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  1. Well, the one game I want the Rockies to lose and they win in the bottom of the 9th--destroying my parlay for the rest of the evening. I am going Utah -2.5 1st quarter-110. I think they come out and want to make a statement.
  2. Will there be females his age on the trip? He's 16--a condom or two may be wise. Now, I would put the odds of a bear attack and him getting lucky in the woods as equal. But I bet one of the counselors will bring bear spray--so make sure your son is prepared for the other possibility.
  3. It is not a great part of Denver, but finding affordable rentals in Denver is hard. My daughter just signed a lease on an apartment with her boyfriend in Fort Collins--quite a bit north of Denver, $1850 for a little, little place, which about made me fall over from shock. Is there any particular reason he is set on specifically living there?
  4. I would definitely want to have a few extra pounds on me before going out there. Heck I tell my wife every day I am just preparing for my Alone callback. I just wonder if it wouldn't be a smart strategy to use one of your allotted items as some form of food--like military biscuits or the gorp. It seems you have two camps of people--the shelter first people and the food first group. You have seen both groups fail if they only get their primary goal met and don't even get to doing the other thing. if you had some sort of food you could rely on out of the box, you could focus all your energy
  5. It was the soccer flop that sold the whole thing. I mean if that is an F2, then Joker should have just punched the guy square in the face and knocked him out since the punishment would have been the same. Being honest, i don't think anything would have changed the outcome of the series. Phoenix--specifically Paul, played amazing and they deserved to win. I don't know what Denver will do in the off-season. Like I said earlier in this thread, i really thought signing Gordon was going to be the final piece, but little did I know he is just a piece of (insert word). They need to let go
  6. I didn't get to watch the game but watching the replay there was no way that was worthy of an ejection on Joker, If you are going to say this was an F2, how? I mean you can punch a guy in the face and get an F2--this is a guy swiping at the ball out of frustration and caught the guy's nose (give him props for the soccer dive) Joker is one of the most easy going guys in the league. Just BS if that was Lebron--that is MAYBE a foul......please let Jazz/Bucks final happen
  7. I bought my daughter one of those all in one systems and I don't think it is a very healthy unit as I see scratches forming on her vinyl. I have my Fisher component rack system with a laser guided turntable in storage. I paid through the nose for this system in the 80's as a teenager. My parents actually co-signed for this $1800 system. That was a lot of money back then. The speakers for this system are in my basement and are literally the size of a very large min-fridge. I have 4 of them along with four more smaller ones--they literally would shake the house. There is no way I can dig this s
  8. My 16 year old daughter got into vinyl during the pandemic. She is a unique bird and loves classic things-so she shops for 50's/60's vinyl only. Groups like the Del Vikings, Frankie Lymon and her fav group--the Platters. . We enjoy looking for used stuff at the flea markets, but it seems with the new interest in vinyl, people KNOW what they have and the prices reflect it. We keep looking for The Skyliners, but it is a pricey album to find.
  9. We watched C3 the first night it was out and I was disappointed. You always need to suspend some sense of reality when watching this series, but at least with C1, some of the stuff that happened was believable and scary This one, there just was too much Ed and Lorraine acting like action heroes. I seriously doubt Ed actually tried to kill Lorraine with a sledge hammer or Lorraine was pulled over a cliff in the middle of the day by two hands. It just seemed so manufactured. Then I got to thinking though, this was the first movie from the Conjuring Universe that my family did not see in th
  10. I love this show. I think Nate has a chance to take this thing. He has that mental toughness and he is accustomed to being away from his family. I am amazed that this show has survived. With the PC culture we live in, I figured PETA or one of those organizations would do all they could to get it taken off the air. I admit I kind of cringed when they killed the porcupines last year. They are some of my favorite animals to observe at out local zoo as they have such unique personalities.
  11. 11 people died from Covid in my town this last week. I just can’t fathom that. These are 11 people that would, more than likely, be alive today if they just got the vaccine. I have begun to see the swing happen in the few stores I have been in. Before you would find just a handful of people not wearing a mask. Now I feel like the odd person out as I continue to wear one only in certain establishments (and I have had the vaccine for some time).
  12. The lack of guards is killing Denver. They have done a great job hiding the injuries with smoke and mirrors up until this point, but Phoenix is just way too talented. It is going to suck losing both the Avs and Nugs in one week. Well, at least we have the Rockies, er....ah...they may set a record for most losses in a season.
  13. Well, then show up in the big game darn it!! Colorado is still a young team, but they need to add a few veteran players to cement them together.
  14. Just want to see a Game 7 to have a chance.. Come on Av's!!! Vegas defense has just been incredible in this series.
  15. So this has been a busy off-season so far. The specter of Rodgers possibly coming to town. The James lawsuit. Drew Lock getting his first chest hairs. Now the news Watson wants to be a Bronco. Very exciting off-season here.....
  16. We both have 8-5 jobs during the week--she has summers off, but we spend every minute we can together and our two almost adult daughters when they are around, 31 years and we have to be doing something right.
  17. I went along with these too. I need something after the beating I took from game four of the Av's I am going to stay away--far away from hockey tonight
  18. i am guessing Floyd runs and throws jabs and Logan attempts to do "something" and misses. The key word in this is "exhibition",
  19. Well I tried.. Vegas just seems to have another gear at this point and my Avs have no answer
  20. Sorry missed the earlier bets—I am going probably too big on the Avs tonight -105. I also am going with the under 5.5. I also threw $20 on McKinnon scoring tonight at +210.
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