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  1. The Eagles Colt's pick for Wentz - do dumb interceptions drop the pick from a first rounder to a second?
  2. What? I think he meant to say that Trey Sermon is not that good.
  3. I'm guessing he's kneecapped any would-be Montgomery contract negotiations.
  4. I'm sitting at 86.1 with Gerald Everett and Marquez Callaway left to play. Unbelievable I could survive this. I'll need to rethink strategy for this contest in 2022, A LOT.
  5. Cut score is 58, so far. So, you're saying there's a chance.
  6. Looks like there might be a speacial teams coach position opening up this week.
  7. Starting Burrow and McPherson in a close matchup. That INT in the end zone was a -5 point play.
  8. Dammit! I had subbed him in for Sterling Shepard, and now this. Gerald Everett, come on down. Edit: Make it David Johnson. I don't see Everett getting a lot of love from Geno against the Saints D, and there's a sliver of revenge factor with DJ facing Arizona.
  9. Need to Know cover. The kids are alright. ETA: I'm slow. I just figured out Mike Campbell's pedigree.
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