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  1. Is your wife as conservative in the sack as Jim Zorn's playcalling?

  2. another quality pic of the wife in the profile?

  3. Sorry but my poll will have them number 2Seriously? If you don't think that OU is number 1 after this weekend you will be in a very small minority.1 Bama2 Oklahoma3 Missouri4 Texas5 Lsu6 PSU7 BYU8 USF9 Texas Tech10 Georgia11 USC12 tOSU13 Utah14 Florida15 Kansas16 Oregon17 Auburn18 Boise St19 Oklahoma St20 Vandy21 Wisconsin22 Maryland23 Northwestern24 U Conn25 Fresno StMy top 25 that I just pmed to Keys.
  4. just came back to take another look at that smokin' pic!

  5. Is your personal photo your wife from the thread w/ the tattooed chick?

  6. Your college team sucks. So does your CTGFFL Team

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