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  1. Agents of Fortune, Imaginos, Spectres, Revolution by Night, Club Ninja, Tyranny and Mutation I name my teams after Blue Oyster Cult albums. Cue the cowbell comments.
  2. I was hoping for more from Zeke but not surprised. The game plan of throwing 80% of the time is hard to argue with as they were moving the ball really well. I thought they might try running more early in the game but I'm not sure it would have helped too much. The Buc's run D was stout. And they needed the RB to help block the pass rush. It's also too early to panic. Let's see what happens in the next few games.
  3. I'm pretty set at RB (CMC, Barkley, Zeke, Mixon & Hunt) and had moved Thomas for Kelce earlier this off-season. I have Chubb and Hopkins pretty close in ADP so I'm okay with the deal. I understand people preferring Chubb in a vacuum though.
  4. 14 team PPR, QB, 1-4 RB, 1-4 WR, 1-4 TE, K, D (start 9) Nick Chubb for DeAndre Hopkins, 2022 3rd
  5. I think you always want to make a good deal but sometimes you have to overpay if it puts you over the top. I'd rather the title and deal with the fallout over the next few years than looking back at what could have been. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't.
  6. Yes, that's what I am looking for. TE was my weak spot and a couple of years of the top TE will make me happy. I understand the age concern but my team is built to win now and I will find a WR to replace Thomas easier than trying to pry a top TE from someone. Believe me I tried.
  7. I am curious to how a routine traffic stop leads to a search of a duffel bag? Is that a common thing to have your vehicle searched during a 'routine traffic stop'? It is stupid to have an unregistered gun in your car especially for a professional athlete with no financial impediments though.
  8. I am the team getting Kelce and getting the top TE made it worth it to me. I'm not sure I would have made the deal if Brees was still there though. My thinking is that the WR position is easier to replace than the TE position.
  9. 14 team PPR, QB, 1-4 RB, 1-4 WR, 1-4 TE, K, D (9 starters) M. Thomas, WR, NO 2022 2nd round for T. Kelce, TE, KC 2022 3rd round, 2022 4th round
  10. I moved him for the 2.12 in this years draft before the NFL Draft. I am happy with the deal (I took Chuba with the pick). He should see volume this year and is a nice depth piece for a contending team.
  11. I think that's the best case scenario.
  12. Not to derail but it would be nice to get an explanation to what was done to deserve a suspension so at least one can change the way they post.
  13. Moved James Robinson and Robert Woods for Saquon Barkley. I am pretty well stocked at RB and thought it would be a nice upgrade that I could afford to wait on. I have no regrets but he is looking very good.
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