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  1. Never pay someone for a haircut again. Embrace it indeed.
  2. Pat Traina: Giants 2021 offseason salary cap plan Quite amazing that we have a bottom 10 roster with salary cap issues. I mean that takes hard work. The article above is one take on cuts/restructures and extensions. Cut: Soldier, Zeitler, Tate, Mayo, Toilolo, Core, Beal, Penny Restructure: Sheppard Extension: Jabril
  3. Not a hail mary but reminded me of the Packers letting Hakeem Nicks TD catch in the 2011 playoffs to put the giants up 20-10 just before half.
  4. I don't know which category this falls into but I like nutter butter milkshakes.
  5. 4 games on NBCSN today, they really should do more of this.
  6. GBN draft report Long but good read on potential draft picks for the Giants.
  7. opened a BLDP position at 31.00, added to FCEL at 15.50
  8. now that is an understatement. 3rd year with David Quinn and i still have no idea what his system is.
  9. I wouldn't count on Beal being on the Giants in 2021. Giants message board I frequent- evidently one of the Giants inside beat writers stated in a podcast that "Beal did some things that made him persona non grata to the current coaching staff even before Beal opted out of the 2020 season." No idea what these things are...but with the Baker drama - that was a great opportunity for this kid to run with it...but he opted out.
  10. Thanks for bringing FCEL to my attention, whomever that was.
  11. This guy is electric. Love to see him slip to #11 for the Giants, but no way 10 teams pass on him.
  12. Counterpart on prime. Few episodes in and enjoying it. J.K. Simmons is the lead. Everytime he is on screen, I just think back to Vern Schillenger/Oz.
  13. Tony D goes from playing with one Anchor to another.... Staal to Jack Johnson
  14. NYR: ;K'Andre Miller looks like will be in opening night lineup "BTW, if there ever was a thought that K’Andre Miller would be in the AHL or the Rangers taxi squad, it ended last night. Miller played alongside Trouba on the 1st pairing D, &Quinn thought they were excellent. Look for Miller to be playing with Jacob in the opener."
  15. Is this the week AMD hits a 100? be my first ten bagger if so.
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