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  1. Ugh, human beings are really stupid, myself included. How did we ever manage to send a fellow human from this flat earth to that round moon? Wait.....did that really happen? Or is that another "wool over the eyes" moment? I'm so confused.
  2. I'm okay with these reports. He's got a learning curve with an arc that probably doesn't level off for a few more months (not weeks) and it's his first training camp where he's the number one guy heading into the season. A new head coach with a new offensive scheme to learn only increases the arc of the curve.
  3. To clarify, I can get to my notifications in FBG Light mode also.
  4. Ah, yes, correct, default mode it works fine, I hadn't noticed that distinction because when the new layout popped up I immediately switched to dark mode. Just in dark mode.
  5. On mobile, chrome, still cannot get to notifications. After clicking on the triple bar with a numbered circle (indicating number of notifications) account name and bell icon are behind the full width blue footballguys/join now banner. When re-loaded in chrome desktop view I can access them. Prefer the mobile view for reading threads on phone.
  6. While I am currently unvaccinated I wear my mask every time I'm in close proximity to other humans and always indoors (besides my own home) when I am out and about, regardless if the establishment I'm entering has a mask policy in effect or not. This is out of respect for other humans (and myself) as I have no idea if they are vaccinated or not. I would rather not be found to have been a transmitter of the disease. I hope those who choose not to get vaccinated do the same. Out of respect and consideration for your fellow humans of course. Otherwise I would find those folks to be selfish individuals. BTW, I applaud anyone who isn't just making an uninformed choice and are actively searching for all the information they can to make an educated choice.
  7. I would venture to guess correctly that you in fact do not need it to keep in touch with some family. If these folks are on FB then they have an email account. I would suggest using FB to gather all the email addys from family you wish to stay in contact with. Drop/cancel your FB account. Use email to stay in contact with family. Really rather simple. You are not beholden to FB to stay in touch with some of your family.
  8. It disgusts me that he lies about watching it to avoid answering tough questions he doesn't want to answer. Period. It would disgust me no matter who was telling the lie. Liers cannot be trusted.
  9. You aren't the leading GOP rep in the Senate, are you? I dont care if you watch or not. I do care if McConnell watches and it matters to me what he says about the testimony being given be these heroes who protected our servants of democracy.
  10. I fully believe McConnell lied when he said he did not watch the hearings yesterday. To think otherwise would be foolish. He did watch. He's watching again today. He'll lie about it tonight and say he didn't.
  11. Nobody is taking away your choice or forcing you to choose to do something you don't want to do. Whether or not someone wants to take away that choice is another topic for another thread. It is your choice after all and this is still a free country. Those who disagree with your choice are free to tell you that you did not choose wisely. More often than not, in this thread alone, I've read posts clearly and logically explaining why your choice is unwise. Here's the thing. If the two options to choose from will affect you and only you then all the discussion about whether or not you're making a wise choice is irrelevant. But, when the implications of said choice could affect more people than just you it should be brought to your attention. It's still your choice. You seem like an educated, intelligent individual. Yet, here you are advocating for non-vaccination based on flimsy or outright bogus facts which seem to align with your biases. You seem unwilling to actually consider what folks who think your choice is unwise are telling you. Enough about you, heres where I am at. I'm currently un-vaccinated and in my mid 50's. I had Covid last year. Thankfully it was of the mild variety and the only lingering effects of having it is a loss of smell. For reasons I'm uninterested in discussing I've not gotten the vaccine just yet. I will be getting it though. It would be hugely selfish of me to think that I'm the only one affected by my choice. I may still be a carrier and transmitter of the disease. Getting the vaccine will sharply decrease the chances that I unwittingly spread the disease to any other human being I come in contact with. My love of all human beings, even those I am diametrically opposed to, is why this choice isn't even a choice for me. Believe me, I had my doubts concerning effectiveness and safety about these vaccines that were rushed into production but, as of now the facts bear out that choosing to stay unvaccinated is not a wise choice. You are still free to choose unwisely.
  12. 12 team, 1PPR, max 7 keepers, start 9 (1, 2, 3, 1, 1, 1) bench 9, 6-point TD's, TD heavy, no positional limits. Apologies in advance for format breach. Our combined rookie/vet draft is still 4+ weeks away. I have the 1.05 and will be drafting T. Sermon. Team Stoner Pickle keepers: P. MaHomes, N. Chubb, JK Dobbins, T. Hill, A. Robinson, A. Thielen, M. Andrews.
  13. 12 team league, max 7 keepers annually, 9 starters, 9 bench, unlimited number IR slots in-season. IR eligibility status limited to IR-Season, IR-DTR and Covid. All other status' are ineligible. Owners have 48 hours to re-activate a player after officially coming off IR-DTR or Covid & drop an active player. Moving a player to IR and adding a replacement is cost free, re-activating a player costs $5.00....our daily transaction fee for trades and waivers. An additional $5.00 fine is assessed if an owner fails to re-activate a player within 48 hours.
  14. 12 team keeper league, max 7 each year, no positional limits or term limits. In season roster of 18. Start 1, 2, 3, 1, 1, 1. Bench 9. No positional limits during season either. I'm a Waldman enthusiast. Although I don't always agree with him (not my only source) I've made some great picks using the comprehensive player evaluations in his RSP. I targetted & got Chubb in 2018 at 1.09. Nobody else was considering him. (I also snagged Ekeler in the 4th & MaHomes in the 6th that year.) Last year I gave up quite a few picks to move up to 1.03 to snag Dobbins. A little high but I had no other options if I wanted him, and I did. The owner that should have taken him, the Ingram owner, didn't want him. He's the one who sold me pick 1.03. CEH & Taylor went 1, 2. This year I'm targetting Sermon. I'll get him. I didn't have a 2021-1st so I traded my first 7 picks (2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5) and my 2024-1st to move from 2.10 up to 1.05. Barring something ridiculous happening the first four picks will be; Harris, Ettienne, J. Williams & Pitts. Sermon is more of a dynasty pick than an expected contributor year one. Same as Dobbins last year. I've managed to put together a decent keeper squad the last few years and have had the luxury of not needing instant production from my first pick(s.) If I needed that, Sermon would likely not be my target this year.
  15. This will be our 20th year having a live draft party. Showing up for the draft is an absolute must, per our rules. Loss of team is the penalty for a no-show. 2019 (18th yr) was the first that we had a member not show up. Commissioners Board ruling permitted him to pick by phone due to unavoidable circumstances preventing his appearance. After a few rounds he just asked the league to complete it for him. 2020 we chose to do a live draft again but if someone chose not to attend we would accommodate them and they wouldn't lose their team. We had one (1) no-show due to Covid concerns. All good, no penalty, drafted entire team via phone convos each pick. 2021 will again be a live, in person draft. I've heard of no concerns this year (yet) and expect everyone to attend. Outdoor draft party with backup indoor plans should the weather not cooperate. We will again accommodate anyone with Covid concerns who wish to not attend. We haven't broached the subject of vaccinations and I doubt we will.
  16. Deep State gonna Deep State. Not sure how anyone can put a stop to it. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!
  17. I'm happy to start drafting tomorrow if everyone is on board. Gimme a shout
  18. How is blaming McCarthy for the lack of bipartisanship (due to passing on the first proposed commission) in any way defending Pelosi? Please explain. Ah, nevermind. This is exactly how McCarthy wanted it to play out. Refuse the bipartisan committee knowing Pelosi will move forward anyway, then blame her for non-partisanship among the panel. Bunch of huey and the rubes fall for this crap. If this commission isn't partisan it's all on McCarthy. Full stop right there.
  19. Operation Warp Speed and the development of the vaccines were during DJT's watch, were they not? Why aren't they called "Republican Poison?" Other than continuing the rollout of the vaccines, possibly more efficiently, what exactly have the Democrats and Biden done with the vaccines to make them "Democrat Poison?"
  20. I think AZ is now deep purple due to the many massive bruises it's getting from being repeatedly hit with conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory.
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