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  1. Why do they let him touch children like that? Disgusting old man.
  2. If it was so easy, why did they fumble and miss a field goal. Way was it even close to begin with. Seems like it's rather hard for them to win games. It appears to be anything but easy.
  3. BLDP is locked away in my long term vault. What's your current outlook for EBS? TIA
  4. Facts are things like they are 2-3, subpar. If you start off with "easily could be" that is an opinion. Easily is a subjective adverb.
  5. The planet where the Pat's are not 4-1 and are a subpar team.
  6. How the Cowboys arent double digit favorites against subpar teams is beyond me. Back the truck up on Cowboys -3.5.
  7. . Too many people must have had what seemed like a gift with TB -7.
  8. Classic playing down to the level of your opponent.
  9. Dont think so. Defender read the play and took Sander out of it. You dont pump fake a screen. You check down or throw it away.
  10. Can we give Evan's a few touches, is that too much to ask?
  11. Was just going to post that. Start of the 3rd, just a 14 point lead and TB is playing like they just need to run the clock out late in the 4th.
  12. Hurts cant get the passing game going against the worst pass defense in the league. He shouldnt be a NFL starting QB.
  13. No they didnt. They said they "hope" they get it back in the future. You're picking nits trying to gloss over the point: Hey they might play it again sometime, maybe, in the future! The fact they dropped it out of their US playlist is 100% bonefide woke BS.
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