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  1. tbh, i'd extend that to immediate family members as well. i don't have a lot of faith in them policing themselves though.
  2. when was the last time the Knicks were over .500 in April. Julius Randle is averaging 23.6/10.6/6.0. I, for one, am shocked at both of these.
  3. this guy is lucky he didn't get killed; who behaves likes this?
  4. Seriously, where were the adults in that kids life. looks like a justified shooting, sad.
  5. Igor with back to back shutouts on the NJD. Ruff challenges an offsides to disallow Kravtsov's first NHL goal in the 3rd with the Rangers up 4-0. Panarin with 3 points. Devils don't look good at all.
  6. I think, and i'm not a lawyer, but you can only remove through impeachment. not to put words in your mouth but it reads like you'd be fine with the dems impeaching a supreme court justice. I don't think that would be good for anyone.
  7. how would they do that? replace garland. what ways are you fine with?
  8. that was rough to watch. why a 13 year old is armed is beyond me.
  9. Looks like the NFLPA has players/teams not participating in voluntary offseason workouts.
  10. must silence opposing views! twitter terms of service.
  11. Is Kwity Paye in the conversation? We are gonna get a good player, just like the cowboys ahead of us and eagles behind us.
  12. beyond the pale. you can interpret that as to what he really meant. he was already over 50 yrs old at the time. people do change though,
  13. Biden in 93' (CNN) — Joe Biden in a 1993 speech warned of “predators on our streets” who were “beyond the pale” and said they must be cordoned off from the rest of society because the justice system did not know how to rehabilitate them. whataboutism' yeah I know. using his actual words.
  14. what is this deep trouble that Tucker is in? reads like an inflammatory news title. is tim just looking for clicks?
  15. I don't get the the complaining about shtick, shtick, doesn't add anything, just like my post.
  16. awful news in SC, hope that one guy pulls through. hate crime? guy killed a 9 year old and a 5 year old. thankfully he's gone too.
  17. Victor Cruz on DeVonta Smith ... "It depends on what you're asking him to do," Cruz said of Smith, whom NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah mocked Tuesday to the Giants as a No. 11 overall pick . "Are you asking him to line up as a slot receiver and block outside linebackers and be in the trenches? Probably not. You want him to be outside and using that athleticism and using that separation speed to run his routes and be what you saw him be at Alabama. It's something to be said about what you're asking him to do. You have to catch him first. You can say all of that about taking
  18. couldn't find a yankees thread but they traded for a guy who threw the best punch in a baseball brawl i've seen...and to a guy who earned it. Rougned Odor pops Joey Bats.
  19. I'm with you on that. Slater would be a good pick. 2nd round I'm hoping for Azeez Ojulari, Georgia LB. edit: Azeez's game vs bama 2020
  20. Barkley - only good thing with the ACL injury was that it happened early last year. Golladay - played 5 games last year. Kyle Rudolph - having foot surgery and may be dealing with Lis Franc John Ross - In 4 years he's played in 27 games. I guess I'm more pessimistic about the gluttony. I get that the O-line needs to better, but I'm certainly not throwing the remote if Devonta Smith's name is called at #11 nor would I if it's Slater.
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