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  1. This is coming back soon no?

  2. Hey stdus, I hope you are having the best times of your life at purrs and woofs.

  3. looking for a long distance dedication suggestion. please to be making a reply.

  4. FDAS is a ####### idiot. Neither of you are missed. Can you take him with you?

  5. 2 stars, pathetic...

  6. Glad to hear your winky is ok. :thumbup:

  7. Keep it gully, dun.

  8. Hi everyone, thanks for your comments. Yes, I'm no longer pissing ####, thank goodness. Furley> I don't get it. FDAS> yo. AE> what?

  9. :michaeljacksoneatingpopcorn:

  10. you get that pissing poop thing figured out?

  11. Looks like I'm staying Mudda!

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