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  1. Of course it was well done. So well done you completely missed the huge sarcasm in the first post. Oh well. Have a great day!
  2. Petulant & childish......DJT in a cracked nutshell.
  3. Poor, poor widdle DJT......the bad meanies at twit box won't let him play by his own rules and sent him home with his deflated ball....waaa, waaa, waaa
  4. Your analogies are foolhardy and lack any semblance of comparison.
  5. Never in my life have I considered Republicans to be "forward thinking." Especially when I compare them to Democrats the last 40 years.
  6. DJT deserves credit for NOTHING. He's done nothing good. Period. If you want to talk about the incredible hardships he's placed on millions of Americans.....he deserves credit for that. He deserves credit for being the absolute worst president in my lifetime. He deserves credit for destroying relationships with our allies around the globe. He deserves credit for stealing money from taxpayers. He deserves credit for doing the least amount of work ever in one term as president. I could go on about his failures (tariffs on China) but, it's not necessary.
  7. RUFFRODYS: TQB - KC, TB RB - McCaffrey, Barkley, Chubb, Conner WR - Hill, J.Jones, Godwin, A.J.Brown, Golladay TE - Ebron, Howard FLEX - M. Andrews PK - Tucker, Elliott TDST - 49ers, Ravens
  8. Blinders. Gotta keep 'em on if ya support DJT even one tiny little iota. At least take 'em off and wash 'em once in a while. The real world might open up to ya. Might.
  9. These polls were probably very accurate at the time. I guess nobody remembers the bomb dropped by Comey two weeks before the election that gave a lot of folks a reason to drop Clinton and vote for DJT. It was always about the the lesser of two evils between these two with the majority of voters and Comey's decision to re-open the investigation into her, and announce it when he did, caused those voters that were only slightly over the fence for Clinton to reverse course. 5 months away vs. 2 weeks away. Get it?
  10. A vehicle's appearance shouldn't matter one kilowatt in a national emergency about climate change. But, haha, good one 👍
  11. I'd be shocked if it was otherwise...but then again, our military industrial complex would have to be highly partisan in its decision making process, no?
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