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  1. It is a toss up which Nuggets team shows up tonight. I want to believe they squeak it out, but I can see the soft, let's go back to Denver group show up.
  2. I jumped in on this as well and got +100 for u4.5..That was nerve racking. 3-0 going into the 4th. They get out of a base loaded jam without a run in the top of the 4th and then in the bottom of the 4th there were two runners on and zero runs were had.
  3. What I base my assessment on (and i could be completely wrong) is I believe the companies are going to look at last year and not see it as a byproduct of a pandemic, but as a chance to make a profit moving forward by producing more product. You will never know the production numbers, but just seeing the amount of this product available on Ebay right now (a lot without bids) and knowing you can still buy it at cost at a retail level, would cause me concern as far as an investment. I think a percentage of the people that got in because of Covid are going to be slowly but surely jumping ship over the next year or two as they find new things to spend their money on. . Maybe I am totally making a blanket statement here, but I would put the percentage of people that were standing in line to get retail at probably 95% flippers/breakers and 5% collectors. Once the quick money goes, the flippers go and all that is left is this glut of product sitting on Target's shelf the way it was pre-pandemic. Plus once the Covid collectors start exiting, value will be had as they dump their current inventory to free up money to fund their "new" investment opportunities. The next get rich quick scheme is always just around the corner. I think we can all agree that PSA suspending new grading to relieve the backlog is going to result in a massive influx of graded cards appearing on Ebay once those cards start returning to their owners. I bet a lot of flippers are going to be extremely upset when they find 25 PSA 10 Bol Bol Hoops cards listed and all they will get as a bid will equal 1/3 of what they paid to get it graded. To each his own. I don't buy cards for profit. I have been collecting for over 30 years and have over a million cards. I have never looked at this as a way to get rich, which is probably my loss, but I see what is happening in the card industry as a bubble and a short lived one at that.
  4. I am "challenged" when it comes to DIY home repair. I know this. I have good intentions and plan the project out. I may go as far to buy the required tools and materials, but then reality hits me and I know I better just pay someone to complete this. That being said, we had a pretty good windstorm here this last weekend and the front section of my fence, including the gate, was destroyed. The posts appear to be still in good shape, so that would have been the more challenging part, This looks like an easy project because it is just affixing 3 1/2 inch boards and won't involve using 6 foot pre-made panels. The only thing I am watching You Tube videos on is how to build the gate because I always hated the one that was on there as it never closed right and weighed a ton. I actually have a circular saw that I bought for an early project--that is still in the unopened box
  5. I think you are a little late--the trading card market is in for a correction as things open up and I wouldn't want to be the one holding a bunch of retail products when it happens. Check out the trading card thread for more of this talk.
  6. I think if LA goes out early this year, Bron is going to want one last shot at a ring. His body is breaking down (which is expected after all the games he has played) and he has to know there is only one more shot at glory before going off and making terrible movies. Looking at his track record, he is going to want a third star to make this happen, which means Dame, Beal or ??
  7. I was just thinking this morning if Portland exits in the first round, Dame has to want to go to a place where he has a chance at a ring. Where is that place?? LA Lakers. LA parts ways with multiple pieces and brings him in on a reworked deal. And just as I thought this--here is an article about it DAME to LA
  8. I was really hoping Gordon was going to help this team, but watching him clank not one but both free throws off the front of the rim really was disappointing.
  9. I don’t get it. They need three you Intentionally foul him so he can only get two
  10. I think the issue is more why are you drafting a successor, when you are in the midst of a championship window and your team has needs? I mean everyone knows when their team is at that point--that championship point, where a player here or a player there is all it is going to take to put you over that hump. As a Denver fan, it was great seeing management going all in when Peyton came to town. They opened their pocketbooks up, surrounded him with players on both sides of the ball, said be damn the future and a title was had. GB has been there for a few years and to say, well, let focus on the future, when you haven't won anything, is an insult to your players and your fan base. Some teams have longer windows--some have a year or two and it is just a gut punch when your team doesn't take advantage of that moment because it may be a decade or more before you get that chance. IMO GB shouldn't have drafted a backup QB when there were other players that could have helped that team, that year available. Even trading that pick for a veteran FA would have been a better move than drafting a backup QB. That being said, I bet he stays in GB
  11. This was our first movie going experience since December 2019. Really weird to be in a theater--not many people there at all, 26 minutes of previews all of which had some reference to "only in theaters" accompanied by the same commercial that was run three times about how things need to be seen on a big screen. Now back to this movie--it was excellent. I loved seeing "Day One" on the screen and that is how the movie started. The starting sequence is about as action filled and intense as you can imagine.. Once the movie settled in, I still really liked it, but would have loved to see some more of the back story. I don't feel I am giving much away by saying this, but the movie does suffer from the Walking Dead Syndrome.. I saw some fan site once break down how if everyone would have just stopped going off on their own random missions and everyone stayed together, that series would have been done by season three due to everyone being alive and doing well. I felt there were a couple instances like that in this movie, but when watching the first one, there were several of those type moments in that movie as well. I had one other minor complaint, but I will let some time pass before I comment on it since the spoiler tags work when they want to these days. So glad we saw it in the theater. It was a great, great movie and worth the wait.
  12. So you are one of those guys huh? Here we have a restaurant going the extra mile to make sure you are not getting the Covid, and you complain. This woman went out of her way to make sure your Chipolte experience was disease free and what did she get for it? Everyone knows the tortilla of of the burrito is the most likely way one will get Covid in a Mexican restaurant. You HAVE TO Germ-x that #####. She stepped up and said, "No Covid in my kitchen!!" and you didn't appreciate her efforts...for shame....
  13. I have to admit when Murray went down for Denver, i was thinking this was going to equal an early exit, bur Malone has done a masterful job of coaching with this young group.
  14. We ran into the same scenario with our Vegas trip here in July--the car was more than the hotel/flight. We are just planning on taking Ubers and cabs for transportation.
  15. Will this be the first time we see people getting tased during a golf celebration?
  16. I chickened out and cashed out my bet on MGM last night, but this is why I will never get rich gambling because I am so risk adverse However, I took my winnings and put it on Phil to win so 😄
  17. I took Joker to get a double/double and Denver to win at +120 I also threw $25 on one of Dk's promos where for ever better on the Dal/Lac game it lowers the over. I know it is just going to be a $25 win-but guaranteed money is guaranteed money.
  18. Army of the Dead was awesome. It is long (almost 2 1/2 hours), but the time just flew by. Incredible special effects and kill scenes. There were a few slow moments, but they just set up the violence that was to come. I am a sucker for zombie movies and this one did not disappoint.
  19. Stl found something in that 2nd period of Game 1, but they just haven't been able to do anything since. It is so nice to actually see some Av's games for a change--stupid Xfinity/Altitude beef has blocked every game this year.
  20. My daughter left in person school halfway though her Sophomore year and has been in online since. I have mentioned her situation here before She was diagnosed with anxiety and depression;. She did extremely well the 2nd half of her Sophomore year and now all of her Junior year. She is ending this year with all A's or A+ and that is with classes like AP BIO, AP US History, Honors English, Pre-AP Calc, This year also included a year long Japanese and a computer game design course. I have been so fortunate to have worked from home since March of last year so I was kind of her social outlet during this time.and we would go out and adventure during the week as much as Covid would allow. She has maintained several (not a lot) of friends, but she is starting to expand her circle slowly. I am happy to see this as she was extremely popular and outgoing when she left regular school, She is going back to regular high school next year. She is doing really well now that we have found the right balance of meds and professionals. The biggest thing about online schooling is, as a parent, you better be ready to make that commitment. Her mom and I are the learning coaches. We split the classes--she is the math and science person and I am the history and computer teacher--we both did English. There were nights and weekends we had to do hours of school work with her. Some of these teachers did live lessons. Others would offer recorded lessons. Some would just make themselves available by email. The rigor has been incredible. This last semester she had 475 assignments to complete. Some of these were like 15-18 page labs or 10 page research papers..She has 12 assignments left and 5 days. For online schooling to work, your child has to be motivated and parents have to make the time for it and be involved.
  21. I was one of those people that hunkered down throughout this whole thing (mainly because of my health), but now that my family is all vaccinated, we are starting to venture out more. Today, I went into Sams for the first time since January of 2020 and boy, did it bring back memories. If you look back at the beginning of this thread, I was one of the early prepping people and I took several Sams runs right at the end of January last year so my family could be ready for this. I guess it is stupid, but I couldn't explain the excitement of being in this store.Maybe if there is something to take from this whole experience it is to enjoy the little things, you know? Funny part is I got to the register and my membership had expired months and months ago.
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