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  1. School in Florida won't allow vaccinated teachers near students
  2. Huh? First its a private school. Second if you bothered to read the post I responded too. Someone posted that "friends" are afraid of getting breathed on by people who are vaccinated. I simply replied to their post and they asked if I was serious I'd say my reply was pretty much on point See below
  3. It clicked today. Front wasn't great just mental errors and didn't really read my putts or line up my shots. Back was fantastic. Hit one really bad iron. Got a couple bad breaks but shot a 41 - 37. I 3 putted 18 for the 37 lol
  4. 15yo first shot yesterday. Was fine last night. My son's wedding is in 12 days. While I know she's not fully vaccinated I feel a lot better she'll have some protection
  5. Timely bump. Little belljr been batting leadoff but she's just off. We played way better competition in the fall and she batted .500. Shes now 10-32 7 singles, 3 doubles, 1 hr, 8 bb and 10 runs scored with 3rbis Not terrible but not what she's capable off. She's just not hitting the ball hard as much as usual. Taking too many pitches and struck out more than usual. She has 6 now. Her first varsity season as a sophomore not terrible but she's definitely better
  6. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/florida/articles/2021-04-27/private-florida-school-wont-employ-vaccinated-teachers
  7. If he gets the flu he gets flu symptoms so why bother with that shot at all
  8. These later deaths due to long-term complications of the infection are not necessarily recorded as deaths due to COVID-19,” Al-Aly said. “As far as total pandemic death toll, these numbers suggest that the deaths we’re counting due to the immediate viral infection are only the tip of the iceberg.”
  9. School in Florida won't allow vaccinated teachers near students....
  10. I need to do this. I went to allergy doc last year. I'm allergic to 4 things. And on their scale 0-4. I was 0 for everything except what I was allergic too. Those things I was a 4. Ragweed American weed or something Some other weed And ####### dust. I'm allergic to dust. It explains why I'm always stuffy
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