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  1. I know the receiver cupboard is bare (I like the one year Tyrell deal) but I hope they don’t break the bank on Golladay. There is just no reason to at the stage this team is at. I didn’t like how he seemed he milked the injury last year and he was an older rookie and will be turning 28 next year. Good receiver but will not carry a franchise through a rebuild IMO. We are not a playoff team next year so it doesn’t make sense to franchise him either.
  2. Smith can be a great mentor for a lot of teams with young QBs. Doubt he enters week one as a starter anywhere.
  3. Agree, but there is always at least one team who is willing to reach.
  4. TEN and IND have to be loving what is going on in JAC and HOU.
  5. I agree and think I would like him more if he wasn’t touted as a generational talent (as I tend to raise the skeptical bar when I hear that). He does possess the tools for today’s game though (big arm, extends plays, threat to run...etc). It will be an interesting marriage with Urban, excited to see how it turns out.
  6. Doesn’t help your team though. If you know you f’d the situation through your actions and the bridge is burnt, you need to move on and do what is best for the franchise. If they can get a haul (which they should be able to), they should move on. However you don’t trade him unless you get a massive deal, one that even the HOU fans are almost okay with.
  7. I see Winston with a Fitzpatrick-like career...floating around...starting as rookies develop or after starters get hurt...having some amazing FF stretches....but never really grabbing the reigns again for a franchise.
  8. Not the quickest healer this Watkins. If he is healthy and plays it gives KC a huge boost. He can be a sneaky MVP candidate as he will get 1v1 coverage and be able to work the zones on short and intermediate routes. A big third down contributor while the attention is on Kelce/Hill.
  9. I think the Packers will try to sign him to keep Rodgers happy....but Jones will have to meet them halfway. It is just bad business to sign 27 year old running backs to big contracts. Franchise tag seems to make more sense if they can afford it.
  10. Can’t imagine HOU even contemplating trading him to a team in their own division. I bet they would rather have him sit than have to face him twice a year.
  11. How the person that seemingly destroyed this franchise is allowed to continue to be involved at all is beyond me.
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