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  1. Black Lives Matter should e considered a terrorist group.
  2. They absolutely expected Clinton to win the election so therefore not a problem. Oooooops.
  3. They should definitely move even more to the left.
  4. This is a good thread to leave for the uninformed masses to cry, misinform, wring their hands and generally lose their minds in. One big pity party for the liberals to hang out.
  5. Of course not, there are a lot of good people living in the big cities but a sizable and larger majority of the people living in the city are indeed the nasty underbelly. I will even take out the west coast and the Northeast states because they are just so liberal they have no choice in their warped minds. Everything else is viable.
  6. The nasty underbelly of society all voted for Clinton, look at the maps, she won all the big cities. The rest of the states went Trump. By the way a lot of your nasty underbelly is out in the streets promoting violence, destroying property and doing what they do best. Can't wait to see law and order come nack to the country.
  7. With Trump filling one Supreme Court position now and with Ginsburg being 83, Bryer being 78 and Kennedy being 80, he just might get to fill another 3. If that happens future elections will be far more irrelevant. Also the RNC needs to make major changes also, Trump was not a man of the RNC liking. A lot has to change in both parties.
  8. First NFL game, 5 catches, 107 yards, 1 TD and this thread is on page 8. Show me another rookie WR that beat those stats.
  9. Moderate it how you like but at least have the decency to moderate the same on both the left and the right. You and your team are extremely biased to one side.
  10. 3D bullets tech is well on its way and the latest 3D guns seem to hold up a lot better than even a year ago. By the time the new liberal Supreme Court destroys the 2nd amendment, it wont matter too much.
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