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  1. I’d replace 1st with 2nd and 2nd with 3rd in this statement.
  2. Oh yeah, and how about Ruggs. Speed, great hands. I’d LOVE to see them throw it to him 7-10 times a game like Tyreek and other stud WRs. Dude looks like he can really really play. The offensive talent is really coming together.
  3. VERY satisfying win. Dominant on both sides of the ball from beginning to end. Except for a couple of 3rd and longs that the Broncos made in the first half ("here we go again" moments) this game felt in hand and both sides of the ball had a real SPARK and drive, unlike last week. Tied for 1st in the AFC West. Let’s go Raiders!
  4. Someone check Chad's anti-depression meds. This might be the most negative thing he's said about the Raiders in a decade
  5. been here since Old Yeller Days as well and Cheatsheets.net. Love this place and spend more time at FBG than any other website. I'm also extremely old so I don't do the social medias and such. Thanks for keeping the board up and running, Joe.
  6. I currently have 2 options in this race: Dionte scoring on another team's roster when I am starting Claypool, or Claypool going off while on my bench.
  7. “Las Vegas goes on the road in Week 6 to take on the Denver Broncos (3-2) this Sunday.” Ugh. Forgot about this. So we either sink deeper into the depression of a lost season, or we rise from the ashes with a team motivated to prove everyone wrong. My 44 years of fandom roots for the latter but expects the former.
  8. Ugh. Just missed the cut by 0 point freakin 9. Dang.
  9. 44 years for me, since beating the Vikings in 77. Would love to give them up and just root for my fantasy football players but they keep sucking me back in. I too hope Mayock sticks around and has a chance to prove himself without the egotist in charge.
  10. I feel like this FBG thread might be pretty active on the board for the next few days nevermind. A separate thread was started. Either way, never a dull effin moment in Raiders land. I hate this team. Ugh.
  11. I assume resigning means forfeiting the rest of your salary, right?
  12. In one dynasty league I have Sermon on my active roster ("active" being a very loose term in Sermon's case), Mostert and Wilson on IR, and I STILL don’t have the 9ers starting RB on my roster as he was sniped one pick ahead of me in the 3rd round rookie draft. But what kind of idiot rosters 4 RBs from the same team? Well, would’ve been this guy
  13. Agreed. Some bad calls, I agree, but we were flat as hell and could’ve overcome the deficit if they just got it together for more than 1 drive.
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