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  1. Man, I want the Nuggets to make a move. I know Murray is going to be out for at least half the season. You can't just write off a year of Joker  hoping for a miracle. I know they went  on a winning run without Murray last year, but I don't see lightning striking twice. 

    I know any trade for someone like Beal would have to involve Porter Jr--so not sure how I feel about that, but Denver has to do something if they are going to not take a big step back. 

  2. 8 hours ago, El Floppo said:

    took the family to see Old on Sunday. 

    $70+ of not worth it cinema..81111111111111111eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


    Saw this with my family Saturday It was probably $75 with concessions. It was okay, not his best work, but we found it sort of interesting.

    Before that is was Quiet Place 2.

    We may go see Free Guy because the wife is so into Ryan Reynolds. 

  3. 5 hours ago, Osaurus said:

    Me thinks they did you a favor

    Believe me, I have seen it a couple of times. We were only going so our daughter could say she had seen it. The show was $250+ for all three of us to go, so I don't mind that money coming back. 

    Que the SNL reference......Link

  4. Now that we are home, I thought I would add a few more thoughts 

    The NY NY is a serviceable hotel. I mean, we have stayed there before and it does the job--nothing more, nothing less. We used the pre-check in on the phone and got the digital keys. That was great to skip the lines, but our 6th floor room had a wonderful view of duct work and the side of a generator. If we had checked in with a person, I would have at least asked to be upgraded to a room with some sort of view. We just kept the blinds shut the entire time. Their sports book is non-existent and the gambling was very tight. 

    I have always wanted to eat at Benihana and we did that Wednesday. We had an entertaining chef and the food was delicious. The only thing that sort of stunk is we had couples on either side of us, who were not into the performance at all.  Why don't you just sit at a regular table then? The one lady kept bossing the cook around to not put this in her food or prepare it this way. Her boyfriend, despite ordering the six course meal, ate nothing. He just sat there drugged out of his mind. The other really young couple spent their entire time talking to their friends about being at Benihana's rather than enjoying being at Benihana's. I weep for today's generation.. 

    My wife couldn't wait for Zak Bagan's Haunted Museum. We got the RIP package, which was $260. for us three. It was creepy and fun., There was a portion where you had to crawl on your hands and knees through this little dark tunnel that the hungover me could have done without. It took two hours and for fans of the show (like us) it was well worth it, but beware, it is extremely hot in that place and they don't allow water or bathroom breaks during the tour.  

    The taxi/uber shortage is a real thing out there. We got done with the museum and the three groups in front of us called Uber/Lyft and the museum people called us a cab. It took 30 minutes for our cab to get there and I think it was only by sheer luck we got that one as they were dropping another couple off, but the other groups were still there as we left. Even at the hotels, the cabs would just trickle in one at a time every ten minutes, which shocked me because in the past I was used to seeing them lined up waiting for fares.

    We are thinking about going back over Christmas with my other daughter and her boyfriend and doing the Palazzo. We have stayed there before and enjoyed it. 


  5. So sitting in NY NY now, (like I mentioned on the Covid thread) place is jam packed. Very little masking to be found anywhere. We have had a good time, but I am ready to come home tomorrow. There just is only so much debauchery a 52 year old body can handle.   We lucked out and had good weather.  Our 16 year old daughter has really enjoyed herself. 

    —We did the monorail, but wow. were some of those walks a haul to get where you wanted. 
    —Vegas needs to get their escalators and moving walkways working. Several times today we saw they were not working and it really impacted some elderly people. 
    —we had tickets for Tournament of Kings tonight and it just cancelled. No email—nothing. We only realized it when my wife checked our account today and saw the refund. We walked over prior to the show and they said it was closed until next week due to “technical difficulties”
    —the smell of weed just permeates the whole casino  and I am from Colorado. Just overwhelming. 
    —you snooze you loose if you want to eat places. You better use Open Table in advance to get your reservation. ##### Last Resort was a lot of fun but you better bring your thick skin. 
    we had a great time overall

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  6. 6 hours ago, Payne said:

    We are currently contemplating booking a trip to Vegas in mid-august. Yeah, it's a little concerning, but I'm pretty sure we are going through with it. Have plans to hit the Grand Canyon and maybe Zion. Just using Vegas as a hub.  

    I used the N95 mask/cloth mask combo on the plane because I basically check every box that Covid kills. Once we got to Vegas, we have seen probably a 15-18% mask rate. It is a free for all. Casinos are packed. The Vegas monorail this morning was full and despite the announcement saying you have to wear a mask to ride, I saw one other rider with one.

    Anecdotally, I would say if I had to break it on down by race—by a huge, huge preponderance of a margin, it is African Americans wearing masks. I mean I just tend to notice these weird things, but even my wife made that observation.

    We have tried to be careful. We brought Clorox wipes and wiped down everything in the room. We have our pocket sanitizers, but just with the crush of uncaring people here, it will be a miracle if we get out of here without  one of us catching it. And I will have no one to blame but myself for making this decision to go, which I am kicking myself for after being so careful since day one. 😉

  7. My wife, our 16 year old daughter and myself are all vaccinated, but we are a few hours away from getting on a plane to Vegas. Looking at the increase in numbers, I am very concerned. We had a previous trip planned in March of 2020, which we cancelled and ended up losing most of our money on. We thought we were going to be safer planning this one, but...ugggh. 

    We trust the science but with all my health conditions, I have to say I am a little scared. 

  8. Only one--Hudson Hawk with Bruce Willis. Just a cluster of a movie

    The only other one I came close to leaving was The Doors with Val Kilmer. Not because it was that bad of a movie, I was just experiencing one of the worst hangovers I have ever had in my life. My head felt like it was going to explode and all the trippy images were just killing me. 

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  9. So we are going to be staying at the NY NY--and for the first time, we won't have a car. What is the best way to get around other than taxi?  The Deuce bus looks like it is having staffing problems and there are not enough drivers/buses to keep up with the demand (recent reviews talk of people waiting an hour or more for one). The monorail is promising, but it seems you have to walk forever to find a station. We have never done Uber out there. If you order one. do they meet you in front of the hotel at the taxi stand area or do you have to pre-arrange a pickup spot somewhere else. 

    I know the easy answer is walk, but with the high heat, 110--115 degrees is not fun to be out and about in. 

    I miss not having a rental car out there, but there was no way I was paying those crazy prices. 



  10. 16 hours ago, Wrigley said:

    She makes a 1M/year, and just turned down 5M.....bingo

    The article I read this morning said Disney is tightening their purse strings, so the most she can probably expect is an offer close to 2-3 million. Way to turn a dollar into two quarters.

    They should just let her walk and take Jalen with her. I met him once when he was a rookie playing for the Nuggets.  He was doing an autograph season after an exhibition practice session. He was pretty much a jerk to everyone there. 



  11. In MOP's honor, I just had my own customer service conflict this morning, but I ended up the loser in said situation. 

    Our Dunkin is packed every day--I mean line down the street and out the door type packed. So we always order ahead on the app to avoid the line, We order a dozen donuts this morning.--no biggie. I go inside and tell her my order number. Boom, order is ready and the girl puts the little sticker on the box so it won't pop open. As I start to leave the store,  I notice the box is unusually light. I stop and unseal the box and sure enough, there are 5 donuts in the box. I go back up to the window and I say, "Hey, I paid for 12 and I got 5." The lady there says, "Yeah we are out of a lot of things," and she turned and started working on another order. I just stood there in shock and finally the manager comes  over and repeats the same line, but she inquires if I want to come down to the case and pick out seven more. I mean, should I have said, "No, I am happy paying for a dozen and getting five. See you!!" So I go down to the case. Mind you, there is a line of people out the door at this time.  All they had left were the crappy pink frosted ones that no one likes, some powdered and some chocolate. I said just give me chocolate. She then had the nerve to ask, me, "Do you want the ones with sprinkles because we don't have them." I am like just give me whatever you have okay!!"

    I leave and had I had some pennies, I would have thrown them upon my exit.

    I get home and boy did that lady get the last laugh on me because she must have pushed down on the top of the box when she was putting the last one in and all the chocolate frosting ended up all over the inside of the lid and hardly any was left on the donuts themselves. 


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  12. 15 minutes ago, kodycutter said:

    Robert Horry says Phil Jackson isn't racist.

    Horry later reiterated, “And I don’t think Phil is racist. I really don’t."

    Horry, on the other hand, said he’s giving Pippen a “pass” for his remarks. 

    “I’m not going to judge the man, because right now, he might not be in a good place mentally,” Horry said, noting the loss of Pippen’s 33-year-old son Antron, who died in April.


    i am a huge Pippen fan, but one of his reasons for Phil being racist was he drew up a game winning play for Kukoc instead of him. Phil, you monster!!! 


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  13. The more you put it off, the more significance it gains and the more he will want it. When in reality it isn't that big of a deal. 

    The taboo of guys getting piercings is a product of a bygone era. 

    Once he gets it and realizes that: A) it is really not that big of a deal and B) you mean I have to keep these things clean to avoid infection, may result in him just letting them ultimately close up. My older daughter got a lot of piercings throughout her teen years. When she got in college and saw the amount of time and upkeep that was needed, she let 90% of them close up. 

    But I echo the earlier poster that said to make sure you get it done professionally and not a place like Claire's. My 16 year old got her nose pierced last year and we took her to place that looked like a doctor's office and was super clean. That guy spent a bunch of time with her making sure the placement was perfect and it looks very nice. Cost me an arm and a leg, but well worth making sure it was done right. 

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  14. It is like we here in Colorado switched places with you guys. I saw some stat that we have had more rain than Seattle. Yesterday and today we are at 66 with rain.

    Our AC went out last week. We had a repair person coming Friday. They cancelled because they said there was a chance of rain. They aren't setting appointments for this Monday or Tuesday because of the forecast of rain, so the soonest they could fit me in is Wednesday. If it was hot, hot, I would be losing my mind right now. 

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  15. 13 hours ago, JB Breakfast Club said:

    This is Pop is a very good documentary series on Netflix. Enjoyed every episode, even when it wasn't in my normal musical profile (pop country). Britpop was especially interesting. 

    We have been watching this as well--the Sweden episode was really eye-opening.

    Also count us in for being late to the game on Ozark. We just started it and are on season two. My wife has never quite got the concept of binge watching shows. She will watch one or two episodes and then say that's enough for tonight. Ozark, she can't get enough of--we watched three and half episodes last night and probably would have watched more if we didn't have to go pick up our daughter from work. Really great show!! 

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