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  1. I use the VBD app every year to help with my own projections for my drafts. However, I just tried to download the VBD app today and after entering all the variables i got an error message that says "The macro 12app_G1.xls?'!Macro1' cannot be found"The error comes up when I click on generate cheatsheet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    If you are in windows you need to enable macros. As soon as you open the spreadsheet, there should be a yellow tool bar with a Enable Macros button on it. If you are using a Mac, the Mac doesn't handle VBA macros.
  2. I can't be the only person who get this error when running VBD:The Macro cannot be found. I run Excel 2008, and the help says:Cause: Office 2008 for Mac cannot run Visual Basic macros or load add-ins that contain Visual Basic macros.Solution: Keep the macro in the file.You can keep a macro if you or other users need to run the macro in other versions of Office. Changes that you make to a file in Office 2008 do not affect a macro, provided that you save the file in its original file format or another macro-enabled file format. You cannot view, run, or edit the macro itself in Office 2008.Is this really true? Is there any workaround?

    Click Tools - Macros - Security, and make sure the Macros are enabled.The other option is to use the Draft Dominator to generate your custom cheatsheets. It doesn't not require MS Excel.
  3. If you have Excel, I'd probably export the Player Pool, double click on the csv file, and sort it by position and last name in Excel. Then delete the columns you don't want and format and print the way you want.

    when I export the player pool, it looks like the names are formated First and then last. Unfortunatly when i alphabetize them it only lets me do it by the first name.Anyone else here have a file list I can use?
    In excel, you can sort by multiple columns... Click Data - Sort, then sort first by Position, and second by Last name.
  4. Bruce,I'm in a dynasty auction salary cap league, I'm trying to adjust the VBD for the Dynasty factor. Is there a way to do this in the spreadsheet besides going in and changing some of the "yellow" values for the players I feel will have more value in the Dynasty league?Another words I think I could go in and increase Reggie Bush's value by increasing his TD's but I believe these reset once I update DD don't they?Also is there a simpler way to account for this kind of a value.Thanks

    The Age and Experience columns are now in the VBD sheet. The are around columns AY I believe. You could whip up a formula that inflates the players projections based on how young they are.
  5. Hello,First let me say that I love your website and the DD program and the VDB excel file. I have used it in conjuction with some mock drafts and have loved the results (following your draft strategy article from the magazine) This is my first year using your system. I have read the users manual and FAQ questions, but am still not sure about a few things and was hoping you could assist.I play in a 10 team, 16 round non-keeper league where we start the following:1 QB1 RB and 3 WR's OR 2 RB's and 2 WR's (it seems those that win every year play the 2 RB, 2 WR set-up.)1 TE1 DEFIt is a PPR league.My questions are as follows:1. When setting up the general information, should I input 1 RB or 2 RB, thus affecting if I set up 2 or 3 WR's for the starting input. OR, do I something different and set up 1 RB, 2 WR's and put 1 in the flex position?2. I have not tinkered with the VBD baseline and have left it on Joe's secret formula. Should I change the VBD baseline and manually input numbers? If so, what would be recommended settings?3. Why are the values for the VBD excel file different (in this case higher) than the DD projections? (I updated both files today and the VBD file has the top 50 ranked slightly different along with different point totals. For example, LT scores 408 with the VBD file and 380 in the DD program. All scoring statistics are identical as I have rechecked multiple times)Thanks for your help.Dirty Dogs

    1. I'd lean towards RB=1, WR=2 and Flex=1.2. I'd run with Joe's.3. The Player Pool is weighed by the Weekly Weights. Look at the bottom of the Game By Game window. Uncheck the Use Weekly Weights checkbox and click Recalculate. This will make the Player Pool Points the same. By the default schedule or by your schedule, week 17's weight is set to zero, so the Player Pool only shows 16 weeks worth of points. You can use the weekly weights to set your divisional opponents or the playoff weeks to a little heavier weight... say 1.2, this will affect the player pool points too.
  6. I'd look at leaving the Flex at 5... and playing with the Baselines. If you use the User Configurable by Points... and set the RB and WR points to the same (for example 200 points)... then the RBs and WRs will be on the same scale. You will want to put TEs on this scale as well.

    Thanks for the reply and advice. I have never really tinkered with the Baselines before, just used Joe's secret formula. It's no problem to get the WRs and RBs on the same scale, but I have no idea how to relate those to the other positions. Inputting something close to the worst starter method, for instance, means the DD then has Manning at 3 overall, and Baltimore and Chicago at 4 and 5 overall. I'm not sure I believe the integrity of these figures, but equally it doesn't seem right to just shuffle about with the figures to make the defenses be, say, fourth or fifth round picks instead - I wanted the DD to tell me where each player/team should be valued rather than me telling it! Have I got the wrong idea here?
    In that case... check Joe's baseline... and then note the fantasy points for each position where the VBD value is 0. Put these number in the User Configurable by Points for each position... and go with a number between the RBs and WRs for those to get the RBs and WRs on the same scale.
  7. I have a problem:The program does not save fractual values in the settings. Everytime I startit, the poinst per passing/rushing/receiving yard are 0 instead of 0,05; 0,1; 0,1the values I set them too before saving.I also tried to set the roster requierements to 2,8 WR and 1,2 TE sincemy league has a WR/TE flex spot, but the values are also always reseted to 2 and 1 after anew start.

    maybe try using the decimal point < . > instead of the comma < , >. > ,
    Yep, and make sure your Regional Settings use a dot . for a decimal point, rather than a comma ,From Windows - Click Start - Control Panel - Regional and Language Options. And set the number to use a dot .
  8. The columns really aren't protected. You can expand them if you want. For example, on the RB tab, click on the L column header and slide your mouse over to the left to column AK, then let go of the button. Now with both columns L and AK highlighted, right click and select Column Width. Enter 12 for the Column Width and click OK.

    Make sure that the numbers look reasonable and no blanks or zeros.

    Does the Generate Cheatsheet button update the RB Fantasy Points correctly?

    Are any other positions wrong?

    Can you give me a specific example of one that is wrong?

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