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  1. Wow, i cringe even seeing this in writing... I hope it's no where near as bad as the Shanara Chronicles. I enjoy that book series and thought the show was absolute trash, and completely belonged on the CW, just had to stop watching after the underground dance party I think. I can't believe Amazon does that bad of a job with this.
  2. Why the #### do you challenge that??? Ball in the middle of a pile, don't think you have a chance to win this.
  3. Did Goldman go out? Why wasn't our starting NT in there??
  4. Both bears rb's getting some good runs in, Raiders not stopping up the middle well.
  5. Didn't see the hands to the face call, but the forearm shiv to the throat is going to get called all day...
  6. I don't think any differently about what this team is after that, but it was really good to see Fields make some big plays. Some of those deep throws were really nice and right on target, and I loved the move he put on that blitzer. I didn't get to see pre season (not local and no NFLN) so this was the first time I was able to see what we may have, and it was exciting.
  7. Was it a knee injury? I don't have audio to get an update.
  8. You call a timeout on 3rd and 32???? Just go out and kneel on it if you don't have a play! This game isn't a given why waste one there????
  9. Actually I though it was a better chance they threw a flag on him. Agree with you though.
  10. That was a nice drive, good to see after the dumpster fire that was last week.
  11. I"m in an almost identical setup as you are in my office, down to the oversize L shape desk. I have a stereo setup in there, that I always had a big old surround sounder receiver powering. i'd wanted to go down to a smaller receiver, but still wanted Video, and that was just hard to find. Pioneer just recently put out a new stereo receiver w/ video switching that has worked really nicely for me. It's not inexpensive, but I think it does a good job of bridging the stereo and video worlds. https://www.pioneerhomeusa.com/product/sx-s30-2/
  12. Happen to have the day off work today, so I'm booting up the Mass Effect LE. Don't remember the last time I've actually played a game on release day. Looking forward to seeing what they've done with it. Owning all the other games i'm not sure it's "worth the money", but I'm sure i'm going to enjoy playing again.
  13. Bears cutting Charles Leno a post June 1st cut. So I guess our new tackle will be our starting left tackle this year.
  14. Never mind you are correct, we got the 151 in that trade, the site i saw was out of date.
  15. Ok, at least no picks next year with this trade. 2nd, 3rd, and 6th to trade up.
  16. Better be since we won't have a draft next year.
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