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  1. I'll weigh in tomorrow am. But I'm going aggressive from 3/1 to 4/1. I'm looking to lose 15 pounds. I know healthy slow and steady etc, I'm just doing this for 1 month!!!
  2. I took the last 4 days off from working out (minus golf)...legs and back were just strained. Took a detour for a couple weeks diet wise but back on it
  3. This is what we are deciding. My wife just got her first dose. I won't be for a long time but my 15 year old
  4. I've probably put down more than 500 pallets in my lifetime. I can't recall ever having more than 5-10 "bad" rolls in a given order in my lifetime
  5. If you aren't attracted to an overweight person than you are a body shamer
  6. According to hasbro you can still buy mr and mrs potato heads, and easter potato heads and baby potato heads and Christmas potato heads. And generic potato heads that you can interchange all different things like before. I'm still confused how "they removed gender identities" And I'm not even a democrat, or woke liberal or whatever the new dumb term is. I'm confused how this became a hot button topic.
  7. No mr and mrs are still on some boxes. And this is just making the brand generic The brand went from mr potato head to potato head this is the new package https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EvGW_BvXUAQVyAg?format=jpg&name=medium
  8. Never used my debit card a debit card just to get money out of atm occasionally
  9. I will add she has been doing great with hybrid learning but was having "issues" pre pandemic we didn't know about. Pandemic magnified it. Gl all, it's tough knowing your kid is struggling. The one thing that helped us was learning how to handle situations she felt anxiety, we were quick to be "get over it, it's no big deal" now we're not
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