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  1. Hey, I know I've replied to this comment before however there have been posters on pages 198, 197, maybe 196 (they're moving fast now) that appear to have no shame in calling for violence, or as the Congressman says, to hunt down Americans on American soil, and posters have agreed. While the joke is, "they are saying the quiet parts out loud now," those quiet things being said are becoming less and less funny as the days go by.
  2. 12 times a President called on the military domestically... 1957-58 = Desegregation of Little Rock schools 1962 = Integration of University of Mississippi 1963 = Integration of University of Alabama 1963 = Integration of Alabama schools 1965 = Selma, Montgomery civil right march 1967 = Detroit Riots 1968 = Chicago Riots (following MLK assassination) 1968 = Washington Riots (following MLK assassination) 1968 = Baltimore Riots (following MLK assassination) 1970 = New York City postal strike 1989 = Looting after hurricane Hugo 1992 = Riots after Rodney King verdict 2020 = The year Trump tries to become Dictator of America
  3. This guy is ####### insane. No one can honestly back this. No one.
  4. I've been thinking about this comment and I can't conclude anything but the following: Obama ran on change and even if he had 51% of the people ready to change (whatever that means), it leaves 49% of the people that are/were okay with the status quo, or afraid of affect change will have for them. If Obama had 99% of the people ready to do what needed to be done, we wouldn't be here right now, imo. But, how much was Obama stymied? What was fought against? What was persuaded to not change? Let's look at a few "changes" that were fought tooth-and-nail to not change during Obama's years: - Health Care... from lobbyists to insurance to big pharma to whomever, change was not welcomed. This isn't Obama's failure, rather it should be asked of those that didn't want change, why they didn't want things different. We can speculate as to why but Obama is not Barbara Eden. - Gay Marriage... start and end by the commentary from FOX News if you want to find out why this was fought for tooth-and-nail. Has this change really hurt anybody? Has this change dramatically changed the scope of what America is? I don't see it. - Federal Judges... look no further than the Senate for this one. Hell, there wasn't even a fight as the rules were not followed. Call it politics or whatever but, again, Obama is not Barbara Eden and can not appoint judges with a snap of the finger. - Supreme Court... again, look no further than the Senate... rather one person, if you so desire. The rule-of-law was not followed here. Commentary was bastardized every day with projection after projection and hyperbole after hyperbole. This isn't even a "change" but how hard did people scratch and claw for speculative reasons here? People could probably bring up a few more things Obama, if he was Barbara Eden, could have changed, but that is not how our government works nor should it be how government works. And, this, is where, I think, much of this divide has occurred. People point to Obama and change but there are plenty of people in this country who would rather see this burn down than to have their lives "change" just a little bit. Bring in Trump. He is breaking precedent after precedent, rule after rule, tradition after tradition, in the name of what? Trump is scapegoating anyone and everyone in the name of, "if this happens, there goes your freedom... there goes your second amendment... there goes your health care... whatever." And, luckily, for now, there is about 30% of the country ready and willing to follow him because "change" is something they appear to be afraid of. Here is why people, for some reason see Trump as strong. Obama did what he could within the confines of the government playbook. Trump is throwing out the playbook and burning it in hopes people follow him with little regard to the rules that were set up by the very people that are so often touted, revered, and put on a pedestal... those of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. But, when the ashes clear, hopefully soon, people will realize that the playbook is as strong as it ever was but the players involved are the cancer that needs to go.
  5. Might want to be careful with your big words. Some might accuse you of not knowing what "authoritarian" looks like or the history of such a thing. The quicker we root out this kind of thinking... the better... but we've been fighting this fight for far too long. We fought a World War to get rid of this.
  6. Sounds a bit like Joffrey. "I WAS ON THE BATTLEFIELD FIGHTING! I BROUGHT VICTORY TO OUR PEOPLE!" And, he killed the last soldier in the battle, when he was on his knees, bloody, with no more ships or attackers alive. "VOTE FOR ME AS YOUR LEADER AGAIN... AND WE WILL DO BETTER!!!!!!!!!"
  7. "upmost"? And, he uses two spaces after a period. Plus, the message is not all that positive.
  8. Anything? It's been 45 minutes, so, I'm curious if you are going to back up your claim. If not, please say you won't. If so, please do.
  9. One reason why celebrities don't say things is due to The Dixie Chicks. Taylor Swift mentioned this fact in her documentary and Swift was slow to act in 2018... or, not slow, but hesitant to say anything political. With new revelations from the NFL exec about Kap, people subconsciously stay quiet, in an almost bribe, because their careers could go poof due to a tweet, song, phrase, commercial.
  10. "Smart-### tone"? I'm asking you to inform me about what you said. How is asking for information misconstrued here?
  11. Please inform me of what tyranny is then. I'm willing to learn, so please inform all of us. Continue with why society has an institution focusing on order as well. TIA
  12. I was the poster that posted the tweet initially. Some of my posts recently have been met with the laugh emoji, hence me writing that about laughter previously. I elaborated for the poster you asked because he had responded to one poster about the tweet I had posted.
  13. I can hear the laughter coming from some people on here about what I am going to post in reply so hopefully you, and others, take this to heart. Rather than quote my previous posts, that you may have seen or may not have, many of the posters that have sentiment of, "protests are fine but this is out of hand," or, "this isn't the right way to go about things," are lacking the knowledge or knowingly displaying ignorance at what and why things are occurring. Protests are good but when people are told "this" kind of protesting is not good, or "that" kind of protesting is not good, or "do it this way" and people will listen, those statements hearken back to a much darker time in our history. Many will not want to admit that their words or phrases or thoughts have a hurtful history however, that is, part of the point. The divide was tipped recently with the murders in Minneapolis, Georgia, and Louisville... and what justice has been done? It took four days and protests to get one officer arrested. It took three months for two other people to get arrested. And, the one person that was arrested in Louisville was the person doing the protecting. Still, no convictions, no punishment, no nothing. So, what do people do when they want to be heard. They yell, they scream, they cry, and sometimes, they break things. Just look around to identify what it is people want. I posted that tweet and a person replied with, "Well that comparison would probably help if we knew what folks wanted?" LOOK AROUND. We aren't playing Where's Waldo with civil rights here. Then, another poster replied, "Not sure behavior like last night does anything to accomplish this, sorry." Okay, then what behavior will get results? These replies, again, hearken back to a much darker time in our history. These kind of replies play out like this is all a minstrel show. These kind of replies are not said in a genuine fashion. To a person knowledgeable about history, these statements reek of ignorance. A person might read those replies and get reminded of, "oh, look, how cute. We're entertained, thank you. Now, get back to the fields. We aren't here to sit with you at the table, you're here for our entertainment. Know your role." One of my previous posts, I asked people to argue about early protests in American history and argue that they were bad. I'll fast forward and wait to see if people want to argue the following protests and tell us why these protests are/were bad: - Birmingham riot of 1963 - Selma to Montgomery marches - Long Hot Summer of 1967 - Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. - Kent State riots/shootings Why are we, as a nation, still battling this crap? This post will be met with laughter and scorn. I know it. But, it is those who need to see reality in order to change reality. Or, maybe I should just tell them. "oh, look, how cute. We're entertained, thank you. Now, get back to the fields. We aren't here to sit with you at the table, you're here for our entertainment. Know your role."
  14. If those four cops are arrested on Tuesday, last week, these last few days of protest don’t happen. Maybe a few protests occur but not like were seeing.
  15. I can agree with all parts of this statement if you delete the "left-wing" insinuation of it. Police and police unions predominately vote Republican. The Minneapolis Police union appear to be predominantly more Right Wing than Left Wing. Police all over the country appear to be more Right Wing than Left Wing. The profession as a whole, along with leadership, along with its history, along with its traditions, would appear to be much more aligned to Right Wing polices than Left Wing policies. Yet, you can honestly conclude, that the problem with the last week has been Left Wing bureaucracy? You don't have to reply. Think of the above as a more rhetorical type of question because I don't have the time nor inclination to debate the history of the police force on this board. Feel free to if you want but I'd rather you think of the above and if you can, truly, come away believing your original statement... we, as a country, have taken many steps backwards.
  16. Great, you will vote for the people that will demilitarize the police so they behave accordingly? Or, vote accordingly so the police, who are bums, are held accountable for their actions? Thank you for your continued support.
  17. Care to defend the police actions across the country? Last I heard, many Republicans love what the police do. If you don't like what you see from the police, maybe you two will vote accordingly in November.
  18. The majority of these protests are looking more like the Selma to Montgomery March from the people's point of view. We're just inches away from the cops bringing out the K-9 units and fire hoses.
  19. Yeah, it's Vox, but each of those videos would put you in jail if you weren't a cop. Real tyranny right there.
  20. There is no defense of the police in all of this. Each passing day they are looking worse and worse. On this board, we had people call for more violence from the police, even death. As more videos come out, that is what police violence looks like. Shooting into innocent crowds. Pushing people around. Those are militant actions. Those are tyrannical actions. That is what Authoritarian looks, acts, and sounds like. I will wait patiently to see who will defend the police. Hopefully I wait a long time because I don't see any defense here.
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