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  1. I almost dropped Tony Jones for now FA Sermon, but then I watched their preseason (and in Jones' case week 1) highlights and decided nah. I was a huge college Trey Sermon fan. I thought he had all the tools, but now think he's missing one of the most important - short area NFL burst. Chris Carson types can get away without it. And Sermon may be that. But those guys also typically end up in the trainer's room after a few weeks. Players also grow. I'm basing this on preseason rookie Sermon. He may be MUCH better after a year or two of NFL training. I hope I am wrong, or maybe not, depending on who in my league picks him up tonight off waivers. 😊
  2. It was only one week, but TJJ quietly had a great game. #1 rated PFF RB during week 1... https://www.pff.com/nfl/grades/position/hb Eye test still looking good too, even in regular season action now... https://youtu.be/4-cI0VyIvFo What really stands out to me in that vid is that he was regularly integrated into the offense during the first half, with at least two runs coming from a Jones/Kamara twin-back formation. During the second half, he didn't get any touches until late in the 4th - maybe that had something to do with the score getting out of hand and Payton not wanting to show anymore tape of his new toy. No idea, but either way, Tony looked really good in week 1 when called upon. This guy will be useful even with Kamara as RB1, and looks to be a league breaker if AK41 misses any time. --- Just for funzies, compare Tony with the dude who is getting endless chatter and hand-wringing on the SP front page right now. It's a stark contrast IMO when watching their preseason highlights: https://youtu.be/CygruJKa47E - Sermon Preseason https://youtu.be/Nm6WSDiQ8iQ - Jones Preseason Underwear measureables lie. Tape don't lie.
  3. Wishing you luck, brother. Even if such luck actually means you missing top dollar on all of these bids. Not a Trey Sermon truther. But I am a Shanihaniganer. G/L on all fronts.
  4. Thunderstruck is one of the GOATS. Big Mac is just getting started. God (Universe) bless him and his pear-shape draft suit. I actually think he's going to be really good - maybe even better than all the other rookie QBs, save for Strawberry Fields Forever.
  5. On like Kong if/when Trautman gets hurt. Until then, off like Goff.
  6. His last play last night was the epitome of this. Carr threw it up for him and Bryan went up and snatched it in true WR1 form - was inches away from walk-off TD glory.
  7. Gruden said Drake came into last night with a hamstring issue. Both backs looked a step slow to me. No bueno.
  8. I was distracted and didn't get to look again until well after kickoff. All good tho. Raiders won. My team fantasy team won. Even Drake won, considering he scored 7 less then Jacobs (0.5 ppr), despite 2 fewer TDs. 5 for 56 receiving would make Jacobs a true RB1, if he ever gets there. Tonight this was a poor man's Chubb/Hunt, and IMO will be that all yr.
  9. He looked turf-toed tonight and still scored 2 TDs. He's a dynamic starting RB on a top-10 offense. He will get some if the toe doesn't fall off. If it does, biggity bump Drake.
  10. My 8- and 4-yr old sons stayed up to celebrate this win with me. I tell them they can root for whomever they want. Both are budding Raider lifers - because of Carr, Jacobs and Gruden, not pops. As it should be. Thank you Mark, Mike and Chuck. Cheers, RN.
  11. Agreed, but for tonight at least, I will take solace in the fact that he showed the Ravens Edwards and Jones late. Also luv that those two plus Ruggs were huddled up like hungry hippos in prep for the final drive. These WRs are super young, incl 3&R. #GrowthMentality #1-0 #GoRaiders
  12. Carr did a lot of things really well tonight that this thread isn't giving him credit for. That said, that throw was 90% his fault. Snead was wide open. No need to throw a bullet. A little touch on that ball and game over. An elite WR catches it anyway, but that isn't Willy Snead #4. Thankfully the Raider D everyone was talking even more ish about came thru and then Carr showed why he may just be a borderline elite QB in 2021. Final play was 🔥.
  13. I took Raiders ML, but not with confidence. That said, I think they are positioned to surprise a lot of people tonight. How the newly built OL performs against the Ravens front will be the pivot point in the matchup IMO. The OL needs to hold up for the Raiders to have a chance.
  14. Thinking about starting Drake regardless, ahead of Jacobs. I generally don't like injured-toe RBs, and especially so when they are fresh off the flu or whatever non-Covid bug he has/had. On top of that, Drake may actually be the better matchup play as the receiving RB against and stout Ravens front. All this said, I may panic and put JJ in at the last minute out of FOMO on a bigtime home performance on opening Monday night.
  15. Underwear metrics can be overrated. Plenty of examples of players who were timed/measured stiffs as athletes, but were tremendous football players. a. As Michael Irvin brilliantly laid out, it's not about how fast you run the forty in fresh spandex. It's about how fast you run the forty in pads during the 4th qtr of a close game while being contested by a starting NFL defender. b. As you imply, pre-draft measurables are just one snap shot in time, which could be missing important context. Was the player healthy? Was he in shape? Did he train for those specific drills? How has his body changed since? Not suggesting measurables should be thrown out altogether. But they should be only one guidepost of several, with in-game eye test being generally more meaningful. 2021 version of TJJ has the latter in spades IMO.
  16. I love how if somebody dies with covid they clearly died from covid according to you people. But if somebody dies in the wake of getting vaccinated it could not be related. You're hypocrisy is deafening. Good day.
  17. I could just as easily cherry pick horrible, awful, grotesque stories from the field. But thanks for your one-sided attempt.
  18. Nothing in that article convinces me to dismiss VAERS reporting. Sorry.
  19. I think both will play well, in differing ways. Ruggs will take the top off - think Robbie Anderson or Will Fuller. Edwards is more of a traditional alpha WR1 but I have even more durability concerns with him. He's been hurt pretty much every year since high school. He's either due for a healthy run or is made of porcelain. Zay Jones is the deep sleeper. Ruggs/Edwards will get first crack, but if either or both falter again, Jones is ready to become this year's Agholor IMO.
  20. Can't believe the disrespect Ruggs gets, even among Raider Nation. I am cautiously optimistic that he will level up considerably this season. My main concern is durability.
  21. The OpenVAERS link has all the stories. All of them. Read them for yourselves.
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