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  1. Surgery done, 6 to 8 weeks. Looks like Micah is going to be rushing the passer a lot now. What a talent.
  2. Yes. I aggree with the FDA. You dont? You're behind on the science again it appears.
  3. Sure you can. Just click the box for one of the at risk conditions.
  4. I think you can get one if you want, go for it. It would be funny though if they try to mandate the first two shots and then make the third illegal. Horrible messaging either way.
  5. 100% Our state knee jerked and did a mask mandate. It's not real this time though, I've completely ignored it and havent been called out once.
  6. . If you want a booster so bad go get one. Nobody is stopping you.
  7. No. It means the initial vaccine remains effective. What the hell is wrong with you? Everyone should be happy about this.
  8. FDA has rejected booster shots for normal people at this time. Another decision to be made in a couple, three months. Someone needs to tell Biden to stop telling everyone to get their boosters.
  9. Remember when people were saying this was cyclical, happens every year?
  10. This is what you call "picking a nit" when you have no other defense for Open Borders Biden. Record number of unaccompanied entrusted to smugglers left to fend for themselves, but not necessarily abandoned, children by the Biden Administration. 112,496 of them and counting. Congrats.
  11. A walk down memory lane when the Democrats tried to overturn a free and legal election. RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. #1 = #2 Unaccompanied = Abandoned = Alone = Without Parent Open Borders Biden has set the record. All time high.
  13. IF? Not my problem you can't read simple statistics put out by the CBP and reported in the National News (NBC).
  14. Complete disaster. Says something when there are so many other failures by the Biden Administration that instead of being covered in the national media every day it just comes up once a month every time the apprehension numbers are published showing its not getting any better.
  15. I think that particular post was more about the hypocrisy than that of vaccine efficacy.
  16. Biden just announce the mandate 8 days ago. It's going to take weeks for the Labor Department to even come out with the new rules. It's super important so instead of months, maybe we will hear from the Labor Department in a few weeks.
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