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  1. His Instagram profile picture is him smoking something. This seems like an odd choice for anyone, much less a professional athlete.
  2. I am excited to root for this team once again. Not because I think they are Super Bowl bound…but because the organization seems like they have intent and purpose in what they are doing.
  3. It will be interesting if one of those skill players comes to GB as part of the trade. I think they all would benefit, but Rodgers seems to favor pass catchers who he can trust the most. Not sure who that would be of the group.
  4. Always loved reading your content EBF, hope you change your mind but understand if you don’t.
  5. This type of move I would only entertain if Rodgers left the division.... With the Jets signing Corey Davis, having Mims, and drafting Moore....Jamison Crowder may be on his way out. He could be a decent one year option at the slot and give Goff a short area target if could be had for a 7th rounder or so. I am not considering any cap impact however.
  6. Agree 100%. I was torn on Fields at 7 but once he was there I would have been okay with the pick. Their draft selections seemed to have been made with intention and a plan. I am cautiously optimistic (classic Lion’s fan). In regimes past they probably would have extended Kenny Golladay and drafted Devonta Smith at seven. I am glad neither of those things happened and am excited about a different approach. I just want a group that competes week in and week out for an entire game. That would be a victory for this fan.
  7. Good news is Pitt has historically got their RBs involved in the passing game. Najee brings a nice skillset to that area with route running ability and good hands. Even if the run blocking is bad he should have a pretty high floor especially in PPR.
  8. Well it was a heck of a landing spot, that should help.
  9. Anyone have a ranking for Pitts in a league that does not require you to start a TE?
  10. Not sure why the Jefferson side would even entertain that. Jefferson worth the 1.01 IMO...so 1.01 and 1.02 (at the height of rookie fever) for that seems pretty far off.
  11. Interesting point. Is this up to the organization if they decide to pay or not? Or could they negotiate a settlement?
  12. The sadness that comes when you check a thread for updated posts and it is just “.”
  13. I think Elijah Moore ends up being a great value as a late first.
  14. If I could get that for Godwin I would in a heartbeat. Do the Bucs extend him after this season...if they do who is the QB...if they don’t how do they use him and who is the QB...?
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