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  1. I’m probably in the minority, but give me Akers here. I think Zeke is on the downside, I’m not a believer in Juju, and I love Akers. I think Akers will be drafted in the first half of round 1 in redrafts in 2022.
  2. Getting more and more excited about him for next year.
  3. I’m opposed to that. There are a lot of great posters in this thread that play FFPC and I fear we would lose some of their thoughts. I don’t play FFPC and I am totally fine with the discussions. It’s interesting.
  4. If they were on an island with limited food and it was kill or be killed, I’d bet on Gates coming out on top.
  5. I think the biggest difference here is that in the money analogy, we KNOW 3 quarters is worth less than a dollar. In FF, we all have different values for players, so one person’s quarter is another person’s nickel.
  6. Joe, This may have been in reference to my post. Someone mentioned how they really liked Hindery's chart, and I had just never used it. I made a comment about not seeing it. I found it pretty quickly once I began looking. So maybe that's what this was in reference to.
  7. I’ll guess it has to do with how poorly Kamara did without Brees this year. I don’t agree, but that may be it.
  8. I went bald slowly. Started trying to hide it a bit. Then got some clippers and cut it with a guard. Then no guard. Then balding clippers. Now I just throw some shaving cream on my head a few times a week in the shower and take a razor to it. Embracing it is the best thing you can do. I really think that guys look pretty silly trying to hide it with hats and combovers and rugs and pills and whatever else. Just accept it and move on. Life is way easier that way.
  9. It's pretty close between Lamb and Jacobs for me, so the 1st side pretty easily.
  10. Probably a good thing. PP is a good dude, but he's really fallen off the last couple years. Time to get some new blood in the secondary.
  11. I really like Allen and Golladay, more than most. I’m a Lions fan so I really want to see Golladay thrive. And I own Herbert so if I had Allen too, I probably wouldn’t trade him. So it’s more personal preference, but I think it’s fair.
  12. I don’t think I’d make that trade, but it seems fair to me. Golladay is worth about the 1.08, IMO, and Allen for Waller is pretty fair too. The rest is just noise.
  13. The challenge. I’m thinking about getting another dynasty team and I’ll probably look for a bad team on purpose. I’ll set a goal to compete in three years a see how it goes.
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