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  1. https://www.facebook.com/We-Support-Wolverine-Blake-ONeill-503609193147073/
  2. As they lined up for the punt and the left side gunner didn't collapse in to block I had a bad feeling. Why would he just stay uncovered, and not slide in? Because of the punter he kept them in the game, had a 80 yard punt earlier. I think Jake should be taking him to dinner, because that play takes away his once again piss poor effort. Has he made 1 deep throw yet? Jim needs to get his own Qb in play before there is a real shot at a playoff IMO. Still this team is light years a head where I thought they would be. Maybe just 3 losses before going bowling. with all of those 3 being from Top 10 teams. Not bad. Not bad at all.
  3. I know it's only been 5 weeks, but I think this team can play with Ohio, this week against NW will give us an idea of where they stand I believe.
  4. Sam Webb @SamWebb77 Follow Decision on Hoke's future as coach is expected to be delivered to him at that time 3:30 PM - 1 Dec 2014
  5. Sam Webb @SamWebb77 Follow Multiple sources have confirmed meeting between #Michigan AD Jim Hackett & Coach Brady Hoke WILL occur Tues sometime before 3pm team meeting 3:30 PM - 1 Dec 2014
  6. Pelleni got canned already. Maybe a Miles and Pelleni reunion?
  7. Still think this is a different game if they wait the extra 15 seconds to punt the ball before the half. Stupid coaching error.
  8. Les Miles @LSUCoachMiles · 17h17 hours agoGeaux Blue!!.... Beat em in the Horseshoe!!! 0 replies1,349 retweets1,001 favorites Reply Retweet1.3K Favorite1KMoreWhat does one think of this??? Also this one? Jacob Hester @JacobHester22 · 17h17 hours agoI roll with Michigan every year vs. Ohio State because of my coach @LSUCoachMiles #GeauxBigBlue
  9. Saw some odds last night 1. John Harbaugh 2. Les Miles 3. Jim Harbaugh
  10. I have been enjoying my Saturday's not watching this ish. This is by far worse then RR.
  11. My question is, where are all these awesome linemen they have recruited that past 3 years? I don't blame Gardner, as soon as he gets the ball he's running for his life. Something needs to happen, coaching wise.
  12. Buses arrived last night. The rain has stopped, going to be a great night here.
  13. They going to let them play pat 11? Not sure, you coming?
  14. Who do you like the rest of the year. Need 2. Ivan Nova Tyson Ross Martin Perez
  15. Amen to that. Just heard back.. he doesn't have the dates in front of him but the show(s) will be at House of Blues apparently. Solid option. Hopefully this is a Saturday night gig
  16. Hopefully thats on a Saturday so we can do some drinking that night
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