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  1. We both have 8-5 jobs during the week--she has summers off, but we spend every minute we can together and our two almost adult daughters when they are around, 31 years and we have to be doing something right.
  2. I went along with these too. I need something after the beating I took from game four of the Av's I am going to stay away--far away from hockey tonight
  3. i am guessing Floyd runs and throws jabs and Logan attempts to do "something" and misses. The key word in this is "exhibition",
  4. Well I tried.. Vegas just seems to have another gear at this point and my Avs have no answer
  5. Sorry missed the earlier bets—I am going probably too big on the Avs tonight -105. I also am going with the under 5.5. I also threw $20 on McKinnon scoring tonight at +210.
  6. Darn it!! Felt like a sound bet, Rocks hit well at home and have thrived against lefties. Oh, well.....I shouldn't curse it, but I am going hard for my Avs tomorrow. They haven;t lost two in a row in forever, so.........
  7. It is so fast paced. you can't blink or you miss something. I swear I am drinking a six pack a period. I look for Colorado to adjust and take this next one.
  8. My cat is infatuated with garbage trucks. He will come running as soon as he hears one out front. Mailman? Nope School bus? Nope Neighbors leaving their house? Nope Big garbage truck and he is fascinated with them.
  9. i agree with this.However, I have enjoyed the banter between him and Vegas Dave.
  10. The Lakers are in salary cap hell right now--112 million in guaranteed deals for only five players. No first round picks that can be traded until 2027. Basically zero cap room to sign any meaningful FA. If they stay the course (and this is from ESPN) and try and resign what they have (and this is assuming people want to take min deals to play with Lebron) they are looking at a quarter of a BILLION dollars in salary next year when you figure in the luxury tax. Schroeder already turned down a 4 year 84 million deal the Lakers offered, so do you think he is going to take less just to say he played with Lebron. Article for those interested link (it is a ESPN+ article just fyi)
  11. At least have the class to congratulate the team that you lost to as so-many have when you beat them.
  12. I didn’t think it was going to go our way, but thank god!! What a great game
  13. Heck to the yeah!! Didn’t think this would go Denver’s way, but this squad of no ones is doing it!!!
  14. Yeah this is going seven. The refs aren’t calling anything on Portland. They will make it up in the fourth quarter when the game is out of hand just BS
  15. It is a toss up which Nuggets team shows up tonight. I want to believe they squeak it out, but I can see the soft, let's go back to Denver group show up.
  16. I jumped in on this as well and got +100 for u4.5..That was nerve racking. 3-0 going into the 4th. They get out of a base loaded jam without a run in the top of the 4th and then in the bottom of the 4th there were two runners on and zero runs were had.
  17. What I base my assessment on (and i could be completely wrong) is I believe the companies are going to look at last year and not see it as a byproduct of a pandemic, but as a chance to make a profit moving forward by producing more product. You will never know the production numbers, but just seeing the amount of this product available on Ebay right now (a lot without bids) and knowing you can still buy it at cost at a retail level, would cause me concern as far as an investment. I think a percentage of the people that got in because of Covid are going to be slowly but surely jumping ship over the next year or two as they find new things to spend their money on. . Maybe I am totally making a blanket statement here, but I would put the percentage of people that were standing in line to get retail at probably 95% flippers/breakers and 5% collectors. Once the quick money goes, the flippers go and all that is left is this glut of product sitting on Target's shelf the way it was pre-pandemic. Plus once the Covid collectors start exiting, value will be had as they dump their current inventory to free up money to fund their "new" investment opportunities. The next get rich quick scheme is always just around the corner. I think we can all agree that PSA suspending new grading to relieve the backlog is going to result in a massive influx of graded cards appearing on Ebay once those cards start returning to their owners. I bet a lot of flippers are going to be extremely upset when they find 25 PSA 10 Bol Bol Hoops cards listed and all they will get as a bid will equal 1/3 of what they paid to get it graded. To each his own. I don't buy cards for profit. I have been collecting for over 30 years and have over a million cards. I have never looked at this as a way to get rich, which is probably my loss, but I see what is happening in the card industry as a bubble and a short lived one at that.
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