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  1. No, I doubt there will be co-op ranked servers.Also, you'll be able to specify the % which spawn on each team. So you could play 6 of your friends versus 48 MECs Okay, well that still would be pretty fun to set up a FBG room with 10 of us going against 40 or so of the MEC troops.
  2. So do I understand that the co-op mode would basically allow you to play with one other player via the internet and then populate the game with as many AI bots as you wanted? If that is correct, I wounder if you would get stats credit for this. Couldn't that be exploited pretty easy to stat pad if you put the AI intelligence at low?
  3. Playing Medic will screw your K/D ratio. I have not played medic in a long time and have gained over 200 on my K/D ratio. Down less than 500 right now. I noticed this also.I end up dying alot more playing medic since I am more focussed on getting to the front line and looking for people on the ground rather than killing people.
  4. We do those on Sunday Football days.The Broncos are (most) always on here at 2:00 pm. So dinner is alway ready at 5:30-6:00 when the game is over. They are really high in sodium and they feed 3 maybe four. Taste is okay--but usually I am drunk when I am eating them so take that for what it is worth,
  5. Use the search function for this or slow cooker. There are several threads....
  6. I have been playing in the afternoon, as well. I couldn't sleep last night so I was playing at 2:00 am to 4:00 am... I really am getting frustrated with the gun I have though. I have the 2nd tier Spec Op gun and it just doesn't seem to have any stopping power. I mean a couple of times yesterday I am sneaking around behind a guy. I am literally like 10 feet away and I open up and they look like they are getting hit but they still turn and take me out. I know I am hitting them because usually 30 seconds later I get a damage assist.
  7. Is that a SF's map (for those of us that haven't bought it yet).
  8. Yep, I posted about that about 2 pages ago. It resolved itself later that day, but that and now the "You have an unlock" and yet there are none to scroll through are 2 of the newest problems that you see people talking about on the EA boards.They need to get 1.3 out quickly or fix what they have.
  9. Have you tried another HD? See I didn't even think that was an option. (sorry if that sounds dumb). But you start the game, it goes through its intro and then you get the member sign-on, I would enter my password and that is where mine was freezing prior to even going to another screen. Can I signon any other way??It fixed itself last night, so all is well. But I appear to be having another problem, that I have found others having too (at least others on the EA boards). I have an unlock available but it won't get me any choices to unlock. Some are guessing it is a program glitch pending the 1.3 upgrade. Once I got playing last night I had a great, great night. I really feel like I am getting the Spec Ops kit down to an art form--I really owe that to an earlier poster on here that talked about knowing your role and staying within it. You see so many Medics or even Special Ops concerned with flag captures rather than helping their team. It isn't exciting sometimes doing that, but an example last night, my team had all the uncapped spawn points and the other team just had their base. Well there was one road leading in, so I just C4'd the road and sat and waited. Sure enough, 3-4 minutes later here comes an APC loaded to the gills with enemies....4 easy kills.
  10. I played last night without a problem, but yet this morning when I went to log on, it will get to the password screen and then it freezes on the "Connecting to account server" screen and I have to reboot. I have done all the usual checks: spyware, viris check, shut down all unneccessay applications, update PB---anyone have any suggestions or is a problem with the account server?
  11. I just finished The Rising by Brian Keene and now I am reading part 2 of that series (well there are only 2 written so far) called City of the Dead. It is a zombies take over, end of the world type series. Pretty interesting take on zombies as they retain their ability to talk, drive, shoot guns etc. vs the slow, dumb, walking ones so commonly portrayed.
  12. Here is my story on the crate: I was on easily the dumbest US squad in history last night, but I stayed because I had a great connection. We were up against a great MEC team who had their stuff together big time. You know the type of game where your commander is flying planes, driving tanks, playing sniper etc...? And their Commander is dropping crates, artillery, spotting...etc... Well, my team is down to one last spawn point (I can't remember the map-there was no uncapped for the US team). The MEC team was massing for an attack. There are two roads leading in. They had 2 APCs on one road and a tank and assorted vehicles on another. Snipers are on the flank firing down. Artillery is being layed down along with supply crates. What do you do?? Well, the smart move would be to C4 the heck out of the road, claymore the base and start chucking grenades down the hill at them. What does my team do?? They scatter and run the other way--oh, and fight over who gets the chopper. So I spawn die, spawn, die--rinse repeat like 7 times. I finally get spawned away enough that I only take minor damage and I quickly dive behind a supply crate they dropped. As I am healling, BOOM!!! here comes another crate right on top of me smashing me between the two. (It really was quite cool because my head was trapped between the two and my twitching, lifeless body was left) That was one of the quickest matches I have ever been a part of. It was over in less than 10 minutes. I ended up with like 8 kills to 14 deaths. I switched teams next round....
  13. Has anyone been killed by falling supply crate?? It happened to me last night.... What are the odds??
  14. Had a really good night on a stable server for a change. Theatclan.com Fair mix of newbees and some good players--got some big # tonight,
  15. I have been getting bumped left and right for high ping and it is frustrating since I have a cable modem.It really stunk earlier because I went into a Wake battle as the China side. I was playing a spec op and managed to kill a guy with a boat. I took it out to the one island to start C-4 ing the artilery. I found a group of 3 snipers out there that didn't see me coming and I got 3 really quick kills. I C-4'd the stuff in time to find all 3 coming back in a boat. I killed the first 2 only to be kicked for high ping.
  16. Whoo Hoo!!! I got my first unlock and now that I have my new gun, it is amazing how my scores are going up!!
  17. Perhaps, but doubtful. I will probably be helping a neighbor put in his sprinkler system by the light of flood lights. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Is there no end to the things you know???
  18. I had something happen last night that never has before. I got booted by Punkbuster for Tk'ing a team member. Now I admit I killed him, but I sure didn't mean to. My team had only one spawn point on the Wake map. I appeared and was immediately killed by a sniper. Well, I knew where the sniper was. I respawned, sighted him and opened up firing. Well, as I did, another of my team spawned right in front of me and I shot him in the back. Boom, kicked and banned from the server by Punkbuster. I mean I have accidently Tk'd a team member when I was in a tank and I ran someone over when I didn't see them, but this just seemed a little off base. Has that happened to anyone?
  19. Played most of the afternoon. I really enjoy it, but just do not get a high kill count ever. It still irks me when you get around a chopper and wait (I never fly because I stink at it) and the thing gets filled up and then the newbie flyer crashes it on the pad tk'ing us all.
  20. Sorry to sound stupid (I make that apology alot) but on the single player modes, am I correct in assuming that you get no credit for your kills or tasks. I guess I don't quite understand the single person LAN stuf--what exactly is that? On multiplayer, I am on my 3rd promotion and I have gotten ribbons, but I haven't gotten any unlocks yet. Is that a SF only thing or am I just missing something? I just haven't played enough yet between the playoffs and on-line poker, it is hard finding the time to game alot.
  21. I downloaded it last night and caught the fact someone's wife was going to Walmart, but I haven't bought a mic yet, so I couldn't contribute....
  22. I still am having problems with my aiming. It seems like I am dead on a guy and start blasting and then he will just return fire and I go down. I had a terrible round the other day. I started like with zero kills and being killed 8 times and then I pk'd one of my own. He was down sniping and I came on him and there was no indication on the map who he was. It was like he didn't belong to either team, so I killed him and then got penalized for it. All and all still a great game--I love getting C-4 kills on tanks.....
  23. I played on a Knife/Pistol server last night and it was pretty funny. The mod wanted people to spawn only at 2 points and he (despite what it said) wanted it to be knife only. So all these troops would appear and then march towards the other side and this big West Side Story brawl would break out in the town square. Of course some moron would come on the board and take an APC and just go plowing through the middle of everyone just killing both teams. People would get mad and boot players. Guys would regroup and go at it and then boom, here comes a tank killing everyone. More booting. Snipers are having a field day from the buildings around the square. Other people were more interested in padding their flag captures ( ) and overall it was just a really funny session to be a part of.
  24. I had a really good sniping run going last night. But then I ran out of ammo and was out of luck when I went to go look for it. I need a better mouse because my aiming when I am being shot at seems really off...
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