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  1. Yeah, i typed that wrong. I did mean what you were saying though since keegan finished before spieth and was after him today. The only exception to this just happened in one of the last couple tournaments iirc. If two guys are paired on a saturday and finished tied it isnt decided by who finished first. It is decided by who had honors on saturday. That golfer would then be last out.
  2. Yes. Bradley finished first so he starts first. Only time this wouldnt apply would be if they started the day together.
  3. Because it is a different virus? Any number of reasons. Kids have different immume systems and we know there are other diseases that adults and children react to differently. This isnt some crazy new concept.
  4. It isnt just that the source was unnamed. It was an unnamed source that wouldnt name who said it and what was said. Anybody defending that can be crossed off the list of people to ever listen to. They wouldnt even give the level of association. Source: Hey tribune I have a story for you. Tribune: oh please tell us, please please please. Source: well somebody from the proud boys called somebody that can be linked to the white house. Tribune: awesome! Who was the caller? Source: cant tell you that. Tribune: who did they talk to? Source: cant tell
  5. Show me where it says that protesting on private property is protected.
  6. I am not defending anybody. I am criticizing the tribune and sho for posting it. That piece is a journalistic turd. They are quoting an unnamed source identifying unnamed people that said an undisclosed thing.
  7. This is kinda cute from the guy that started a discussion with a premeditated murder comment and an incorrect statement about what was actually said in the case regarding rittenhouse.
  8. I will wait and see what the courts decide. Was just pointing out what was actually said.
  9. There is literally zero proof that the info came from the FBI.
  10. Unnamed official, unnamed connection to white house. More janitor nonsense.
  11. Why would those 4 chuckleheads not just be hauled off? I suppose that would mean enforcing laws. Bay area doesnt play that way.
  12. He claimed he turned because he heard a gunshot. He then said an attacker lunged at him trying to grab his rifle, and thats why he fired.
  13. The science didn't evolve. The CDC was just on the wrong side of science. This isn't Monday morning quarterbacking. A ton of us realized this on our own at the time, and it was posted about at length in the other (good) covid thread. One of the studies cited in the CDC guidance change was actually linked in the other thread several times prior to the CDC changing guidance. The science didnt evolve or change.
  14. They should have kept his name anonymous and referred to him as a senior white house official. More bang for the buck.
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