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  1. that she wasn't coming back. we'd have to hear from them when they knew it.
  2. I'd love to hear from the parents what Brian told them upon returning without her in her van. She lived with them for two years. Lawyered up and wouldn't respond to Petito's family after he got back. They knew.
  3. fair enough. i mean we are looking at 1-8 at the bye. might as well leave them all in.
  4. i know. with that offensive line that was playing in the 4th. and that receiving group that was left. you still want Jones in there?
  5. Cunningham was in there in the 4th when the game was well past an L, with DJ still in. it was surprising to me that Judge kept Jones in there.
  6. Andrew Thomas was put on IR. the offensive line is a mess. would not be a buyer.
  7. yeah, Toney looks like he will be out a bit also. Very little to be excited about this team. edit: i couldn't even pick a player that I'd spend $ on a jersey.
  8. Andrew Thomas to the IR. Signed LB Benardrick McKinney and OT Derrick Kelly to the practice squad with WR Travis Toivonen.
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