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  1. This is funny in a way. I had been a fairly frequent poster here in the FFA. Sort of moved along and on with life and things. All of a sudden my oldest is a Junior in HS and looking at colleges and this thread was the first thing that came to mind. It is such a wealth of knowledge and advice as well as a lot of just general cheering on of everyone else's kids. Great stuff. Edit to Add - I remember when you started this and shared about your daughters struggles. Huge congratulations to her for getting to where she is and achieving so much.
  2. What tools are folks using to search for scholarships. I've seen / read about search engines for scholarships? Any thoughts to share there. Have a high school junior gong into his senior year. All he wants to do is look at out of state schools.
  3. I am forever going to wonder now what happened to the characters. The episode was supremely done. I just don't feel any closure with it but then I guess that is how is supposed to be. I want to know if Oleg ever gets to see his family again. What happens to Phillip and Elizabeth - do they stay together and really what does Paige do.
  4. Dang - That garage scene with Stan, Phillip, Elizabeth and Paige was intense.
  5. Oh yeah Uruk - i was thinking the same thing. When the wig came off i should nor have been surprised at who it was but i kind of was.
  6. Don't want to spoil it for anyone but look more closely at the screen when she is laying on the steps and you will recognize who it was if you already did not.
  7. Ohhhh snap - the blond assassin. Just catching up on the episode now.
  8. I hear ya Jayrod. I have been the 4th official for a number of games as well - this is the guy who stands on the sideline and manages the technical areas as well as takes all the ribbing from the coaches - blah blah blah. I have heard some entertaining things but the standard response is the guy in the middle saw it differently. I will talk to him/her at halftime and raise your concerns. You really have to learn to manage all the people and personalities on the field. Depending on what level the fans can be right on top of the assistant referees etc.
  9. I refereed soccer all the way from the u littles when i started out to some of the highest levels here in the US. Plenty of stories to share but I would say that after my first year or so I could not even hear the noise form the sidelines anymore. I was focused on managing the 22 players in front of me on the field.
  10. I binged the first 5 seasons and am watching season 6 at the normal pace. I don't regret it. So my answer is yes.
  11. This story about Pimlico resonated with me. Went there once with some friends of mine who were going with friends of theirs. We rented a school bus to take us to the track. Purchased a 50 gallon roller trash can to pack with beer and ice. Drank copiously and ended up passing out sometime during the day using the tarp we had laid on the ground as a blanket. The stories from the Preakness man. That was a great day. Not nearly as off the hook as yours but the infield is nuts. Fabulous story.
  12. Just watched the latest episode. Seemed kind of slow for a show that is wrapping up in like 2 episodes. I really don't know how they are going to wrap this all up. Elizabeth seems to be coming to Phillips side now sort of.
  13. Really interested to see how they are going to end this show. I can see Elizabeth taking the pill somehow. I just don't see a road to a happy ending for Phillip. What happens to the kids. 3 episodes to go right? Seems like a lit to wrap up in 3 hours of the show.
  14. Finally finished the first 5 seasons of this show. Officially behind on season 6 now but am looking at catching up on it. Sux that Amazon Prime charges for this season but it is what it is.
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