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  1. It’s not a case by case basis though it’s everything but airplanes, buses, and trains. They took away the distancing. Packed clubs, bars, protests. I can name a dozen things that seem to set up to spread virus more than an airplane which are very well ventilated.
  2. The guy never defends are backs up his comments. But to be fair, they rarely make sense so they aren’t really defensible.
  3. Wait, that's not very clear. There are a bunch of people not taking the vaccine and their sole justification is because the government says it would be wise? Link to any of these people beside Kamala?
  4. How long are football games or basket ball games where you might be sitting next to each other? Movie theaters? There aren't any time limits or social circle requirements for anything else, or any mentioned at all.
  5. Let's move on and discuss what they still have wrong with the new guidance. Why do mask recommendations remain for airplanes, trains and buses? Does not compute with What difference is there that is so dangerous with public transportation that isn't encountered in any other activity?
  6. It's a way of trying to sound smart while simultaneously calling a group of people dumb.
  7. There were people here advocating masks for the flu. There is tape out there of Kamala saying she wouldn’t take the Trump vaccine. ProTrump isn’t anti vaccine. There just happens to be a lot of Trump supporters that are anti-vaxxers. That’s two circles that overlap a bit. It’s pretty clear who wants to make it pro-Trump now it isn’t his vaccine anymore.
  8. No there isn’t a single circle, that’s just in your head as usual. I never did wear a mask, not really. I got vaccinated as soon as I could. Your disgusting broad brush comments is noted. Not sure why that’s even allowed in here.
  9. Forgot about that. I was think about ransoms. Wasn’t he pretty firm on not paying for hostages? Gas > American Lives?
  10. You're not following along. Once the vaccine is available free for everyone jm192's analogies pass the logic test.
  11. Who are you talking about? I count 3 Trump supporters that have posted in this thread so far and it appears to me they think it's funny more than anything.
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