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  1. And the mountain would have a giant black top hat and a huge cigarette poking out of the side, always burning.
  2. I picture a rollercoaster that plays the solo from November Rain over and over while animatronic Slashes everywhere "play along" with giant fans blowing on them so their hair flows in the breeze.
  3. Whichever one of you is SWC is a genius. Really? He's pretty much unreadable for me. Don't get the appeal of that shtick maybe the best poster here. easily top-5. I feel really sorry for you.Pretty sure you say that about every trolling alias. SWC is a troll? and an alias of who? Your mom. Don't be ridiculous
  4. This is coming back soon no?

  5. Hey stdus, I hope you are having the best times of your life at purrs and woofs.

  6. looking for a long distance dedication suggestion. please to be making a reply.

  7. FDAS is a ####### idiot. Neither of you are missed. Can you take him with you?

  8. 2 stars, pathetic...

  9. Glad to hear your winky is ok. :thumbup:

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