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  1. Looking at Denver’s remaining schedule, I see two maybe (if lucky), three wins—especially the way they are playing. Time to blow things up. This is a lost season. Tank and see what the draft holds.
  2. I just don’t get why Denver decides to run this open offense starting in the fourth quarter And the rest of the game it is so conservative.
  3. Such a good movie. The ending is just an emotional mess...
  4. Since my sisters and all their family have decided to forgo getting vaccinated, we are going to boycott Christmas at their house and I am taking my family to Vegas for Christmas. I booked two rooms at the Palazzo for three nights and we are just going to splurge and celebrate out there. We have never gone anywhere for Christmas, so this is going to be something totally different.
  5. So as far as Halloween Kills. I thought it was very good. You can tell it is made for the fans by looking at the discrepancy from the Rotten Tomatoes critics vs fan reviews. I don't feel I am giving much away by saying this new trilogy just basically builds off the original Halloween and a little of Halloween 2 and then just ignores any of the other Halloween timelines. This was easily the most brutal and violent Halloween movie of them all. Very high body count and gore.. I love the old characters being inserted in the movie. I love the Easter eggs from other Halloween movies (like the Silver Shamrock masks from Halloween 3). The only complaint I have is this is 2021 and horror fans expect movies to be smarter as far as the victims. In the 1970's and 80's you had potential victims doing things like "Let's split up." or "Let's go into that dark room alone," and that was the norm. Today's movies show potential victims fighting back and being more clever in how they approach being attacked. Not in this movie, there were just too many moments of me screaming at the tv saying "What are you thinking? Don't do that!!" Maybe this was on purpose to make it feel more old school--who knows?
  6. Tonight we will be watching the new Halloween. Knowing that this is the 2nd part of a trilogy, leaves me feeling a little meh about how good this will be.
  7. Just no reason for that two point conversion by Phil other than to just screw me. oh and Brady falls 3 yards shy of 300 yards Ugggbnnnn
  8. Even if that pass is completed, it wouldn't have been a first down. This play calling is just a joke.
  9. I just don't know how many more injuries this team can take....
  10. Yeah start off with a penalty and then run it straight into the middle of the line for no gain. Great play calling there guys. Repeat of last week,
  11. I predict a low scoring punt-fest. Both these teams need this one.
  12. Heck no, Kids walking around and this drunken guy has his sausage out taking a whiz, forget that. He broke multiple laws--public urination, public indecency. drinking in a vehicle and littering. He can take his clown show on the road and I would be very tempted to go to the person that hired him and tell him you have a drunk doing work on your house.
  13. Having watched a ton of landlords go through FED cases, I can tell you--you better have a lawyer on retainer. You also better have a decent amount in savings, so when that nice couple you rented the place to magically has their cousin's five kids and their seven dogs move into your place and absolutely trash the place, you are prepared. Constantly having to repaint and re-carpet the place between tenants will get expensive. Not to mention the wear and tear on blinds and appliances. A lot of renters just assume they are not getting their deposit back, so they don't care. And then you have the people that default and you have to evict while they squat in your house and you pay the mortgage. Plus being on call at all times when the hot water tank goes out on Christmas morning and they are looking to you to fix it ASAP is just a pain in the butt I would never want to undertake. It takes a special person these days to be a landlord IMO. You say your GF doesn't want to sell, is that because she is emotionally attached to the place (which will be very bad because if she is invested in the place, then any little thing a renter does to it will be 10X a problem) or is she just holding on to an escape pad in case she needs to kick you to the curb??
  14. We are on Ep5 now and it seems to be picking up-albeit slowly. I don't know how much they can do with this story line. They are sort of limited by the number of people they have to work with and the number they have already killed off. It is like you can see where the story is going, but we keep taking turns away from the destination. The actress that plays the Apple Girl is pretty easy on the eyes I must say.
  15. We rewatched Escape Room and then watched Escape Room Tournament of Champions this weekend. The first one was better the 2nd time watching. The newest one was very suspenseful, but you really had to stretch your imagination that these people could figure out the clues to the puzzles that quickly. I mean stuff like (this isn't an actual puzzle) "Look there is a duck. It has twelve feathers. Oh that must mean a calendar and duck begins with a D--so that must mean December. And the duck was facing south and quacked three times, so that must mean..." Just far fetched stuff like that made you have to suspend belief a lot.
  16. We watched that a while back and I seriously thought she had had a stroke. She could barely move one side of her face it was so tightly stretched. The movie was fairly good.
  17. This is pretty much it---Denver needs a 3 and out
  18. Well Drew here is your chance to bring your inner Tebow.
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