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  1. I like this guy. Thought we were passed the rushing-QB discount, but seems to still be a thing, despite so much success in recent years from similar types. Highly mobile QBs who can throw are the new blueprint IMO. When I think of the top QBs in the game today (aside from the immortal dinosaur in Tampa), I think Mahomes, Rodgers, Wilson, Watson, Jackson, Allen, Murray. Is Fields another of those guys? Not sure, but he seems by far the closest of the top incoming rookie QBs to that mold. Not planting a flag here, but it really shouldn't surprise anyone at this stage if Fields becomes the n
  2. Rodney Hurts won me the fantasy football championship last season. That's what's what. Long live Rodney!
  3. Trading studs/near-studs for picks only works if you are a team that drafts well. So far we have one very good draft (would've looked SO much better with White over Ferrell, even tho Cle is improving) and one smelling-busty, but too-early-to-call draft. Mayock himself admitted recently it was highly questionable (read: dumb) to take position-switch players with premium picks in Bowden and Muse, especially in a Covid offseason. Dude is clearly still learning on the job, but I haven't lost complete faith in the guy. I do like that he publicly admitted learning from that mistake. My much big
  4. Stafford and Carr are very similar to me. If Stafford is worth two 1sts, plus Goff, then Carr is surely worth two 1sts as well. And it wasn't Carr and Mariotta to the Texans. That was just the Raiders end of a hypothetical three-team deal, where the Texans get Carr, the Raiders Watson and a 3rd team Mariotta. - 3rd team gives up a 3rd for MM. - Texans get that 3rd, plus Carr (valued at two 1sts) + the Raiders actual 1st - so in effect, the value of three 1sts + a 3rd for Watson. - Raiders get Watson. I'd do this deal if I were the Raiders. Is it fair value for Watson?
  5. Questioned this signing mainly due to the Hard Knocks season where this dude was trying to play investment advisor to his teammates. It was just one glimpse, but it made me think he was the type of guy who would pack it in if he ever got a big money deal. We need more guys like Mad Maxx who would play for the love of the game, regardless of their bank account. This is part of why I hate free agency. Ted Thompson Packers are the model for me. Never buy the big dollar free agents unless they are walking high-football-character HOFers like Reggie White and Charles Woodson. Instead allocate r
  6. No idea if this is realistic, but conjecture articles out there seem to point to something along these lines... Carr + Mariota + a 1st round pick for Watson. Might require three teams to balance out the details, but that would be the net trade from the Raiders perspective. Would you do that deal?
  7. Arm talent in the pocket is the same. Carr has plenty of arm. Where Watson pulls away is arm talent on the move, off-platform, and more important than that - his general calm/presence in the line of fire. Dude is way WAY better under pressure. And I hate to say this, but I think, for whatever reason, NFL men don't really buy into Carr as their leader. They do Watson. Please do not point to race. That's not it. It's something to do with personality, though I haven't pinpointed why, other than Carr is kind of a good-two-shoes, suck up dude. We all know/knew that guy growing up and none
  8. Show me career numbers, not one year. Actually, don't bother. This isn't a stat that's easily quantifiable or comparable, as there's going to be a large degree of subjectivity. E.g. in the year you reference above, 2019, Carr had one of the best pass blocking OLine's in football - with a healthy Incognito and (mostly) healthy Baby Brown. IDGAF about what they used to determine pressure. Carr was firing that year b/c his OL was firing. That article references QB rating/stats while under pressure, without any further context - e.g. how many total pressures did Carr take in 2019? Frequency matte
  9. Watson is five years younger and five years better than Carr. Forget about stats, I am talking when the pressure is high and the pocket is collapsing. One guy keeps making plays, while the other folds. Years of evidence to back this up at this point. What is that worth? I don't know, but if somehow a deal could be made with Carr + this yr's 1st rounder for Watson, I think it's a no brainer. Do the deal, then trade Marriota for a 3rd rounder. You end up even in cap terms, yet upgrade to a true elite QB who is only 25 yrs old, while only dropping down two rounds in the draft on net.
  10. If your input %s are nothing more than your guesses about the actual probabilities, then that fact doesn't invalidate your thesis, but does your conclusion. In fairness, my gut says they absolutely should've gone for it on that 4th down, too.
  11. Any chance the Texans would take Carr + the Raiders' 1st this year (17 overall) for Watson? Carr is much more proven than Tua/Darnold, is on a fairly team-friendly deal, and yet still has upside to his game. The Raiders could also throw in Mariotta, whom the Texans could probably flip for a 3rd rounder.
  12. Big Belly and Big Al never would've co-existed. It would've been another Cleveland situation, most likely. As for Bradley, I am unimpressed by his system and track record. Hope I'm wrong, but I would've much preferred a creative/innovative type. This league is multiple levels beyond rushing with the DL only. Unless you have the recent vintage Superbowl Giants front, that system is antiquated and ineffective. What the Colts and Cardinals are doing is the future - i.e. exotic pressures where the OL gets confused regularly about who is coming and whom to block. Not that their D's are perfect
  13. Way too early to write off HR. Tyreek comps were never fair. The Freak is built much lower to the ground and absorbs NFL hits much better. Just look at their necks and you'll see the huge difference between them. Steve Smiff comps are closer, but Ruggs would need to play much much tougher than I saw this year to come close to Smiff. That dude was an animal, the honey badger of WR. Welker was a prototype slot WR, like Edelman and Renfrow. Ruggs is an outside deep threat to me, potentially an elite one, like... DJax - the best comp by far. Both are speed guys with subtle lateral moves,
  14. IF they decide to move on from Carr, those are the top PFF QBs in this class. I'm in favor of going all D and OL in this next draft, except if an uber-prospect QB falls into their lap. Clear now?
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