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  1. Went on Safeway's website this morning and they had appointments for this afternoon--so I am going to get mine here in a few hours. My wife already completed her two doses. Now we are going to stick our 16 year old on a waiting list.
  2. Brutal night. The NBA must have been running a "No team play defense" night because when you look at those final scores, they were way over.
  3. Well my Boston pick went down in a Luka game winning 3 with .01
  4. I like Boston tonight--especially with Porz out for Dallas. I did the Boston M/L and Minn/Milw under 231.5 parlay at +238.
  5. Several years back we had a pretty big snow storm here and I was out clearing the walk. This was one of those heavy, wet 10-12 inches of snow type storm. For the most part, I had thrown all the snow into several piles in my yard, but I was exhausted and I just pushed the last couple shovel-fulls off the sidewalk edge into the street. Right at that exact moment, this huge snow plow was going by. I am not kidding you, this guy locked the tires up on that thing and climbed out of the cab to scream at me to not put my snow in the street. I can still picture this fat, SOB standing in the middle of
  6. I know the Clippers are getting healthy, but Washington is one of the hottest teams in the league right now. Wash +12.5 seems like a good call here.
  7. A new company will step up. One with a big company sponsorship offering cheaper grading and at the end of the day, us collectors will get screwed.
  8. Sorry I missed the earlier bet--spent the afternoon doing taxes. Either I shouldn't drink while doing this or I really am a tax genius. A nice 5k refund I know is like giving the government free money, but the Courtjester needs a new tv fund is now locked and fully funded. I am a chicken and took the +4.5 on Toronto and I am in on the Cav/OK over at 219.5 at MGM.
  9. I look at how long it is taking me to get the XP for level 40--some of those numbers you have to get for those upper levels are daunting to say the least. I think you would have to own a Go Pro or some other auto-catch device to make that obtainable.
  10. Certified basketball just came out--$450-$500 a box. 50 cards total with two autos. Along with Hoops, this used to be the product that kids could afford. It is a low end product. Now at 5 cards a pack--you are basically paying over $8.50 a card and most will be commons and not worth .50. Crazy times....crazy times....
  11. As a card collector I have been interested in getting involved with this (I was just talking to my wife about this yesterday), but the thing that scares me about this is the NBA or the Players Association just going, "Hey this is our copyrighted property," and that is that. They may be supporting this now, but what if they decide they want a piece of this pie? A trading card I physically have possession of--this product exists in the cyber-world and could disappear tomorrow. .
  12. Well I am probably one of the few left playing on here, but today's event was a freaking grind. I mean, you shouldn't be playing a game and going "Man, I can't wait for it to get over." Then to feel like you got to the end and you get hit with the 151 gifts to friends slap in the face challenge. I mean I don't have that many friends and it looks like you can only have 20 gifts at a time. I played for close to 7 hours and got everything completed but the gift challenge. Judging by the number of people playing downtown today, this game is still bringing in the money for Niantic. I know th
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