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  1. Maybe he has Philly +7. And man, is Fox football pushing gambling
  2. 10 yard rush by Sanders. Seems like a waste of a play.
  3. The average career of an NFL player is 3.5 years. It would be 5 years if they did not commit penalties on kick/punt returns.
  4. Headline: TB Defense gives up one rushing first down on Thursday night.
  5. Mister CIA slices through the defensive line for a TD on that play.
  6. Hurts hurts, for sure, but I'm sensing the coach is not up to the task as well.
  7. At this point I just want Antonio Brown to go off in the same way I expected Devonta Smith to go off tonight so that my FBG contest team survives one more week.
  8. To be fair to Hurts, I too missed that Sanders was wide open. 🍺
  9. They say winning cures everything. A Philly TD here would cure a few things.
  10. He's better But is he worth more than a 6th round pick
  11. If I can't win money betting Philly +7, at least I can hope an Eagles beatdown.
  12. Hurts has that deer in the headlights thing going on. That's your cue, @Hot Sauce Guy
  13. I'm an outsider looking in. 2022 draft class ain't looking that hot, yet. Probably best to make Hurts a two-year project and then decide on the future direction - unless Philly fans are jonesing for the second coming of Mitch Trubisky.
  14. Well, if Hurts does not work out at QB, how's his tackling?
  15. I suppose that's a sack, when sliding a yard behind the LoS.
  16. Wimpy Thursday - 4.0 Guiness Draughts - nitro cans
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