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  1. Same. Time to walk the dog, fire up the French press, and organize the fridge. It must be Saturday.
  2. This might be the greatest YouTube clip ever. Tif Ginn is stunning in every sense of the word. And check out the audience.
  3. The ulitmate superband: Kevin Ayers, John Cale, Brian Eno, and Nico. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmK5AHR3R7w ETA: Pretty sure I'm not the first to typo Brain/Brian. ETA2: recommend skipping the first 25 minutes.
  4. Love. I've been slightly busy perusing the Kevin Ayers catalog the past few days. He's like an electrified Nick Drake, but with less depth.
  5. Was totally set to pounce on this guy at 1.04 until Najee Harris fell into my lap. He's a DeMarco Murray clone. ETA: if memory serves, DeMarco Murray's dynasty stock was a little down in his rookie draft.
  6. You're probably right, but I'm hanging my hat on all he (Henderson) does is average 4.5 ypc. And he's 23 vs 28.
  7. Louis Armstrong: All the Time in the World Man!
  8. I'm struggling with this one, trying to talk myself into offering Henderson to the Akers owner for Davis+. Not ready to give up on Henderson yet. Not sure the Davis owner would accept.
  9. I grabbed Tremble off the waiver wire and I'm bullish on his prospects. He looks like a fantastic blocker (which obviously does not score you fantasy points), and I think he will be on the field - a lot. There are a lot of mouths to feed with with McCaffery, Anderson, Moore, and Marshall, but I view him as a long term hold (says the guy who drafted, and still rosters, Higbee and Everett) and I think a path will clear in the next two to three years for him to be a 100+ target TE. In a game where situations change quickly, I won't be surprised if he's my starting TE in 2022... unless Hayden H
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