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  1. I had to look up BFE. Now I got it. But your second clause is now confusing me. Just ride with me, I'm trynna understand. Before diving into the weeds, I left off a 'd', where I meant to spell "liked." Basically I'm saying I experienced growth spurts in times where my local girls had only poor taste. [HeeHaw] If it weren't for poor taste they'd have no taste at all; blues, despair, antagony on me. [/HeeHaw] ETA: Ah, it's "gloom, despair, antagony"
  2. Answered my own question: Lou Reed and John Cale, for one. Need a ruling on Ike and Tina Turner.
  3. Back in my 1981 BFE days, "Kelly" like Olivia Newton John and Juice Newton.
  4. I know It's easy to appreciate The Police for their artistic and technical merits today, but yeah, I could not stand The Police back in the 80's. Don't get me wrong, they provided a few audio highlights to my teen brain, but I mainly yearned for something else.
  5. Literally, I've used cash once in the last 12 months; I didn't like it. Admittedly, I don't get out much.
  6. Offshoot from the wallet thread. I still carry around my debit card in my wallet, but the only place I use it is at the gas pump - and for no good reason do I use it there, except for the fact I suppose I like to punch in my PIN or zip code. Pure habit. Long ago I cut bait on checks and in these covid times I eschew cash too. All my remaining transactions are autopays or my Amazon rewards card (for which I zero out the balance in OCD-like fashion every week or so). Note to self: fix my Venmo account. Used it once to pay $20 office league FF fees three years ago, but somehow t
  7. Ah man, found a band-aid in my wallet too. Miss my dad; his influence will live forever.
  8. Not that I love it, but I bought this $12.99 Amazon special last year and I like it. You'll get wallet ads for days if you click that link. A few comments: It takes a while to get used to. Jeans are my uniform of the day, so into the front pocket it went (cell phone in right pocket; everything else in the left). Once or twice in the beginning the wallet flopped the ground when pulling keys, or earbuds, or whatnot from the left pocket. I quickly recalibrated and it's been smooth sailing. STRONGLY recommend starting with a cheap make and getting used to the new form. I carry
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