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  1. No longer serves a purpose or a distraction from other things?
  2. Cuomo: Eat the whole sausage A video showing Gov. Andrew Cuomo challenging a female journalist to “eat the whole sausage” in front of him at the 2016 New York State Fair has resurfaced on social media — amid allegations the governor sexually harassed former staffers.
  3. Rangers 6-2 over the Bruins. jeez, these are going to be some angry bees come sunday after getting pasted by both NY teams,
  4. I dont think Peart ever rotated in at guard. not positive but i don't recall him doing that.
  5. Not a fan of it...but Howard Dean is still the gold standard.
  6. was hoping he'd retire, but who walks from that much $. i'd put that as gettleman's worst move, even with a bunch to choose from.
  7. About 6 episodes in. hard to describe but i've gotten goosebumps and hair standing up on back of the neck feelings with the underlying theme of evil that this one has.
  8. "In December 2008, the Giants gave Webster, a reliable cornerback, a five-year contract extension. In the next 10 drafts, the Giants’ second round pick did not receive a multiyear contract extension. " Big reason why we are where we are.... crazy.
  9. can't wait for his next book, so many title options.
  10. Imagine a 63 year old guy wants to play strip poker with you. I apologize to anyone eating at this moment.
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