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  1. EST. EDS. Honesty I don’t know why they allow you to continue to post in this forum.
  2. Remember when mask wearing and lockdowns were so we could flatten the curve? Somehow that’s changed to people wanting the restrictions on even after the 65+ have been vaccinated? No. #ditchthemask
  3. Because they are no longer needed. You gonna wear a mask forever?
  4. Where is the outrage for the 14 other states that have lifted or never had a statewide mask mandate?
  5. Its a BS claim. J&J has committed 100 million by then, there is only 200 million adults. Its meaningless if it's not shots in arms. . Holly crap.
  6. Seems pretty straightforward to me. Shots in the arms of anyone that wants one. May 31st. Oh wait. There is a catch. You're right dont hold your breath.
  7. Just got done with full kitchen remodel including wall removal between kitchen and dining room. Did everything except the quartz countertops myself. In it for about 12 grand. Neighbor just did the same thing hiring everything out. Hes approaching 6 figures. He did have a structural beam though and replaced the windows. Not sure I have enough before pics to do it justice.
  8. Expect Mississippi is doing the same. And South Dakota that never had them. Oh and Montana, Iowa and North Dakata. But yeah, Twitter.
  9. Cant imagine how you got a Charbroil to last ten years. Unless you never used it. That would be the only reason not to go with Weber.
  10. Pinocchio? Dumbo, Lady and the Tramp, Jungle Book, Peter Pan. Swiss Family Robinson.
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