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  1. At the end of the year when Akers was healthy, he got almost every single backfield touch. I think he showed with certainty that Akers will be featured.
  2. I love me some Keenan and not a huge fan of ARob. Keenan is tied to a great young QB for a while now too. If Wilson ends up in Chicago and Arob stays around, that could change things.
  3. I traded him before last season and before the injury for Akers, Reagor, a 2021 1st and a 2022 1st. At the time everyone in the other thread said it wasn’t enough for Barkley. I am so high on Akers right now that I’d have a hard time trading him straight up for Barkley. I’m saying this to say I agree with your eval.
  4. With Stafford I think he’s much closer to his 2019 self than his 2020 self.
  5. Dang. Give me Kupp and Gaskins all day there. I guess that’s what makes this game interesting.
  6. I agree he shouldn’t get a pass. But he has been playing football his entire life, so we can’t just count his NFL time for diagnosing CTE. Dude has probably been hit in the head thousands of times over his lifetime. That doesn’t mean he’s also just not an #######.
  7. I’ve been a Kupp fan since day one, so I may overvalue him a bit, but I wouldn’t accept a late first for him. I have three late firsts this year and would gladly give one for him. I most likely would give him up for a top 6 pick this year, but it wouldn’t be a snap accept. Stafford brings enough intrigue for me to want to hold him and see what happens out there in LA.
  8. I’m probably in the minority, but give me Akers here. I think Zeke is on the downside, I’m not a believer in Juju, and I love Akers. I think Akers will be drafted in the first half of round 1 in redrafts in 2022.
  9. Getting more and more excited about him for next year.
  10. I’m opposed to that. There are a lot of great posters in this thread that play FFPC and I fear we would lose some of their thoughts. I don’t play FFPC and I am totally fine with the discussions. It’s interesting.
  11. If they were on an island with limited food and it was kill or be killed, I’d bet on Gates coming out on top.
  12. I think the biggest difference here is that in the money analogy, we KNOW 3 quarters is worth less than a dollar. In FF, we all have different values for players, so one person’s quarter is another person’s nickel.
  13. Joe, This may have been in reference to my post. Someone mentioned how they really liked Hindery's chart, and I had just never used it. I made a comment about not seeing it. I found it pretty quickly once I began looking. So maybe that's what this was in reference to.
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