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  1. Not a fan of drafting in th 6-8 slots with you guys. Forcing my decisions already. Such good practice. Last draft this year is my home league and trash talk started over the weekend so I need to crush that one.
  2. It's less than Boston and the big ones are smaller. Plus like mentioned above it doesn't stick around for 6 weeks.
  3. I agree with this, but man I wish I could have watched Jack at 15yo the way I did when Tiger was that age.
  4. I find the exact same with carts. They work well enough for discreet Ness and ease, but just doesn't get THERE like flower. I utilize both depending on situations.
  5. Agree with this 1000%. That other team managers are able togo to these depths on their own is the reason I am only an above average fantasy player over the years.
  6. 12.15 Philip Lindsey - hoping his heart and grit can win him a role, because he will produce if he gets on the field 13.02 Greg Zuerlein - big leg, in a dome, high scoring offense 14.15 Russell Gage - Pitts is going to get his plus a big cut of Julios targets, but there is still some left for Gage even after Calvin gets his bump. 15.02 NE Patriots - rarely do I regret taking a Belichek defense, barring massive injuries, average is absolute floor
  7. Added: 8.15 Jeff Wilson - I'm thinking the Sermon hype is a little premature. Wilson should still see plenty of touches in a variety of ways. 9.02 Curtis Samuel - would be nice to see Fitz bring out some consistency in this kid. Really wanted DeVante here tho. 10.15 Breshad Perriman - what poor group of receivers the Lions have. Someone has to catch some of the throws. 11.02 Blake Jarwin - a target for me in leagues. Was really developing before injury. Plus he was one of last TEs I felt had a chance of being fantasy relevant.
  8. Kirk Cousins (6.15) Baker Mayfield (7.02) - should be able to cobble together a solid score weekly with these two. Considered higher upside guys at 7.02 but went with the known. Josh Jacobs (2.15) Chris Carson (3.02) - not real comfortable with these 2. Will need to find a gem or two later Courtland Sutton (4.15) DJ Chark (5.02) - I like the pair on paper, but lots of unknowns with both. Travis Kelce (1.02) - 2 ppr and felt need to grab the top TE
  9. Link? I play mainly just for the enjoyment and there is a skill finding that WR that performs for that one week. I only play dime and quarter GPPs and then some h2h for a total of usually less than $3 a week.
  10. Wait until next year when each team has 2 byes. Trying to draft around byes is going to become a futile, and to me as trivial as trying to look at SOS solely based on last year's teams.
  11. No, not at all. Normal draft, you just can't see MFL rankings like ADP, ranking. If you want to draft Kyle Pitts you have to know who you are looking for and scroll down to P and pick him.
  12. To be honest I think it is partially how we have had our league draft settings for many years. For rounds 1-3 (before NFL draft) all rookies are only listed alphabetically. If you don't do some research on your own pre-draft you can't rely on MFL rankings to help. Personally I like it but I am mad at myself for not paying enough attention after my early pick to see Carter fall like that.
  13. Restarted for rounds 4 and 5. Rounds 6+ restart in July with all free agents (vets and rookies) eligible to be drafted.
  14. Moved across country multiple (3) times. Once solo and twice with wife and 2 kids. Absolutely one of the worst things imaginable. My advice, whatever you pay a reputable mover is money extremely well spent.
  15. I struggled picking age ranges. Tried to find ages where major life dates seemed typical (US driving age, career start/college graduation, marriage, kids, older kids, retirement). My personal thoughts at 50 was that my best years were probably in the 32-34 range.
  16. I believe there must be an age where the average driver's ability is at it's highest. When did experience, reaction time, skills and knowledge combine perfectly?
  17. Does a team's draft history at a specific position affect your thoughts/expectations on said player? For example, does the Bears selecting Fields hurt his fantasy value based solely on a long history of Bears drafting QB poorly? Or does Baltimore's poor history of drafting WRs negatively affect fantasy value of a WR Rashod Bateman?
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