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  1. Boy, I can easily see my team finishing 16th this year .
  2. I've liked Irv for a couple years now. Wonder if he can finally produce now that he should be the clear top te in Minny.
  3. 1.10 Jonathan Taylor 2.07 Kyle Pitts 3.10 Terry McLaurin 4.07 Lamar Jackson 5.10 Courtland Sutton 6.07 Will Fuller 7.10 Marquise Brown - wasn't a big fan of the talent available to me here. Decided on taking a chance with pairing QB and big play WR. Brown has flashed so hopefully he is one of those semi-mythical third year breakout stars. 8.04 Derek Carr - had completely different plans for this pick when it was approaching. Considered a couple other guys and positions. After looking at what was still available at QB, I see Carr who definitely doesn't ha
  4. I have a couple emails out for people I heard from earlier. If I don't hear from them soon I will be in touch.
  5. 5.10 Cortland Sutton - Homer pick but I still love his talent and if Denver gets a QB that can distribute then the WR and TE talent could present some serious issues 6. 07 Will Fuller - hope Watson stays or this could be a fairly worthless pick
  6. 1.10 Jonathan Taylor - I think at the very least the Rivers to Wentz switch is an even swap for the Colts and Taylor. Love Taylor behind arguably the best o-line in the NFL. Thought he really started showing his talents the last quarter of the season. 2.07 Kyle Pitts - too early for him just because of uncertainty of where he ends up. If he ends up with the right coach he will be a huge match up problem. With 2pts per reception I think I can still get value out of him. 3.10 Terry McLaurin - as discussed there was a huge talent pool at this point in the draft. McLaurin has put up ver
  7. My thoughts exactly on Thomas. He is a sell for me this off season.
  8. If anyone is interested in providing feedback on these rules please feel free. Nothing is set in stone currently and still a couple of things I am still debating personally. A. ALL-STAR SITCOMS Currently there is no cost to play in All-Star Sitcoms. The league will be hosted on a free site such as Flea Flicker. If the time comes that we can no longer host on a free site, cost for league will never exceed the league site host fee. Cost will be split evenly amongst 12 team mangers. SitComs - Team names will be centered around team manager's favorite situation comedies. Team names
  9. I should preface my ranking of Pitts is that it is based on both this and my other league being TE premium scoring. I would think in a Superflex at 1.10 you would be right on the fringe of Pitts. In non Superflex he is falling in the 1.07 range.
  10. Trying to figure out Pitts value. I have a startup dynasty starting soon and this is about where I have Pitts in a dynasty format. Think in the right situation and right coach, Pitts can make solid matchup problems even as a rookie.
  11. Working on near finalization of rules. Please let me know if you are interested in a sneak peek and give your thoughts and input.
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