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  1. Seems completely unfair for me to draft a makeup at this point. Let's just roll with my 19 players. More than fair considering my drafting incompetence.
  2. I'll take the Chiefs D to make up my 17th rounder.
  3. Looking at Eric Wilson as a deeper tackle-heavy LB play. Is he confirmed wearing the green dot?
  4. Is the clock off overnight? Trying to figure out how deep my pre-draft lists should go.
  5. Sorry guys. Somehow not getting notifications and not able to sign in still despite not having problems over on MFL for years. Will try to stay a touch more plugged in.
  6. You are back up in the SSL draft. You might need to send BassnBrew your email address to get the website coordinated

  7. Nevermind. Got through as commissioner.
  8. Won't let me draft. Says I don't have a franchise.
  9. Will take PK Ryan Succop with my makeup pick.
  10. Apologies, guys. Can I get some QB Cam Newton? Not sure how to do a fill-in pick over at MFL.
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