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  1. So what? She doesnt identify as special forces anymore.
  2. What the hell is going on here? Are you saying that when public health/agency people make glaringly obvious idiotic decisions that we should just trust that? You guys act like public health has all sorts of experience dealing with super deadly global pandemics. In fact the experience level of every single one of them is exactly zero. All the previous were either too deadly that they fizzled or they werent really that deadly. This crop of public health rubes actually forgot a lot of the valuable lessons from the spanish flu. They are far more focused on equity than they are on actual mitigation and that is pathetic.
  3. I find it ridiculous that they just pick and choose when data is needed vs when data isnt.
  4. Yes. Business owners, sales reps, consultants, tech support, etc all will get calls from unknown numbers that need to be answered.
  5. Can you believe the nerve of a political forum having a thread devoted to the congresswoman that raised and spent more money than any other member of congress in the last election?
  6. I dont really see any discussion of taxing the rich. I see discussion of her. So if her point was look at me, then yes she made it.
  7. So basically what you are saying is that you just didnt understand the question.
  8. Jen Psaki not wearing a mask is such a stupid mixed message. I dont think she needs to, but if the admin is going to push masks they should push masks.
  9. Of course it will go away. After Biden forces enough mandates, there wont be anymore reproduction.
  10. Done right? What kind of silly caveat is this? Sir you have to show ID.... What else is there???
  11. If we have to get boosters every year then the numbers change as well. Also if covid becomes less/more severe in children. Also if we discover other side effects of infection or vaccination. I am vaccinated, my wife, my son too. Will get my daughter vaccinated as well eventually when allowed. For me the calculations were overwhelming in favor. I think I am right, but it isnt 100%.
  12. I know it was around myocarditis. You were missing one of the calculations and the main reason people can delude themselves. The risk of catching covid is an unknown variable. Easy to weigh that part in your favor.
  13. This isnt the only part to that equation though. Dont get me wrong, the math still favors the vaccine IMO, but it isnt just risk of myocarditis from vaccine vs disease. It is risk of catching covid and then risk of myocarditis.
  14. Every single day we choose not to help others. You do too. Literally every day.
  15. This is a great point. I stalk called pharmacies for weeks asking if they were going to have leftover doses. That shot was definitely worth a lot to me
  16. Not a hard leap when this same group thinks that wearing an incredible hulk graphic mask is great community service.
  17. The history of scurvy (maybe you know this) is actually a really interesting read. There was an article written last year about how we literally lost the cure for scurvy. Eta: Older article a bizarre tale of science gone wrong, and a really good explanation of why you should eat a bit of citrus once in a while.
  18. Can you explain what they mean then? This article makes that stat seem reasonable.
  19. I assume you mean UV? That isnt very important for stopping transmission outside since the particles are dispersed long before they would be UV destroyed. But again this probably goes back to where we disagree about surface transmission and droplet, etc.
  20. This is all deja vu. Can't wait to hear how the spikes in November will be because of sturgis or in person voting or vacationers to florida.
  21. There is more compelling data for fresh air than there is for cloth masks. "Make indoors outdoors" Public health knew this 100 years ago. Too bad they would rather focus on wokeness.
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