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  1. Moved my 2nd best D (BUF. I also own LAR) for a 6th rounder to a team with a really crappy D. I will take almost anything for players I will be cutting anyway. I’ll take a few extra dart throws, even if they’re late in the draft.
  2. Exactly. And I’m definitely the dude who is selling quality depth, who I will be cutting shortly, for peanuts, honestly. But I might rethink that a little this year. Maybe I’m better off cutting those 3 players I might have traded for 4ths or 5ths and instead let them "clog up" the draft so perhaps a rookie drops those couple of spots to me in the mid rounds. Or, heck, redraft the same player I just dropped for a similar or lower price if they’re still sitting there. Thoughts on that approach?
  3. Exactly. I own him and I might not even sell for anything less than a mid-1st. He flashed last year. He has a (theoretically) stud rookie QB throwing to him shortly. Why would I trade that away for anything less than a top 3 or 4WR prospect/dart throw? (But I know nothing about the rookies beyond the rankings I’m seeing)
  4. I don’t know. This feels like all the other "a QB is available? Let’s put the Raiders on the list of possible interested teams". It plays right into the constant drum beat of "everyone says Carr is Gruden's guy and he's playing really well but....is he really?"
  5. My biggest recent regret was drafting Henderson over AJ Brown at the 1.09 2 years ago. I was so RB-desperate and bought into the pre-season hype. I hopefully made up for it in this past year's draft by grabbing Pittman, Shenault and Claypool in the 1st, 3rd and 4th rounds, respectively (yeah, ridiculous value for Claypool at 4.12). back to overvaluing RBs in the upcoming draft 😬
  6. Cut Carr. I hear that guy's the main problem with this team. ok, I’ll see myself out. Try the veal...
  7. Raiders officially cut WR Ty Williams clearing over $10mil in cap space. They need to spend EVERY cent on defense. Let’s do this!
  8. I must’ve missed this. I guess if I look at my league page I’m in a different division now, but with team name changes and teams swapping owners I can’t even remember who my division rivals were last year. So is this something they announced was going to happen?
  9. Random FFPC web site gripe: is it just me or does the site require you to log out and back in once or twice every week? And god forbid I dare to click on the "Stats" link. I get the "Oops!" Page that also requires me to log out and back in again. Happens on both my iPad and my regular desktop browser (both Firefox, so maybe that has something to do with it). When I reached out to their support they were of almost no help. Told me to clear caches, log out and back in. They said it's just me. I told them I don’t have any other fantasy web site that makes me log out/in more than twice a whole sea
  10. Not loving RoJo and actually already own Mostert (so I’m glad to hear you like him!) but I like the idea of just trading for a 2022 1st if I’m sitting at 1.10 and don’t like my options. Don’t think I’d get Ekeler, who I’m iffy on anyway, since that owner and I have yet to see eye to eye on value after a bunch of tries these past 2 years. And, yeah, looking at the RBs in a similar value range (according to Hindery's chart at least) I don’t see any options I love so I think it’s either stay at 1.10 and take BPA, or trade up with a package of pick and another player (Pittman or
  11. I have the 1.10 in a 12 team FFPC league (pep, TE Premium) where I need an RB pretty badly. I can take best available RB at that pick (unless a clear better player drops to me) but also thinking of trading for a veteran RB since I’m in win-now mode with Zeke as my best RB and Kelce at TE. Looking at Hindery's February trade value chart, the 1.10 is worth 13, and the RBs in that trade value range are: A.J. Dillon 18 Kareem Hunt 16 Chris Carson 13 Myles Gaskin 12 Ronald Jones II 11 Kenyan Drake 10 Melvin Gordon III 10 I already own Drake (for bet
  12. And, yes, I make my cuts at the last possible second. I sometimes trade a quality back up RB (to the team that owns the starter) right before cut down day, for example, for much less than his value if he’s just not going to make my final 16. He might have 3rd round value In a vacuum, but right before cut down, I’ll take a 5th for him if it makes sense, and use that pick for a kicker or something to hold through the summer and see what happens.
  13. Thanks for starting this thread! I'm only in 1 FFPC league but love it. 12 team but not SF or BB. I basically treat it like a keeper/redraft league with room for only 4 or 5 rookies. Hoarding lots of picks never made much sense to me in that league since you need to cut down to 20 right before the NFL season starts, so there are 2 tough cut down periods in FFPC leagues. Of course, hoarding picks works when you can trade them for higher picks. The league I’m in doesn’t have tons of trades, but it’s not dead either. TE Premium: I have Kelce and Andrews and won’t even con
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