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  1. Yeah. The Muslim in Orlando did 2 things. 1. He went into a gun free zone. 2 he chose a demographic that thinks guns are scary. Has anyone of those people had a carry license and gun or had the workers in SB been armed these massacres would not have been as bad.
  2. I probably watch too many shows on tv that deal with government collapse and #### hitting the fan. That said I have food and water reserves for 2 years and own over 70 firearms. I have a bushmaster like this http://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/products2.cfm/ID/11401/90289/bushmaster-xm15-e2s-5.56mm-patrolmans-carbine and if things did fall apart I pity anyone trying to loot my residence.
  3. Finally set this up with the titanium build. I've only been playing around on it for a few hours, but super impressed. Is there a reason I wouldn't call and cancel with directv tomorrow?
  4. Just now saw this. I'm not going to have time for this war but will redo for next one.
  5. He sells drugs, but he's also been a friend for years. I'm trying to find out the truth about the tv stick.
  6. I went over to my buddy's earlier and tell him I can do myself for around $40 what he wants to charge me $150 for. He's a street pharmacist and naturally a good sales person. He tells me what I can do is no good if it's not jail broken because Amazon can trace it and shut me down. Any validity to this?
  7. I test drove a truck there last April, but ended up buying from Performance in Fairfield.
  8. I have no use for local channels. I just want sports. If I cancel Directv and get this thing fired up can I watch NFL and college football the same as I always have?
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