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  1. If someone wanted me to show them what it is like being a Lion’s fan this game would be a good start.
  2. Maybe, but with the current utilization I think he can continue to perform and have some upside with TDs. If your league counts kick return yardage he may end up a top 15-20 RB this year.
  3. Once a year the Lion’s win or compete very closely in a game that seems way out of their favor. This feels like that game.
  4. Is Evans coming back from injury soon? I cannot find much about his injury.
  5. Tough injury versus a weak opponent….not a good combo.
  6. Not invested but was trying to get him in most drafts. Seemed like the better value compared to DJ…way off so far. Still early but with Marshall likely ascending I wouldn’t be surprised if he never really takes off.
  7. Or it will be Largent who gets the ball, you never know with Wilson at the helm.
  8. Actually has pretty quick feet for a big dude. Not going to set records in the forty though.
  9. Waldman has some decent things to say about Patrick. I don’t want any part of this 8-man running back room though.
  10. Agree. I thought the offense would help cover up the deficiencies he has but it hasn’t been the case. I wouldn’t be surprised if they added some stiffer competition next year at that position.
  11. Jamaal Williams looked good last week, playing his former team this week. I trust that over Drake but who knows.
  12. You can do anything you want if you set your mind to it. However I would play Swift over Drake for fear of Grudenism’s and a tough Steeler draw.
  13. Good info. What do you think his upside is in this offense? Do you think Schwartz could be an eventual replacement OBJ’s?
  14. I would take Jeudy over Lockett in dynasty so nice getting Riggs with it. Depends on team setup but on surface I would take Diggs in the second as I not sure either hit his stride in their career.
  15. Don’t disagree that he is a threat. I just don’t know if he has the skills to develop into a regular producer or not. Honestly don’t know much about him but was intrigued after watching the KC game.
  16. Championships are not won in week one. He got 8 targets so that is a plus. This is a bad team so there is no reason for them not to allow him to develop as much as possible. He will continue to get the usage and the efficiency will probably improve over the course of the season.
  17. What don’t you like? He was incredible against man coverage as a rookie and finished about 18th at WR on PPG. Run oriented offense and many competing for targets could be a problem.
  18. Question is…what is his upside? Run first offense, deep at receiver and tight end.
  19. Those that don’t realize the majority of the NFL uses RBBC will continue to disappointed in running backs usage. This trend will be greater this year with the expanded schedule and will continue to progress in the future.
  20. It is week one, but like I said they have the talent to make some things happen. Murray looked like an MVP candidate. These are to be some great games between these four teams this year.
  21. All four of these teams off to a great start. Division battles are going to be incredible this year in the west.
  22. I was trying to remember where I posted that so I could scold myself, thanks for helping! Good for him, hope it continues as I have him in dynasty. Awesome to see after a goofy off-season.
  23. Zero targets for DK in the first half….yuck
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