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  1. That really pissed me off when I first heard they didn't live in Texas, but depending on who those people are, when your huge power issue was due to non-winterized conditions, maybe having people on the board whose experience is with power companies in cold areas may not have been a 100% bad thing. Obviously this group failed, so no problem with resignations, but the anger of them just "not being in Texas", may be slightly misplaced.
  2. not saying it's going to be good, but I think they are still on plan A, draft a first round tackle and start Nick Foles. I don't think we can spare the cap space or draft picks to really do much else.
  3. The houses can be well insulated, but most of the pipes, heaters, air conditioners are run in the attic outside that insulation barrier. they just don't worry about protecting that house infrastructure stuff like they do up north.
  4. Burn that ####er down and move back north, that's been my scorpion or snake infestation plan since I moved to Texas 20 years ago. Haven't needed to implement it yet!
  5. We got our power back sometime this morning. So probably didn't quite hit 72 hours without. Again, my house held up really well, none of the water lines froze up, so we are back up and running with power and water. I didn't get internet notices I was back online because I had unplugged the tv/cable stuff, didn't think of that when I kept checking my Nest app every hour . Hope the rest of you guys come up really soon.
  6. 72 hour club! Luckily Round Rock seems to not have had any major water issues so far and I haven't seen a boil order yet. I've got a hope for Friday. With temps up into the 40's they SHOULD be able to get a lot of the generation back. I may have no faith in the idiots at ERCOT, but I believe the people on the ground will know how to get it going when conditions allow.
  7. Yeah, I was going to mention that too, but the sentence included too many profanities so I deleted it.
  8. Oh, I'll also share my lesson for the day (that I'm sure everyone else knows), but who knew that gas hot water heaters still work when the power is off!!?? That first day when power went off we took showers and I didn't touch the hot water again so maybe it would stay warm enough for my wife to get another shower before bed, she didn't, but after the next morning I just assumed it would be cold, so I just never turned it on. One of my friends mentioned that it SHOULD still be working so I gave it a try when we went back to the house an holy crap it does!! I would have though it would need
  9. Also to add, my Subaru Outback has been killing it for me. Roads are crap, but we've been going back and forth between house the last couple days with no issue. Really glad I went with that when I got rid of the coup last year. Got married and needed to move to a 4 door and it has been a great choice.
  10. 62 hours since my house had power. We headed back today to check it out and I was pretty worried, but my house ROCKS. Even after a second night in the single digits, and no fire going for the second, house was still holding at 49-50 degrees and still had full water. We stayed for the day to let the fire run and add some heat to the place, but I'm feeling better since it seems like the house has survived the worst of it. Had a lot of friends telling me about waking up to to 40 degrees or below. Again, luckily we are at a friend's house with power so we are safe and doing well. I'd lik
  11. Had you lost power would your solar panels have helped in this, or can you not disconnect from the grid?
  12. Thought of that one too. In the master bath dripped one sink hot and the other sink cold.
  13. Actually replaced all the windows in the house (second half just last week) so I think that has been helping out. My temps haven't gone near what I've heard others say.
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