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  1. Love naps....I can fall asleep about anywhere. 20-30 minute refresher and all is right in the world. The one thing I can't do is drink, nap and then start drinking again. My stomach just will not let me pull the reboot off. Heck, I think i will take one now. It is one of those dreary, cold, rainy days that just are made for a nap.
  2. I just want a Clippers/Lakers 1st round. I don't care who Denver gets at this point--I just don't want them to get the Lakers. There is no way the league will allow the anointed one to lose in the first round to a small market squad like Denver. but a battle for LA would be interesting.
  3. I love the way they left all the team's hats on the table for that pick...
  4. That was Jones on the phone with BB--going Holy Cow!!!
  5. this should be interesting--I want them to take Mac Jones just to watch BB's head explode.
  6. Vera-Tucker's "Draft party" seems kind of sad....
  7. Dal trying to trade back I am sure again---NE wants to come up I bet.
  8. Yeah,, ending up in probably NE is just going to be the suck.....
  9. I do too. Fangio influence there. You have to find some way to slow down the offenses in the AFC West.
  10. I won't be surprised to see Parsons to Denver.....
  11. It is Jeff Spicoli's less stoned cousin.....
  12. I was waiting for Ernest Bynar to be introduced.....
  13. He looks like he should be on the Disney Channel
  14. I am drinking every time they say "upside"....
  15. I agree with this, but the wildcard is he says, "I am done." and walks off into the sunset with his new wife, his assortment of endorsements and a possible Jeopardy gig and GB gets zilch from it. So do they take a deal tonight and guarantee a return or roll the dice and hope he comes back.
  16. You would think this trade (if happening) would have to be ironed out before the draft in theory because it would drastically impact who the team would draft. For example, if it s Denver, you can't see them taking a QB knowing GB would want a different player at that 9 spot.
  17. We will take him in Denver. First this year and first next year is fine. Draft defense, OL and maybe a late round RB and I am happy. GB has to at least think about getting something vs him just walking out the door for nothing.
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