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  1. @joffer had me on my heals the whole game. Just never got into a good groove. He played great
  2. A few years back I put him on the market for a second round pick in my dynasty league. I had zero takers. Thank God.
  3. I gotta say, this team is looking really good. Both O and D are playing extremely well. Could a playoff bye be in the Cards?
  4. So you admit you were wrong. Can we move on now.
  5. You are wrong. But I’m not going to get into a pissing match about it.
  6. I’m sorry but this is wrong on many levels. You can get a passport in 3 days if you have international travel.
  7. The delays are all on me. I should have a tad more time today.
  8. Before the season started and after Akers’ injury, I traded Akers and Henderson for Sutton, a 2022 2nd and a 2023 1st. Not sure if that helps you at all but it’s all I got.
  9. I think that pretty much requires a good deal of international travel. Hard to get there with just domestic. The guy I know who has it flies over 200k miles per year.
  10. Easier to slip out of arm tackles that way - makes sense.
  11. 110k domestic miles on American and 98 nights at Marriott so far this year (probably 80 actual nights - I get some “free” ones). So no slowing down here…
  12. Yep! Very smooth. I just polished off my bottle. I’m more a fan of spicy ryes, but this was a nice change for me. I enjoyed it.
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