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  1. I thought this was the only thread i could come in today to avoid the depressing political speak. I guess not
  2. Saw this on the Facebooks SLB. Too funny. Also realized that the person you mentioned is a good friend of mine back in the Lou. His son and mine were/are good buddies and went to the same private school together. Very small world.
  3. @St. Louis Bob I am going to need an explanation for the passed out guy in the Cards jersey. Was that at Busch stadium or somewhere outside of it?
  4. I'd get something in writing from them. like an anti-invoice? When I was talking to the guy on the phone he told me he had guys who kept mowing a yard for 2 years. I think he knows he has this problem with his guys. The people before me had this house for 13 years. So, I think they just do the route they have been doing forever. I have talked to the guy 3 times now and left 2 voicemails with the same inforamtion. I think i am just going to ride this train for as long as i can now.
  5. Some of you may remember a few weeks ago I posted about the lawn service that has been keeping up my yard even though I have no contract with them and have not paid them any money since Imoved into this house in December. Several of you suggested that I call th service and tell them about this as they were originaly contracted by the previous owner. I decided to take this advice and I contacted the service. Talked to the owner and he assured me that I was not being billed for the service and that I was no longer on the route. Anyway - I am sitting here watching my lawn being mowed and hedges
  6. Oh that is just about enough. ETA: Actually eating naan at this very moment.
  7. Tech question for you guys -- Do any of you use VPN on your home PC for non work internet surfing. If so which one are you using? Appreciate it.
  8. AAAAH! THROW TRASH AT THAT On a side note, that song is abysmal. As are most of the things that Rhiana sings.
  9. You need to remind them of your conversation discontinuing the service and that you will not be paying for anything they've done. The longer you wait, the more likely it is they can argue that you consented to the service. I know you aren't just asking to have your bush trimmed because your house had sexy shutters on, but you've got to be clear that you aren't interested. No means no. Crap - I was hoping for some bad advice and here i get good advice from IB. I guess that is the logical thing to do. I had just called the number again and the guy who answered the phone hung up on me or discon
  10. Question for the Jimtanners -- We bought a house in December. The previous owners had a lawn service that did yard clean up (pine cones, pine straw hedge trimming, mowing etc). I called the main number a few weeks after we moved in and told the company that i was not interested in retaining the service. I thought it was too expensive. It is now March and the guys on the truck have been coming out to my house and performing the same lawn service they had been doing for the previous owners. I have not seen a bill from them or signed any contracts etc. What would you do? My wife wants me to call
  11. Congrats Frosti. My kids did this last year for their school. I think they both got a rubber duck attached to a laynard. They wanted that stupid duck so bad. Cracks me up what motivates them. Anyway, good cause and glad Abby is crushing it.
  12. how long do we have to do this? and please keep reposting the link- I might give, but first I'll have to choose which of my kids doesn't eat next week. Until the 18th. http://jumphoops2015mwa.kintera.org/ajwickman In - Just filled out the form.
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