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  1. Just want to stress very very strenuously that my calculation would be very different if we didn't have the mRNA vaccines to use. Also it's potentially not just blood clot issues - the thrombocytopenia associated with it means it almost certainly is an autoimmune process - a form of TTP - which we don't know yet if it could turn into a lifelong problem.
  2. yes, I agree that every american has the right to make a calculated decision about their personal risk of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis from a novel vaccine based upon their own extensive knowledge of the science involved and that the FDA should have no input
  3. FYI I live in vegas, am very familiar with this issue and this proposed law, and it doesn't affect anyone's private lawn. It is dealing with "ornamental" turf, which is in road medians, along public sidewalks, etc. So the right wingers derailed this thread for nothing. As usual.
  4. I assume Fauci has been interviewed about this? Does anyone know what he said about the sinus thrombosis issue?
  5. I think the FDA is doing the right thing here. They aren't pausing it for run of the mill blood clots like DVT/PE, this is a very specific and very rare type of clot - cerebral venous sinus thrombosis with thrombocytopenia. I've never seen a case of this in my whole career. I've seen cerebral sinus thrombosis a few times, but never with thrombocytopenia, and the two conditions are treated completely differently. If you treat it with heparin you can kill the patient. We need to get the knowledge out there to the doctors of this being a risk and make sure we are looking for this - it is ve
  6. This is all one long argument agreeing I should be able to get the box of grenades I want. I’m not planning on killing people with them but even if I do, I would have just used something else. Like an airplane. I WANT MY GRENADES To the “average” person, like me, who is fine with licensed trained background checked gun ownership, who maybe owns a shotgun but isn’t into worshipping it, but is horrified that someone can get powerful enough weapons to shoot hundreds of people at a concert from the 32nd floor of a building - this is what you sound like
  7. At least you need a license, registration, insurance and take a test to drive a car
  8. I don’t know what aspect of that article you are referring to as being ridiculous. This seems like news to report.
  9. This is the crux of why so many of us get apoplectic with the pro AR-15 argument. nobody with a knife kills 58 people across the street. Nonsense illogical opinion. Likely straight from some NRA talking point guide. If these criminals/terrorists in England had access to AR-15s those incidents would be a lot worse and many more shot and killed on average. Just like ........wait for it........USA#1
  10. Did you read the article that you responded with this to? it really was quite devoid of “emotion “, most of it described a physicians experience with the difference between high and low velocity bullet injuries. Actually the narrative at the end spot on describes my opinions on the subject. It’s a really good article. It’s impossible to discuss the topic with you guys. I bring up the October 1 shooter, and told it’s somehow not relevant to the discussion. It was the largest mass shooting in United States history and it was done from the 32nd floor of a hotel across a street with AR
  11. I am basically a lurker here but I believe there was pages of assertion from some in the pro- gun crowd that cars are also deadly weapons and equating banning ar-15s to banning cars. I think that idea is way more loony than my argument that if it reasonable for me to buy an ar-15 that it is reasonable for me to buy a grenade.
  12. I would genuinely like to go throw some grenades in the desert. That would be awesome. Why can’t I do that? I don’t see the difference. I can throw rocks in the desert but that is not as fun. But some have established that rock = ar-15 and since I’m not throwing the rock or the grenade at a person my rights are being infringed because I can’t buy them at a store.
  13. https://www.lvmpd.com/en-us/Documents/1-October-FIT-Criminal-Investigative-Report-FINAL_080318.pdf Of course I am taking the most horrific example, it is a thread about mass shootings. Should we leave this one out for some reason? The link above answers all your "unknowable" questions about the type of guns he used. He didn't use a turkey gun. You can even masturbate to the pictures of the guns if you would like. If he didn't have access to these guns he couldn't have killed so many people. It is as simple as that. If we allowed rocket launchers to be sold I h
  14. So the Vegas October 1 shooter would have done more damage with a handgun? He killed 58 people and shot another 411. He had a revolver and I'm not sure why he didn't use that instead of his fourteen AR-15s.. You live in a fantasy land.
  15. it sounds crazy to say this now, but i never wore a mask when seeing influenza patients. A lot of it is just that I always get vaccinated at work well before the first cases come in. Some of it is that it's more difficult to make a "connection" quickly with patients when you are wearing a mask. Staff who either couldn't or wouldn't get vaccinated are required to wear a mask for the winter months- they give you a sticker to put on your badge to prove you got the shot, or they had to wear a mask at all times. I'm sure masks are here to stay in the hospital, at least for the next yea
  16. A huge difference between influenza and covid from a practical ER standpoint is that I pretty much know when someone has the flu. And in general the patients know they have the flu. Presumably most responsible people stay home when they have the flu. With covid, we had tons of patients who would have diarrhea, or just generalized weakness, with no respiratory symptoms at all yet have a low oxygen sat and a CXR would show infiltrates. In my entire career I've never had a single patient with infiltrates on a CXR from influenza who had NO respiratory symptoms. I had multiple cases where a
  17. I said they took the RAPID test away. People still get respiratory panels but they take longer. Regardless of that, I've been doing this for 20 years. I don't need a test to diagnose the flu. We didn't even do ER flu testing until 6 or 7 years ago. Of course masks, social distancing and hand washing have reduced flu transmission. Are you actually arguing against this? Bizarre.
  18. My personal feeling is that once everyone who wants a vaccine gets one, then it's back to business as usual. The only bummer is the small % of people with immune system problems. And we gotta hope that the anti-vac crowd doesn't wind up creating a variant that is vaccine resistant and we are back to square one. I just don't understand the right wing desire to get rid of masks NOW, just give us another month or two.
  19. certainly rarer but not zero. I personally had a 29, 33, and 37 year old all die with zero pre-existing conditions and not even overweight who died. But there are quite a few of the "not high risk" people that had to come to the ER and be admitted, sometimes for weeks, and didn't die. This is a huge drain on resources and productivity as a nation, beside the personal toll on these patients. If we can just buckle down for a couple more months and get those vaccines in arms ASAP and keep wearing the masks we can save a lot of heartbreak. Its not that hard to were a mask. Everyo
  20. In response to some of these comments: There are tons of asymptomatic people that had covid. We had patients that showed up with stuff like ankle sprains that we noticed had an oxygen sat of say 94%, did a chest xray and had covid findings. Patients with zero symptoms. Tons of people with abdominal pain and no other symptoms and on their abdominal CT the bottom lungs (seen on abd CTs) had ground glass infiltrates and were covid positive. This isn't anecdotal - there was hundreds of these patients. Presumably at least some of these people were also spreaders. With prior respira
  21. Why is this so great? Why not just wait a month or two when everybody who wants to be vaccinated can be vaccinated? I don’t follow this board much but I’m gonna guess you are a trump supporter just like every single antimask person I’ve ever interacted with. Which pretty much proves my point that trump is hugely culpable. The same people who criticize fauci for the mask issue all Idolize trump, who was the biggest anti masker of all! The cognitive dissonance of that fact is astounding America should be ashamed of their response to this pandemic. We are literally the worst
  22. Well, I may have spoken too soon about no recent personal deaths from COVID. Just got home from a shift but was called upstairs at midnight to the Icu to put a chest tube in a COVID patient who coded and had a large pneumothorax. He won’t last more than a couple days more. Not really sure why America flogs these patients for weeks in the ICU when they are clearly going to die. He was intubated on the 17th and already has coded three times. I read that Trump statement about fauci. Trump is an absolute garbage human being. I’ll leave it at that. I place a huge blame on him for severa
  23. I have only been seeing 2 or so cases a shift the last few weeks. I haven't had any people I treated who have died in the last couple months either, which is a relief after having maybe 45-50 deaths over the course of the pandemic. I think it is a mostly due to the 55+ crowd getting vaccinated. The vaccine appears to be amazingly effective. The world is very very lucky it is so effective. My only fear at this point is a variant emerges which the vaccine isn't protective for, and then we will have a huge surge again. If that doesn't happen, I think this pandemic will essentially be o
  24. Ummm because the randomized controlled trials done on the drug didn't include that population. Just as if there was a commercial for the a covid vaccine it would say "not for use in people under 18 years old" because the studies for approval didn't include that population. FDA requirements mandate disclosure of populations not studied when advertising a drug. But instead you assume some bizarre fever dream connection. It's disingenuous posts such as yours that I gave up on this board. Try educating yourself on topics instead of looking to make trumpian right wing "zingers" that
  25. Well you called the whole subject a "mental issue" and made it clear you see the whole thing as black and white with no shades of gray. So yeah, some more expertise in this thread besides watching that episode of South Park would be helpful to everyone.
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