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  1. Ummm because the randomized controlled trials done on the drug didn't include that population. Just as if there was a commercial for the a covid vaccine it would say "not for use in people under 18 years old" because the studies for approval didn't include that population. FDA requirements mandate disclosure of populations not studied when advertising a drug. But instead you assume some bizarre fever dream connection. It's disingenuous posts such as yours that I gave up on this board. Try educating yourself on topics instead of looking to make trumpian right wing "zingers" that
  2. Well you called the whole subject a "mental issue" and made it clear you see the whole thing as black and white with no shades of gray. So yeah, some more expertise in this thread besides watching that episode of South Park would be helpful to everyone.
  3. I find it very difficult to take your strong opinions in this thread seriously when you exhibit such a breathtaking lack of knowledge on the actual subject matter. I would suggest reading some stuff on wikipedia at the very least about "intersex", "sex testing" in the olympics, and the history of international sporting controversies with these issues. Are you just picturing Tom Hanks in Bosum Buddies? This would be a complete misunderstanding of the complex medical issues involved. What about female athletes with naturally high testosterone levels? This issue alone is incred
  4. I am confident we are going to hit >750K deaths. I think it might be a million. I don't post a ton but I'm an ER doc in a big city. This is by far the worse I've seen since the pandemic started. 50% of all the patients I see have covid. Even the people who come in with trauma - fell out of bed, etc, or unrelated stuff like abdominal pain or UTI's wind up either having a fever or hypoxia and we work that up too and it's covid. There has been a cardiac arrest in the waiting room my last three shifts. There are no rooms, no staff, all the staff who is working is completely stresse
  5. Well 5 of my hospital coworkers are already dead from taking care of people like you including two I worked with in the ER for 20 years so maybe some of us are just a little sensitive to your selfish arguments
  6. This is an antigen test, not a PCR test. It is designed to turn a color when it is positive. Part of that is obviously being designed to turn that color when tested in saliva or mucosal fluid that is at a specific pH, etc. Not a brown liquid at unknown temperature with multiple ingredients and an acidic pH. I'm sure if you put a rapid strep swab into gasoline, or cranberry juice, or battery acid, or red bull the results are inaccurate too. This was a stunt, not unlike that idiot that brought a snowball to congress to 'prove" global warming isn't real, to dupe conspiracy theorists a
  7. I completely disagree The FDA in the last decade has been attempting to speed approvals and IMO has swung the pendulum too far already. They are approving drugs based on less and less evidence and due to the fact that medicare requires payment for any FDA approved drug, we are potentially wasting billions of dollars on expensive drugs that years later are determined not to improve outcomes. They have often been approving drugs on the condition of post marketing studies being done by manufacturers and often these studies don't get done or are delayed. I could provide a ton of links from th
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