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  1. Chubb owner here. Lost my clear RB2 Dobbins early and had been basically just trying to fill that slot with decent draft picks of backup RB's. Selected D. Williams and Hubbard in my draft, both of which have started for me this year. Tried to get the Hunt owner to trade him to me as I felt, and still do, that starting both Chubb & Hunt wouldn't be a bad strategy each week. Couldn't make that trade happen. Now, I'm glad I couldn't. When Chubb gets back I'll heavily consider starting Johnson along side him.
  2. I've never bothered to look at the email rankings because as you've noted they are outdated literally within hours. Being well aware of the constant updates to the site rankings makes the email list worthless to me. I use League Dominator all season long also. That gives me pretty much everything I want, weekly, even if Bloom's projections come in later than I'd like. LD, and Bloom's projections for D'Ernest Johnson were the nudge I needed to go ahead and start him Thursday night. That decision right there will most likely be the reason I win this week in that league. Two 5-1 teams dealing with injuries and the "byepocalypse", head-to-head? Yeah, I'll take that slight advantage all the way to the bank.
  3. Awesome, same Judge Chutkan. I have a feeling that DJT will be disappointed with the outcome of his baseless executive privilege claim lawsuit.
  4. 1 redraft - Member of the FBG IBL Team. Incredibly tough league I'm proud to be a member of. 1 keeper/dynasty league - 20th year. Keep 7, no restrictions other than that. Want to keep all your studs? Go for it. Want to keep 7 RB's? Have at it. Future draft pick trades permitted, no restrictions as to how far out you can go. Currently I own no 1st round picks for the next 3 years. Team is stacked though and on pace to win another title. This league has taught me how to mine gold in the middle-to-late rounds. Used to play many more leagues where a lineup submission was needed each week. Now, just the two. 3 Best Ball leagues - all here on the Mock Draft forum. Always fun and entertaining. One league I'm leading, the other two I'm in last place. Go figure.
  5. I didn't like the blocking of Garland by McConnell during Obama's last term, and wasn't happy DJT was able to stack the court heavily in favor of conservatives. I feel that the Supreme Court should be as close to equal as possible. Still, I'm not convinced Biden will attempt any such "packing." If he indeed does attempt to expand the SCUS I hope it's just to bring it to a more equal representation. I personally wouldn't really care if conservatives held the edge 6-5.
  6. Seriously, I'm not looking to get into a what about DJT argument here so, I'm curious exactly what you mean by this? Do you mean an expansion of the number of seats on the SCUS?
  7. If Biden makes it through this term I don't think he'll be on the ticket in '24.
  8. One thing I haven't heard about is how much time he spends at golf courses on the publics dime. Gonna count that as a net positive for taxpayers. Your views may vary.
  9. I'm 100% positive that "leftist elements" (whatever that is intended to imply,) won't need to silence this "righty medium" as I fully believe DJT will pull the plug on this venture before it even gets rolling. Plenty of legitimate articles out there showing what a sham this already is from the get go.
  10. Ended up starting him. Cannot take all the credit for making that decision. League Dominator helped.
  11. I think you're being a little too stereotypical with your views on wealth and how folks that grow up in households where money is no object turn out to be as adults. I grew up in a household where money (lack thereof) was always a deciding factor in decisions my parents made. My parents tried to instill in me what they felt were good lessons in life regarding wealth or lack thereof. However, not having a safety net to fall back on never stopped me from making some very poor decisions in my life. I have an incredible work ethic, which I did learn from my parents, yet still made poor decisions. I think it would be helpful to your whole world view if you stopped using stereotypes to define and classify others around you. Just because other people do it does not mean it's acceptable or right. Broaden your mind.
  12. At least you are honest about your hypocritical desires. Kudos.
  13. Why after? Why not prior? I'd be for it right now. Let's get congress to make the changes necessary right now. We do not need any candidates from any party running in 2024 who are too old and mentally in decline. It appears to me that you are just fine with an aged president mentally on the decline if it's the one you'd prefer in office. On the very surface your statement not only appears hypocritical, it actually is.
  14. Cool. A social media site where DJT can lie unfettered daily and anyone who calls him out on said lies will be banned. Sounds really neat. Gullible folks will enjoy it I suppose. I just don't think it'll be as popular as he thinks it might. Even still, getting 35% of social media users to sign up will likely be lucrative for him. I put the over/under on the first posted lie by DJT at 1/1.
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