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  1. Free drivers ed. Thats all I am willing to vote yes on. And I am being serious. I detailed my thoughts on this in tims racism thread a couple years ago.
  2. Would an amendment make it legal to tax wealth on anybody or just above 50 million?
  3. Yes. In the general's defense the typo is in the article itself.
  4. Lol. But on a serious note you can still totally spread it to everybody. I mean you could be vaccinated and one of your friends could be vaccinated. You could still get it from your friend and then go to the grocery store and spread it to everybody there. Nobody would even know because you would all be fine, but still we dont know what effects there could be in 37 years from that completely unobservable super spreading event. Better stay home til march of 2022 just to be safe.
  5. If schools can charge 30k to barely teach you anything you will use on the job, why can't a place give you that knowledge and call it square?
  6. Says expert market on otcmarkets. You guys are experts!!!
  7. They were trying to convince democrats. The consultants told them to use a celebrity.
  8. Not really in the same ballpark timeline wise. I mean Cuomo has one from last year. Most recent kavanaugh accusation was what 1984? ETA: I mean blasey ford's was so long ago even she couldnt really even give a year initially
  9. I don't think anybody outside of Israel is handling vaccine distribution very well. I think only England and Israel are doing better than us.
  10. This is exactly why it would be super dumb for her to comment.
  11. She was pretty quick to voice how proud she was of jacob blake...
  12. Will never forget walking at downtown disney and shake it off was playing through some of the fake stone speakers along the path. Two twenty something guys walking in front of us. One with all black on and dyed black hair, you know the look. I could see that he was casually doing a jazz hand with his right hand to the music. Made me crack up. Thinking that this song is so catchy that even that guy that probably hates everything couldnt fight off the music.
  13. I have zero issues with parents making this choice. My issue is with communities that dont offer a choice to be in person. It isnt exactly hard to put a camera in the back of the classroom and have the class being filmed. Eta: technically should say zero issues right now. Once rates have subsided enough there will be a point I would shift to say that this choice is just illogical paranoia.
  14. I thought we were talking about frequent scenarios? The reason cops in the burbs stop people walking through on foot late at night is because it is absolutely not frequent. My son got a curfew ticket last year. He snuck out from my ex wifes house(lives in same burb) and was walking to his girlfriends house. Somebody walking on our streets late at night stands out like a sore thumb. Somebody called the cops and they rolled up. Two cars, spotlight and everything. Its the burbs, what else are they gonna do? Side note, from that experience I learned that there are kid juries. I h
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