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  1. I was one of those people that hunkered down throughout this whole thing (mainly because of my health), but now that my family is all vaccinated, we are starting to venture out more. Today, I went into Sams for the first time since January of 2020 and boy, did it bring back memories. If you look back at the beginning of this thread, I was one of the early prepping people and I took several Sams runs right at the end of January last year so my family could be ready for this. I guess it is stupid, but I couldn't explain the excitement of being in this store.Maybe if there is something to take from this whole experience it is to enjoy the little things, you know? Funny part is I got to the register and my membership had expired months and months ago.
  2. What I don't get in all this is Trump is nowhere to be seen. He isn't in front of the cameras making speeches on a daily basis.. I haven't seen him at all, but you wouldn't know that if you go to CNN.com. I mean everywhere on their front page is STILL about Trump or still talking about January 6th. I get the ratings for CNN and most MSM sites are waaaayyyy down since Trump left, but trying to portray him like he is some puppet master behind the scenes still controlling the day to day workings of the government screams of a ratings grab vs reality.
  3. I signed up too. DFS basketball is the absolute worst. No matter how much research you do and how on top of it you are, undoubtedly one of your players will sit at the last minute or they will be on minute restrictions due to back to back games. I ended up with a zero from Gary Trent last night because he was a DNP-Coaches Decision. One zero in your lineup is the kiss of death.
  4. I think everything that is being produced right now is suspect as far as long-term investment potential. There is a reason we look back and call the junk wax era what it was.and were it not for the pandemic, the prices on a lot of that stuff would have probably remained stagnant. I have a feeling (if I live that long) we are going to look back twenty years from now and refer to this as the Covid era and find the stuff that was produced now, minus a few superstar players, was vastly over valued and vastly over-produced. I say collect with your kids whatever catches their fancy and gets them involved. My best scam was getting my wife and kids involved in collecting cards (Pokemon, Disney, Xfiles). Every weekend they would "MAKE" me go to the card store so they could buy what they wanted, and it would given me an excuse to further my addiction.
  5. Just finished with a 2 box break. I do not feel bad about dropping $22.00 for it as I got 2 Williams and 2 Surtain (RC) . This product is not worth $350-$400 a box. One of the "hits"in the first box was an auto Fletcher Cox--the auto in the 2nd box was an auto Mark Brunnel. Let that sink in--you just dropped $400 and your big hit was MARK 'FREAKIN" Brunnel. Seriously the product was stuffed with a bunch of odd veterans-kind of weird choices. I saw some Fields (RC) and two Lawrence (RC)--they appear to be one a box, but this is a $100--$150 box max. There were packs with literally junk and you know they will be selling around $15.00 to $18.00 a pack. Buyer beware.
  6. Well first break with the new Score tonight. Just want to get my Bronco rookies. Denver drafting Williams in the 2nd round is going to drive the demand up a bit.
  7. I have a sweet Mason Plumlee dunk numbered 29,411 that I think you would really like. His hair flows in the wind as he throws down a monster a dunk. He is actually quite striking.
  8. Just watched Hereditary for the 4th time with the family and I swear we see new things every time. A lot of layers and hidden stuff in that movie. I have seem Midsommar twice--it is a very brutal watch.
  9. And in Colorado we have plenty of gas, but paid almost 3.50 for mid-grade.
  10. We gave both our daughters a phone when they entered middle school. They didn’t need a contract. We told them the rules. They understood you break the rules, you lose your phone at night when you come home. See we learned that talking the phone away while they were at school just negatively impacted my wife and I because we had no way to contact them if something came up during the day
  11. Yeah, I was about to post something about enjoying the day off, I get the hesitation under this scenario. I however, will be claiming possible Covid every chance I get over the next two-three years. I think, after the seventh time, my employee may starting asking questions. **but then again, I am a State worker......."
  12. My 16 year old is going to her virtual junior prom. I am sad for her that she is missing out on these memories. On the other hand after going through a real prom with her older sister four years ago , I know I will at least be getting a good night sleep tonight vs that night.
  13. Nailed it--got my MIL a Texas Roadhouse gift card--her favorite place.We are going to buy her a new laptop, but she wants one that doesn't have "any of these fancy new Windows" on it.. She has Windows 7 on her old one now, so this could be a challenge. We got my mom a couple jigsaw puzzles (she lives for these things), a candle and we got her an IPAD a few weeks ago and just set it up today. I bought my wife (from the kids) Air pods so I think she will be happy. I agree with the earlier poster--the kids are 21 and 16, time for them to step their game up. Really hoping she reciprocates and gets me a PS5 for Father's Day, but I bet she buys me shorts. Every holiday she buys what I need rather than what I want. Surprised she hasn't wrapped up tooth paste and toilet paper some years
  14. I got some pretty pedestrian cards in this last opening, but I did get another Anthony Edwards dunk moment and both seem to be holding value.
  15. Similar version $50 cheaper Chair Never mind. the price changed when I linked it---that was weird. I am actually thinking about buying this chair because the one I have right now is a step above a folding chair and I have been WFH for over a year.
  16. That match was a lot of fun. Not the most technically sound match as there were a ton of botches, but I have to imagine the ring configuration really led to some challenges on hitting some spots.
  17. Maybe it is just me, but I destroy can openers. It just doesn't matter the brand. They last a few months and then boom, they stop working. I got tired of paying $15 for a POS that dies inside 90 days. The kicker is my family doesn't eat a ton of canned food. So thanks to the Covid thread, we had started prepping in January of last year and part of my prep was to go to the dollar store and buy like eight $1 can openers. The last one just died recently. I call it a good investment.
  18. So the big story from our local news comes to us from a 24 year old substitute teacher (she wants to be referred to as a "guest teacher") who was subbing for a day in a history class. In the classroom there was a confederate flag on display. She complained to the powers that be and started a Change.org petition that already has 25k signatures calling for the banning of Confederate flags in classrooms. Her quote, " "Classrooms are meant to be a safe space for all students, and it cannot be a safe space if a modern-day symbol of hate is on display." The District investigated and here are their findings: We learned the flag was displayed as part of an 8th grade American History from Revolution to Reconstruction course. Numerous flags were displayed as the class learned about periods in American history. At the close of the unit, the class removed the flags and examined each flag’s historical context. Specific to the Confederate Flag, the class also discussed what the battle flag signified and how today, in 2021, the flag is viewed as a symbol of hate. The flag, along with others, are no longer on display as the unit of study has concluded. We believe our classrooms are spaces for safe, supported dialogue around historical and current events. We are grateful for the open conversations with all involved. These conversations will continue, and we will engage in further learning to push our district forward to make sure all in our school communities feel safe and supported." Here is the Article I just shake my head....
  19. I feel like I should type my picks and then just bet the opposite. I am going Orlando +11.5 Atlanta +1 I did another couple chalk parlays, which won't win much money, but it will make me feel good inside. I wanted to bet on my Nuggets, but tonight's game is a tough one. I was leaning the under, but Denver needs this game and some points big time, so I am staying away and avoiding cursing them,
  20. Well lost my parlays last night--but the night was saved by a DK bonus bet for Crosby to score 2+ points at +270 so that made up for the other losses.
  21. If there is another official thread, sorry I missed it because the search function is well.....the search function. I liked the draft. Checked off all boxes I saw as needs with the exception of more OL help. Now that seems like it could bite the Broncos----JaWuan James out for the year with torn Achilles The good thing is the Broncos are not on the hook for the 10 million owed him this year
  22. Sounds like he is getting some feeling back, but is still basically a quadriplegic. That and getting off the sauce has really reduced him to skin and bones.
  23. I am doing a Peng/Isle parlay at +119--both need a bounce back game. I am throwing a "I like to burn money" M/L bet on Vancover at +175--just seems a night the Oilers take them lightly and get surprised.
  24. I have seen all three of them and they have all been pretty good. I thought the MM one was really depressing throughout. I think Hogan has a selective memory on a lot of things. I forgot all about Lex Luger and being paralyzed. When he came on the screen, i was like "Whoah!!!" All that from just popping his neck. My teenage daughter does that all the time and it drives my wife crazy. My wife had my daughter come down and had me rewind the Luger portion and make it a "teachable moment."
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