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  1. Do you know how far into decline your cognitive skills have to be to need a second hand to help you get a glass of water to your mouth? For a guy who mocks crippled people, he points out Biden and pelosi's age-related decline on a daily basis, his fair game. He went down that ramp yesterday like a 95 year old. Trump has the option to stop making fun of people for their physical and age-related limitations. And considering he's much farther along in his decline than anyone he makes fun of, he should probably go that route
  2. She didn't lose. She leads the Congress. He was impeached. She won. Trump lost.
  3. So the president who's spent his entire term being petty and giving people childish nicknames got his feathers ruffled by an 80 year old woman. Not a good look.
  4. If you want to play that game, can you imagine Obama calling someone Nervous Nancy? Or refusing to shake someones hand? You get the respect you give out.
  5. I read threads that I have posted in before. I am not aware of which particular thread I am when I'm reading. When someone makes a post implying that Pelosi ripping up the speech indicates that she doesn't care about military families, then I'm going to comment. Everyone knows that pelosi ripped that up because Trump snubbed her handshake attempt plus told countless lies. The right can't argue that so they have to twist it to make it seem like she hates injured war vets. That will get a reply every time.
  6. Her ripping that speech up also means she wants a depression. And she hates puppies. And apple pie. 🤣
  7. Obama's one lie >>>>> Trump's 17,000 lies. You can't make this stuff up.
  8. Smart people say those things? I would say anyone over that 50% percentile would disagree with you.
  9. Windmill noise cancer Andrew Jackson still alive Alabama being hit by hurricane Kansas City in Kansas Fires would be contained if they raked the forest I may have given him too much credit by saying 50th percentile.
  10. Mueller actually said what they wanted. Barr got a three week jump start to make up a pretend version of the report and change the narrative by holding up the release to the public. Another successful crime move by a career criminal. Trump is in the bottom 50th percentile of intelligence, but he definitely knows how to avoid being caught for his crimes. He's been doing it all of his life.
  11. If that was the bar, Pelosi would have brought up articles during the Russia investigation. Dems had the house since last January.
  12. While that was certainly a possibility (like Bolton or Mulvaney or Pompeo), there was never a chance the GOP was going to let the American public hear from them. Hell, stick around and watch Trump/Barr try to silence Bolton going forward.
  13. LOL Yeah ok. They fought tooth and nail to prevent witnesses because it was a perfect phone call. Trump "won" because he had the numbers in the Senate. Period. He could have murdered Zelinski and Biden and this current Senate wouldn't have voted to remove. So stop acting like he was cleared or something.
  14. That's hilarious. Pelosi fought the pressure from the party to bring up impeachment articles for over a year because she said it wasn't the right move politically. It wasn't until the news came out about Trump's shakedown of Ukraine for personal political gain that she realized she had no choice. She's the leader of the house. Who's main job is to protect the country from over-reach by the executive branch. Trump made the 'I need a favor, though" phone call the very next day after the Mueller report came out and Barr twisted it to make him seem not guilty. He was emboldened and felt untouchab
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