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  1. 58 minutes ago, IvanKaramazov said:

    1. I would get vaccinated and not feel the slightest bit bad about it.  I'm currently waiting my turn to get vaccinated and I have zero interest in trying to jump the line, but I'm planning on getting vaccinated the minute the state tells me I'm eligible.  

    2. The overwhelming majority of people with 30+ BMIs are obese.  Sure, there are lots of people at this weight who are totally healthy -- those folks play on Sundays and wear numbers in the 40s and 50s.  Most of the rest are just obese.

    3.  Seriously, just take the vaccine and be happy.

    This is what we are deciding. My wife just got her first dose. I won't be for a long time but my 15 year old 

  2. 12 hours ago, Ministry of Pain said:

    That's good stuff, guess that backs up the PBP as some Quarter Million here in Palm Beach County have had their first shot...Dade has 300k but of course they have about twice the population of Pam Beach so we are killing the Covid around here. 

    It backs up you are giving out vaccines faster than everyone

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  3. According to hasbro you can still buy mr and mrs potato heads, and easter potato heads and baby potato heads and Christmas potato heads.  And generic potato heads that you can interchange all different things like before.

    I'm still confused how "they removed gender identities"

    And I'm not even a democrat, or woke liberal or whatever the new dumb term is.

    I'm confused how this became a hot button topic.


  4. 38 minutes ago, glvsav37 said:

    what really is the main problem (for me) here is the use of the term "Mr." and "Ms" that is really what they removed from the boxes and names. The destruction of gender identity is where this conservative gets "worked up" I guess. It has a Tom Selleck mustache but it cant be labeled as male.

    No mr and mrs are still on some boxes. And this is just making the brand generic

    The brand went from mr potato head to potato head  this is the new package



  5. 26 minutes ago, glvsav37 said:

    I think what conservatives (at least myself) are "getting worked up over" is the idea that purity of just being a child is becoming a political issue. As I said earlier, my kids played with potato head dolls and never 1x did the idea of any-sex marriage while sticking silly noses on them come up. We just made up funny combinations of eyes and lips for a bit and went on to the next toy. 

    I dont understand this world where innocuous toy manufacturers are forced to take these stances—either by the fringe public or by people within their organization. You ask why Conservatives are "worked up" over gender sanitizing a children's toy, but not why liberals are offended to the point that they feel a classic potato character is worth this level of energy. I could pretty much bet that if you polled everyone, the "just leave it alone" vote would be well beyond the "this is an outrage" ones. Yes I get that our demographics are shifting, but everyone has the right to buy 2 Mr's or 2 Ms's if thats what they feel fits their family. 

    You still can, and no one forced them

  6. 18 minutes ago, Doug B said:

    And if I understand right ... that 50% figure for the annual flu vaccine is an average over time. Some years, they nail it and it's north of 70%. Other years they whiff and it's ~30%.

    A vaccine that prevents COVID infection at a 72% AND prevents virtually all serious illness from the virus should someone get infected ... that's a huge success. Doesn't need to be a 90-something-percent vaccine to be effective.

    dont disagree with any of this

  7. 5 minutes ago, 3 hour lunch said:

    Forgot to add- was it hard to get her started? My daughter is so quiet and anxious to talk to most anyone that I wonder what a therapist may get out of her. Also wonder if medication may be a discussion point eventually.

    Not really - my daughter was is always quiet - once she gets to know some one she is completely fine.  She was having issues of "everyone is looking at me, judging me, doesnt like me".  She has ffriends but isnt overly social.   (I too apparently have some form of anxiety growing up that I didnt realize) - anyway - she would be deathly afraid to say go into a convenience store by herself.   We found out she had a couple "bully" issues in like 5th grade that we never knew about.   I've always been a f'it you dont like me I dont care but my wife is like my daughter (OMG HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE ME :) ) that is just a couple examples.

    Anyway we brought up therapy and my daughter was very receptive.  We had an initial consult and was told it would be 3 months before she could start, luckily there is a cancellation and we got in early.  SHe had a journal to fill out- and then had weekly tasks to accomplish.  I have only spoken to the therapist 3 times?  My wife 5 or so. So shes been progressing through her "stages".  SHes in the "final stage" whatever that means. SHe had to learn how to cope and process things that made her feel uncomfortable. WHats weird is shes a pretty good softball player and is used to "failing"   kids :shrug:


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