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  1. You are more forgiving than I would be. It is a package deal. You don't care about my kids, I don't care about you. Now, I can't relate to walk in your shoes. My parents were married one year short of 60 years before my dad died of cancer. My parents were/are incredible people. Yesterday my wife and I celebrated our 28th anniversary. Our two daughters are our world and you treat them poorly. you are treating me poorly and it is done. You needed to confront him and let him know your feelings---if he doesn't understand or change, it is on him.
  2. A nice little EMP would be great about right now, but I don't know if some of these vehicles are hardened against something like that.
  3. Just saw the new Candyman. I went in with low expectations because of who co-directed it. I didn't like Get Out or Us and I already knew this movie was going to be heavy on the racism angle after seeing reviews. I went because my wife was so excited to see this and she is a huge fan of the first one. I have to say I liked it more than she did. I think it did a great job incorporating the old movie perfectly into the plot. Granted, it basically pretends that Part 2 or 3 never were made. The kills and gore were great. I loved the way it was filmed--it felt very M. Nightish with the weird camera angles. Yes it had many moments of white people=bad, especially since every white person in the movie is either bad or just offered as a victim, but it was balanced and not overwhelming. i liked the movie and I think it added depth to the original movie and legend.
  4. Wife visited several schools today--multiple classrooms shut down due to outbreaks. We got a phone call two nights ago from our 17 year old's principal. Our daughter was in close contact with a positive case and would need to quarantined unless we could send a copy of her vaccine card in (which we did) . Now up to eight confirmed cases in one of her classes (I thought there was some confidentiality HIPPA rights, but obviously not) and the school is debating what to do with that subject. My daughter is freaked because she is wondering, should she wear a mask, is she contagious even though she isn't sick. Just uncertainties I don't need her to be worrying about--especially since she suffers from anxiety and depression and she is new to this school and finding her way there.
  5. I feel sorry for Joe. He looks amazingly just like my FIL. Seeing him so weak today and his head in his hands, just made me sad. The problem is I shouldn’t feel this way about the Potus.
  6. When the President speaks my prediction is he plays the “Wise Joe” routine. We get a few I told you so’s and claims he called this and that is why he wanted to enforce the 31st deadline. CNN has already kind of run with this idea. Of course you can be MSNBC and have your analyst just explain that people get blown up over there all the time and he ends it with #DealWithit.
  7. And you have to believe the last 24-36 hours are going to be nothing but military personnel on those flights.
  8. I will give you an update I love my sister but she has gone off the deep end and taken a big chunk of my family with her.
  9. The normal, attire pre-pandemic. was suit, shirt and tie. The WFH for 16 months attire was shorts and a t-shirt. I started back in the office in July and when I looked at my dress shirts--especially the white ones, they were disgusting from hanging in my closet unused for so long. Plus the Covid-25 weight gain I packed on presented problems. I ended up throwing a bunch of dress shirts away because of this. Sort of as a tangent to this thread----I have basically had to start over with a new wardrobe. Now keep in mind, I am planning on retiring here with a floor of 6 months to a ceiling of 18 months, so I didn't want to go too crazy. I found myself at the absolute surprise store that I never shopped in at all----JcPennys. Wow, have I found some bargains on dress-shirts there. They have a clearance rack that is restocked weekly and I am not kidding, high-quality, brand name dress shirts for $15.00 to $20.00. I have an absolute crap-ton of ties, but I wanted to refresh my collection to go with the new shirts and again a place I would never have been caught dead in, but Goodwill. My 17 year old daughter loves to go thrifting and looking for retro stuff. The qualify of ties that I have found is incredible. I mean ties are expensive and Goodwill has racks and racks of them (a lot with tags still on them) for 2.99--sometimes 3.99. I walked out with 4 gorgeous, brand new ties for less than $20 and buying just one of them anywhere, would have cost $35.00--$50.00. I used to be a clothes snob, but there are bargains to be found.
  10. The holidays are right around the corner and I am dreading it. With the exception of one sister who doesn't live here, my entire family is anti-vax. We are talking 20-25 people counting nieces, nephews, etc that all live here. My mom is 86 and got her vaccine. Several members of the family are putting pressure on her to come out to their houses for birthdays and different holidays. I have already made it clear that my family will not be attending anything--we all got the vaccine. I have avoided offering to my mom that she could have Thanksgiving with my family because i don't want her to feel like she has to choose between her kids. The same with Christmas and probably Easter. The problem I see coming is this is our 17 year old daughter's Senior year and we are already looking for venues to hold the graduation party. I am going to look like a complete hypocrite for sending invites to a party, when in fact I am not willing to attend their celebrations. I have started trying to bribe my daughter about maybe we could forego the party and take the 2K as a down payment on a trip somewhere fun, but my wife is not having it because she believes in tradition and we gave our other daughter a nice party, so we have to do the same here. We have started looking at outdoor venues, but June in Colorado is really unpredictable. On the day of our oldest daughter's grad party, we had a tornado watch and massive hail. . I told my mom that the family is not going to take it seriously until one of them gets it and is really, really sick or dies. Maybe the light would go on then. However, to show you the mindset I am dealing with, my one sister has already announced she is going to walk away from her $100,000 a year job if they institute a vaccine policy at her workplace.
  11. There are some pretty harsh quotes coming out from our allies regarding this situation. This is really not good and once the media on the ground start to depart, we lose additional eyes to tell us what is going on. TB is playing this perfectly. Sit back and bide their time. Block the evacuation from happening knowing the US is not going to risk going outside their walls to rescue people. Wait for the deadline to come and Biden will have to have to beg and negotiate for our citizens to be granted safe passage. Maybe he can promise to give them some boats, since we already gave them some air assets.
  12. So when will he make his 1st appearance do you think? Well, I think I just answered my question. Better remember to set my DVR
  13. Biden doubling down on this failure during the ABC interview was very troubling. He literally said this couldn’t have been handled any better. Really?? The video from ABC News from the streets over there is so painful. This situation is coming undone quickly and all it takes is one hothead on either side to spark an uncontrollable situation.
  14. It has just become a starvation game. Biko has built a nice shelter, but other than that, he has just lived off his fat reserves. My wife loves him, but he is just worthless as far as a contestant when compared to the achievements of past winners. Maybe he has done more and is just getting a bad edit. Clay deserves to win this. He at least is trying to do something with what he is given. I felt bad for Colter like I felt bad for Greg (season 3).
  15. We have introduced our daughter to Alone this season, but to fill the time in between new episodes, we are showing her Season 3. The level of expertise. shelter building and harsh conditions these current contestants face vs what the people in S3 had, is night and day. I mean there literally is a contestant with a tarp over a horizontal stick calling it a shelter. The one contestant is worried about being bitten by a fox, while the current contestants are worried about being a grizzly bear's lunch. We have seen most seasons, but I just wonder how much more harsh they can make it because where they are at now, is about as tough as it gets
  16. My wife is a special ed coach. She coordinates, does training and offers resources to special ed teachers in her district. Her district is desperate for teachers. They were short staffed starting the year and already, two weeks in, people have quit. Today she was told she has to go cover a classroom as the teacher for the severely impacted special needs kids. The reason? The regular teacher chose to not get vaccinated and now is in quarantine, due to close contact with someone. So now they are going to have to scramble for the duration of the quarantine to cover this classroom, which may include them having to hire substitute teachers (if you can find those) all because of the decision this person made. Frustrating!! My wife’s work will now pile up and the District will be out money. People just don’t understand the ripple effect their choices have.
  17. This is spot on. If Biden would have simply worked with/ listened to the military instead of trying to set some symbolic date of 9/11 to leave, we wouldn’t be where we are at now, My biggest fear is we are one bullet being fired by either side during the remainder of this evacuation and this thing will get uglier real fast.
  18. Biden's quote about the helicopters will be played over and over and over and there will be Dems in challenged states having to make some hard decisions if they distance themselves or continue to stay in line.
  19. I have to disagree. If this happened any other time, maybe, but we are on the cusp of a big anniversary that was the start of all this. The videos of that terrible day and the scenes we just saw today will be forever linked. I couldn't help but see the similarity of the poor souls jumping from the towers and those hanging on to the side of that plane. Both knew their fate and took what they believed was the only available option to them.
  20. Just watched The Malice at the Palace Netflix doc. It was something I was looking forward to because the trailer promised all these behind the scenes footage you supposedly haven't seen and all these untold stories. Also I thought it was a five part series. What I got was just over an hour doc that pretty much rehashed what I already knew. Sure there were a few angles that were new and an interview with exactly one Piston player and one ##### bag fan, but they should have just called this behind the scenes with the Indiana Pacers. It was a very disappointing doc.....
  21. The Rockies were afraid of some backlash because every major news organization picked up the story and ran with it. So they tried to get ahead of it and issued an apology without doing any type of investigation. The fans that were around this guy started sending in video clips showing what really happened and the Rockies have backtracked. However, that is not stopping some people from wanting to turn this into something racial and this poor fan hasn’t had anyone apologize to him.
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