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  1. Happen to have the day off work today, so I'm booting up the Mass Effect LE. Don't remember the last time I've actually played a game on release day. Looking forward to seeing what they've done with it. Owning all the other games i'm not sure it's "worth the money", but I'm sure i'm going to enjoy playing again.
  2. Bears cutting Charles Leno a post June 1st cut. So I guess our new tackle will be our starting left tackle this year.
  3. Never mind you are correct, we got the 151 in that trade, the site i saw was out of date.
  4. Ok, at least no picks next year with this trade. 2nd, 3rd, and 6th to trade up.
  5. Haha, didn't see that. Was wondering if flap was even around tonight.
  6. It's not just Trubisky, Pace trades up for a guy really often and they just haven't worked yet.
  7. Then you start Foles, and grab a qb in the second. Wouldn't be much worse off.
  8. Maybe pace is right this time and I'll be thrilled if in makes the bears good and we start winning some games, I really do like that, I've just seen him give up SO many picks over the years for guys they get obsessed with and they just fail again and again.
  9. And if we were going all in on a qb in the draft, wasting 10M on Dalton makes even less sense.
  10. Haha, that was the exact same thing people said when they traded that pair of thirds for trubisky.
  11. Come on tell me this trade is going to happen!! Rodgers getting traded would be our best off-season move.
  12. hard to argue with this post, I just can't trust pace to spend multiple picks on one guy.... Just can't do it.
  13. Man, I hope not, I don't think giving up picks to get the 4th QB off the board is going to be a successful move personally. I really think they need to sit tight on that pick and see what falls to them. We need more picks not less to fix this team.
  14. But neither seem to be all that bright, so I don't really think either will be a big threat to win any solo finals. I think Nelson is hilarious because he looks to be in great shape, not one of the elite there, but seemingly upper half, but he always preforms like crap, and can never pull out a win, it's pretty funny to watch.
  15. Corey's grown on me the last couple seasons, actually seems like a pretty decent person now, I'm sure having a kid had something to do with that. I've liked seeing him in the finals last two seasons.
  16. Looks like a good start. Only change I'd consider is to make sure you plan for your video card that you may want in the future, and make sure that power supply is big enough for it. I haven't been tracking things well enough lately to call it good or not, but that's the one thing. I'd hate for you to plan to buy a video card in 2 years and need a new PS, because you didn't spend $20 extra this time.
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