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  1. So who else was so tired this morning, they left their car in drive when they went in the store for coffee and the car slowly rolled down the incline and hit a another parked car. But didn't have a clue it happened until they walked out of the store with their coffee only to notice the car halfway across the parking lot.
  2. The reason they used for our conference In order to maintain a safe environment and follow state COVID guidelines, fans for competitions on campus in the Spring of 2021 in the sports of baseball, lacrosse and softball will be limited to two parents or guardians per xxxxxx student-athletes. Guests of visiting teams will not be permitted to attend any events on xxxxxx campus. Because of the large number of participants in track & field, spectators will not be permitted into xxxxxx home track meets All spectators are required to wear masks at all times and asked to maintain s
  3. It's like we didn't understand the virus and things changed. I guess we're not allowed to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, or allow thoughts to change
  4. Guess you should have gone to an SEC school, they are allowing fans at the track championship I'm almost positive it's up to the conferences. I need to find the link. We had different schools with different attendance policies ACC softball tournament allowing fans
  5. The policies were put into place back before we even knew if there would be a spring season. It's been up to individual conference around here. Track was no spectators. But I'm watching fantastic softball full of spectators
  6. I barely wore a mask outside during the height of this thing. Maybe the CDC should have waited a bit for indoor but on a whole, unless it was crowded my kid or I didn't wear masks during batting practice all winter. I think the negative will be all the anti going no mask just cause but I'm not overly concerned, especially outside.
  7. Jealous for all the golf I've played I still don't have one. I've eagled from the fairway but no aces
  8. Not to get too political but some people that think the vaccines are unsafe are keeping gas in plastic bags
  9. State by state basis it appears. It's been authorized. CDC was to finalize today. My 15 year old has an appointment Saturday
  10. Ok. Can we please allow smoking inside public places again. Or just airplanes at least
  11. Yeah plenty of places Airplanes, sporting events, restaurants, my work place
  12. Remember when gas was almost $5 and pumps with $75 limit would shut off mid fuel
  13. The party of free thinkers and open opinions just woke lefted one of their own
  14. You have to contact your local congressman to get poop smearing tickets
  15. So you are basically ignoring the current CDC guidelines that were posted?
  16. Edit... Already hit the trading places joke
  17. Was a big fan of Sunset Deck for the sunset. I enjoyed the people watching at Dante's
  18. The more you know For comparison, the two-dose measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine is 97% effective against measles and 88% effective against mumps
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