to all those struggling with conception issues ...
  13. http://www.bakersfield.com/931/story/298733.htmlAlso, I did not know that the knife was left on the bed of Taylor's sister.
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