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  1. Hey after you get in the door for a year or two I'm not sure how it works in the DoD but they always have opportunities to move jobs or take assignments
  2. I was just curious after the second or 3rd round - I'll play the same ball even if its scuffed up just to see how far I can go unless its like ridiculous bad I made it 94 holes with the same ball. I made up for that 2 years ago - where I lost 5 balls each round in back to back rounds lol Stupid golf ETA: I do play courses where losing your ball can easily happen
  3. WHen I first signed up to the state site the options were different then than now, So i got put into group 2. So I tried to chage and I cant. But now we are still 1B but more people got put into 1B that were 1C. Why not just 1C at this point. So Im stuck in the end of the line no matter what now lol
  4. Yeah that will get some distance back. Loose chart https://golf.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/true-spec-data.jpg
  5. i probably wont have won until May - it makes no sense here in NJ They have these tiers but then they have private signups, outside of the mega sites - it just seems random
  6. I edited my post .... Is your swing speed of 90-95 with your driver? Your 6 iron swing speed wont match your driver. Are you playing regular flex?
  7. I assume you are referring to your driver?... are you playing regular flex?
  8. We've had very little spread. Our kids dont eat lunch, wear mask and are 6 feet apart. This week they went to everyday. We've have isolated incidents of spread via school. Usually its kids got it elsewhere and came to school.
  9. Disagree. Our school has been in person hybrid since day 1 this year. If we get cases we can link together they will isolate those kids and notify and keep going. If 3 cases can't be isolated likely brought from the outside we go remote. Multiple times this year we've had cases linked from school contact. We've also had isolated cases where the school went hybrid
  10. I took one lesson once and the guy worked on my hinge at the top. Ruined me for 2 years
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