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  1. I won't lie. I've eaten Bill Miller's Bar-B-Q more than 15 times. It's slightly better than a Marie Callendar TV dinner.
  2. Got my second Pfizer the Wednesday before last. It was same as shot one - felt crappy come Thursday afternoon, but fine by Friday. I cashed in a sick day on Friday, 'cause I was sick of work.
  3. Would love to be day drinking in Tokyo this morning.
  4. Feel like my life's calling is to stunt double for all the players in this finale.
  5. #### this is a good album. Dangerous Take 2: https://youtu.be/i1fFTY5vPbk
  6. Fred Eaglesmith deserves his own pedestal, but here we are. If you love Townes you'll love Fred. Cigarette Machine
  7. Jayrod is tied for first with 1 gold and 1 silver, but either I'm too stupid to figure out how to edit "code" tags, or the board software lacks a little.
  8. Alternatively: Ilov80s: 1 Gold, 1 Silver Jayrod: 1 Gold, 1 Bronze Wikkidpissah: 1 Gold Scoobus: 1 Gold Higgins: 1 Gold Modogg: 1 Gold Instinctive: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze Frosty: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze Gally: 1 Silver Mister CIA: 1 Silver Trader Jake: 2 Bronze Yo Mama: 1 Bronze EYLive: 1 Bronze Kev4029: Doug B: Timschochet:
  9. Also updated my pantheon team and replaced Streve Francis with Horry. I'm stumped trying to decide between Jerry Lucas and Horace Grant for the PF position. Lucas, for now.
  10. One Two more from Fred Eaglesmith before I tap out. Hope someone digs him. I think he's extraordinary. Betty Oshawa Trucker Speed
  11. Mighty Joe Young stuff? Drunk Girl Hope this does not get misconstrued; it's just a place, a sad place.
  12. PM me when y'all get to round 500. I've got some hot tracks that might push one of you over the top.
  13. I hope you aren't taking this personally. I'm just messing around. I mean people are in here acting like D-Wade and Giannis would struggle to score. There is nothing serious about this. Absolutely not taking any of this seriously. I was economizing my words and implying that your team is donkey balls. Only in it for the fun, and last place!
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