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  1. This year is going perfectly, competing hard and losing games. I do hope for Campbells sake they can grab at least one victory.
  2. Trade looks even better after what Toney did Sunday. Maybe entering “steal” territory. Nice timing!
  3. Interesting talent who is cheap right now (not without reasons). I am buying in dynasty with hopes he continues to regain form and stays healthy.
  4. Sat DK because of Thursday/Ramsey. Have depth but bad choice.
  5. This game is inspiring me to never bet on an NFL game ever again. WTH Pats… Happy as a Lions fan though…
  6. Seems like blatant easy team defense matchups backfire more often than not. I am picking a good D from here on out and sticking with them.
  7. It doesn’t seem like Patterson has had many opportunities after looking great in the preseason. Depth is necessary and maybe they are just looking at some to get ahead of the curve. But you are not necessarily wrong, maybe there is not much faith in Patterson (or the Gibson injury is more concerning than we know).
  8. Bizarre direction this thread went. Either way he seems like a great stash as he looks like the most dangerous “runner” of the group. If he can improve on the other facets he may be a good asset down the stretch. At the current entry price I like the gamble.
  9. Great trade, Toney has good upside and having Mattison as a Cook owner is nice.
  10. Frustrating. Pete Carrol likes to lose in boring fashion. I thought moving on from Brian Schottenheimer was a good thing, I was wrong.
  11. Yes and yes. I think Lenny is still a little under the radar and seems to have TB’s trust in the passing game.
  12. Your post back then inspired me to make a move for him early, thanks!
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