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  1. It's a confidence/frequency thing for me. I'm 55, and there were times a few years back where she'd be in the mood and I'd be like Now it doesn't matter when and how often we do it. I'm always ready to roll. It's pretty great actually. Best drug ever created, IMO.
  2. Totally agree. It bugs me because the team getting CMC is in my division and we are two of the top teams. 😠
  3. 12 team PPR - I'm not involved. Team A (good team) - gets CMC, 2022 first Team B (bad team) - gets Kamara, Julio, Sterling Shepard, Tonyan
  4. As others have said, I get what you're doing, but it seems like you could have gotten more. Chubb is a great asset, and to end up with guys like CEH, Reagor, Tua, and Ertz (all mediocre at best) and giving up two very good assets (Chubb and Rodgers) just seems light to me. I agree the first is nice, but from what the guy just got, chances are good that's not an early pick.
  5. She's OK. I pretty much just scrolled through the thread looking for hot videos of her.
  6. Before the season started, and after Akers’ injury, I gave up Akers and Henderson for Sutton, a 2022 second, and a 2023 first. Looks pretty good now…
  7. It's a bit different if he converts some of those, but the fear is that he's not converting and they don't give him those chances as much.
  8. That Rams D is tough, but there's no excuse for getting stopped three straight times at the goal line. Hopefully they get that worked out.
  9. It's really weird to hear another franchise "complaining" about losing a game in a really bad way. That's been the Cardinals MO forever. Heck, just last year alone there were three games that we just lost in the strangest ways. I was at the game and wow, what a game. But the Cardinals hitting a 62 yard FG, and the opposition missing an extra point as well as the game winner? Well, that just doesn't happen in Cardinal land. The football gods were on our side yesterday, that's for sure.
  10. Seems like it’s McKissic in the CMC role when he’s in there…
  11. Well the end of the first half sure sucked.
  12. Crud - I’ll check tomorrow when I get back in town. Apologies in advance if I F’ed it up.
  13. Woohoo! We did it again guys! 100% participation. Great job everyone. This was one of the best we've had regarding participation and shipping the loot, so thank you all. My apologies for the call outs of @mr. furleyand @Joe Bryant - you guys didn't deserve a callout but I was just going down the spreadsheet entries. My bad there. We are still awaiting the last few packages to arrive, so hopefully we'll get pics of those when they do, Until next year
  14. It’s all about the spreadsheet. Updating the spreadsheet is an important part of this thing.
  15. OK - great. Sorry. The spreadsheet wasn't updated and that's the boss. I get quite a few PM's during this thing.
  16. Alright. It's call out time. We are doing really well actually, but there are some folks that we haven't heard from in a while that have not sent a package yet. These are the names of people listed on the spreadsheet who have not yet sent a package. Even if you posted above that you were sending soon, please post below and give a status. If you can't send something, let me know and I'll find a sub for you. @joker @Jules Winnfield @playin4beer @Caesar @Waingro Let's all try to get things sent out this weekend. We've had 100% success the past couple years - let's not screw it up now!
  17. The question to ask is not how many really short WR’s have succeeded in the NFL. The question is, once a really short WR gets drafted, how many of them fail? I don’t know the answer, but that question seems to be more relevant.
  18. Interesting you say that. I’m a Cards fan and was excited to see what he could do, but I just gave Moore, a 22 1st and a 23 1st for Ridley. Feeling great about it. But I’m bummed I’m off the train.
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