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  1. I have to say one covid positive. Now when I'm in line for something the schmuck behind me isn't 6 inches away for no reason whatsoever
  2. I was trying to figure out if there was some obscure NFL rule I never heard of
  3. I'm convinced no one reads full posts in the political forums. Arguments being made weren't even posted
  4. Well here our budgets keep getting cut. You have to pay for extra curricular activities out of your own pocket now
  5. Well for me I used to be a club nerd. I'm single digit hcp so your experience may vary. I have always played forged clubs, so going in I knew I'm buying forged. For drivers I had ideas and would hit them. Golf galaxy here has a good fitter and they will work with you (ymmv) but they will definitely keep you at a budget at least in my experience. My recent purchase I did the club champion route and went in with a blank slate and let the guy fit me with a couple options
  6. @The General I was asking what you meant...lol How do I pick my irons? Or how did I choose my fitter?
  7. I think a little of column A and Column B. I mean angry people broke into a secure location where I'm working, not sure I'd feel safe Plus a couple reps were live tweeting But she's definitely politicizing more
  8. Depends on what you get but it's very doable especially if you are getting improvement irons. I got my last set of callaway forged as leftovers so instead of 1200 they were 700. I did just drop 1400 on a custom set of irons that are pretty nice so it might be tight but you definitely could get irons driver 3wood for under 2k. Especially if you buy last year's driver model
  9. Yes the first song featuring Calvin Broadus I might have to dig out my tape and look at it since I have nothing to play it on
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