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  1. Wrong again. Murderboy could regain his right to self-defense, but not to the point of using deadly force unless he exhausted every option to escape. Jon: you can regain your right to self defense Lawyer: wrong! You can regain your right to self defense...
  2. Would I be correct in assuming that statistics and math weren't in your college curriculum? Maybe he was referring to that one specific dose? (I am not being serious)
  3. Gotta love using the carbon tax as an excuse to give out more money to people.
  4. That is the argument that is made. If we treat them like a normal business we wouldnt tax donations. (That would be like taxing pre expense revenue as income tax) So basically the only churches that would create any sizable tax revenue stream would be churches that have a lot of excess donations that they just let sit. Does this exist? Sure. Would it exist if it got taxed? I highly doubt it would amount to much.
  5. Articles like this and studies like tim mentioned are exactly why you cant trust liberals on this issue. The same group will simultaneously criticize immigration laws because it hinders reporting of crimes and then use the raw data for convictions to argue in favor of more immigration.
  6. Total tangent, but doesnt taxing churches pretty much only apply to property taxes? I mean it isnt like churches would be paying dividends.
  7. This is mostly not true. 1. We dont actually know for sure how many there. 2. The most commonly victimized set of people is also the least likely to report a crime. 3. Solving crimes committed by people without identities that are notorious for using fake documentation is obviously more difficult. 4. It assumes that being around illegal immigrants reduces overall risk as opposed to reducing per capita risk. 5. It assumes that crime in the US is equally distributed, which is obviously not true.
  9. I dont need to hear more points of view than I already do. I barely use facebook and pretty much ignore anything that isnt photo related. Any podcast that refers to her as courageous is obviously not worth listening to, at least for me. Do i need to read every word of a gordongekko post too?
  10. Of course i didnt listen. That woman isnt a whistleblower. She isnt courageous. It wasnt the biggest disclosure in the history of social media. You have repeatedly pimped it. Let it go. People arent wasting an hour of their life because they trust that such a slanted and ridiculous intro was just a little overboard.
  11. But what she saw at Facebook was that the company consistently and knowingly prioritized profits over public safety. So Frances made the courageous decision to blow the whistle — which resulted in the biggest disclosure in the history of Facebook, and in the history of social media. Gee why wont any conservatives just listen to this podcast that is aligned with my views.
  12. Why does this phrase get people in a tizzy? Early on doctors and nurses were saying jabbed. There were masks, shirts, etc. Now all of a sudden I see people pretending this was a new creation of the far right.
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