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  1. 1.5 = Adams 1.6 = Kelce 1.7 = A Jones 1.8 = Diggs 1.9 = Barkley 1.11 = J Taylor 1.12 = Chubb 2.1 = Ekeler 2.2 = Harris I don't think any of those picks are all that far fetched... with the possible exception of Harris. I'm not really a Zeke or Hill guy personally... but you need to set emotions aside and just draft BPA if they fall.
  2. 12 team full ppr. Pretty experienced group of guys. Drafted at 10 slot 1.10 = Zeke (never mocked him being available) 2.3 = Hill (Mixon/Gibson were best RBs available) 3.10 = A Robinson 4.3 = McLaurin (Swift/Jacobs/Sanders/Edwards were available) 5.10 = Gaskin (25th RB drafted) 6.3 = Hockenson 7.10 = Mostert 8.3 = Tannehill I just drafted who fell to me. Not thrilled with Gaskin as my RB2, but can't complain with that trio of WR's in rounds 2 - 4.
  3. 12 team Full PPR. Watson Gordon/RB2? (Ahmed/Bowden/Moss/Dare) Adams/Metcalf/Cooks (Cooper/DJ Moore) Waller I know this isn't asst coach forum, but nobody responds over there. Guy I'm playing against in championship doesn't have Kamara, so I have a chance. Need a RB2. Also debating on WR3. Any advice?
  4. Robinson is out per NFL network? Is Dare definitively the lead guy? Catch passes?
  5. Need a 2nd RB for championship game and it's slim pickings. PPR Ahmed, Bowden, Moss, Ty Johnson, or a Jax RB not named Robinson
  6. Godwin, Thomas, Henderson, Andrews, Edwards
  7. He worthy of a gamble today? can anyone tell me anything about him at the last minute? I'm decimated at RB and theres not much available.
  8. That will allow you to set up a 4 team, 10 player league for this weekend only. Rules would allow owners to only draft 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 K, and 1 D All other regular fantasy rules would apply. I looked for a bit... but couldn't find anything and don't want to compute the league manually. Just something to make the weekend more interesting... and another reason for me and 3 buddies to go to the bar.
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